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Imagery Name Poem

Posted by on February 6, 2012

Today I made a poem on I’ll feel you how to make one first you go to the website and choose a picture you like then you click on the bottom were it says freestyle. Then you put your name on the picture. After that, you put an object from nature. Then you put a color. Make sure to add detail. Then you put texture. After that, you put a sound that describes your picture. Then you put a taste that describes the picture. Finally, you repeat your name. So here is my poem.


3 Responses to Imagery Name Poem

  1. Susan L

    This poem gave me a completely different impression of you. I never thought of you as a “great and vast powerful sea” before, but clearly you are. A new insight into you!

  2. Brianna G

    I made one of these in school one year.

  3. Yoni

    I can see that you like the sea. I did a poem too. I think piclits is a O.K place for poems. Do like to do poems? I do. I think piclits can be a picture site, such as flickr. If you want to the rest of our poems, I will give you the link, class blog.

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