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Monthly Archives: February 2012

What MJGDS was like 50 Years ago

MJGDS 50 years ago My schools annaversiry is coming up so that’s why I’m doing this post. Do you know what MJGDS was like 50 years ago? It was different from what it is now. I am going to compare MJGDS to what it was 50 years ago and what it is now. First, I’m … Continue reading »

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How to Stop Bullying

Do you know what bullying is? A lot of people know what bullying is because they have experienced it. Bullying is were somebody hurts another person’s feelings. I will tell you what kinds of bullying there are later. I have never experienced bullying, but I have heard of it. Bullying mostly happens in public schools, but you … Continue reading »

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What is Electricity?

Introduction What is electricity? Electricity is energy made out of  flowing electrons. That’s a kind of atom. Did you know that we use electricity every single day? Hard to believe but it’s true. In this report you will learn more about electricity. You will also learn about potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy conservation. Sounds … Continue reading »

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My VPK Buddy

Yesterday, me and my VPK buddy celebrated Tu’Bshvat in the preschool.  We went outside and collected leaves so we could do leaf rubbings. Leaf rubbings is were you put a leaf under a piece of paper, rub it with a crayon and tada! You’ve got a leaf rubbings. After that, me and my buddy played … Continue reading »

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The Troublesome Ghost

One October, in 1842 a ghost was troubling the town of New Jersey. People were having heart attacks everywhere because of the ghost. Nobody could stop it until detective Kanye came to town. Every body liked Kanye because he could rap and solve mysteries. So when Kanye heard about the ghost he set off to … Continue reading »

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Imagery Name Poem

Today I made a poem on I’ll feel you how to make one first you go to the website and choose a picture you like then you click on the bottom were it says freestyle. Then you put your name on the picture. After that, you put an object from nature. Then you put … Continue reading »

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Should People Cut Down Kapok Trees?

No, people should not cut down Kapok trees because any kind of tree is good for the  earth. If you cut down a tree it is like destroying a world.  Also, if you cut down Kapok trees, you are destroying many animals’ food and shelter.  Sometimes humans can be selfish about those kinds of things.  Plus, … Continue reading »

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