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Should People Cut Down Kapok Trees?

Posted by on February 2, 2012

No, people should not cut down Kapok trees because any kind of tree is good for the  earth. If you cut down a tree it is like destroying a world.  Also, if you cut down Kapok trees, you are destroying many animals’ food and shelter.  Sometimes humans can be selfish about those kinds of things.  Plus, when a Kapok tree is cut down, it is destroying some of the Amazon Rain Forest and rain forests are good for the earth.  Cutting down one Kapok tree could lead to cutting down another Kapok tree.  Think of yourself as a Kapok tree.  How would you like it a person cut you down?  That’s what it feels like for Kapok trees.  Therefore, I think that you should not cut down Kapok Trees.

9 Responses to Should People Cut Down Kapok Trees?

  1. zoem

    I agree with you. I think people should not cut down kapok trees.

  2. jon.mitzmacher

    What a great post getting ready for Tu B’Shevat! Does your class have any plans for celebrating the holiday next week? Your family?

    Keep blogging! I’m looking forward to what you write next!

  3. stephanie.teitelbaum

    You expressed your feelings nicely about the importance of Kapok trees. It is interesting that you mentioned humans being selfish. I think humans should do a better job of not only protecting the trees, but also our resources. What do you think?

    • eliorl

      You are right Mrs. Teitelbaum. People should not waste the resources that the world has.

  4. Rebeccab

    I wrote a post about the same subject. I didn’t include some of your reasons. I hope that I will have time to add extra information that you told me. I hope that what you think will happen. I look forward to reading your next post. Bye!

  5. Susan L

    You gave some very clear arguments. My favorite line is, “How would you like it if a person cut you down?” Very empathetic.

  6. Brianna G

    I read a book in the fifth grade reading text book at school called The Great Kapok Tree. In buddhism if you torture someone you’ll come back to life and they’ll torture you. So that means that people who are in that religion really shouldn’t cut down trees. Empathetic is like empathy or sympathy.

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