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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Gators vs The Hoyas

Last Sunday, my team the Gators faced the Hoyas at the JCA. The game started off pretty slow but then one of my teammates scored. A few minutes later I scored our teams second point. The score was 4-0. The Gators were winning. In the second quarter the gators were still winning. I swished a … Continue reading »

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The Horrible Camp

When my dad was  7 he had to go to a camp which he hated. He thought all the counselors were mean and the food was bad. So one day when he was at the camp he told some kid that he was going home. He was not sure if the kid noticed because he never answered but … Continue reading »

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My Wordly Wise Word

This is my worldly wise word hamlet. A hamlet is a small village. In the picture above you can see a small village. I made it myself. The antonym of my word is city because a city is big and a hamlet is small. My synonym is community because sometimes a community can be small … Continue reading »

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Should a 5th grader have a cell phone?

I think 5th graders should have cell phones. I am not just saying this because I am going to be in 5th grade next year, so just hear me out. Firstly, they should have them because it will get them ready for future technology. Furthermore, they should have them because at that age level you … Continue reading »

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The Land Of The Silver Apples

Every nine weeks we have to turn in a book report we made. You get to choose your own genre and I chose historical fiction. As you know my title of the book I read is The Land Of  The Silver Apples.  The author of my book was Nancy Farmer. She is a really good … Continue reading »

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Winter Break

On winter break me and my family went to a beach house to spend Hannukah and our big brother’s birthday. We also went to Fernindina for 2 days. On the first day we went to Fort Clinch and played hide and seek. It was really fun! We  went on a horse carriage. The second day … Continue reading »

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