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The Reason Mr. Fogg Bet the Wager

I think Fogg bet the wager because he wanted to prove to his friends that people can go around the world, in less than a year.  His friends were acting shocked that he said he would do it, especially Stuart. “‘Yes, in eighty days!” exclaimed Stuart, who in his excitement made a false deal. “But that doesn’t take into account bad weather, contrary winds, shipwrecks, railway accidents, and so on.” “All included,” returned Phileas Fogg, continuing to play despite the discussion. “But suppose the Hindoos or Indians pull up the rails,” replied Stuart; “suppose they stop the trains, pillage the luggage-vans, and scalp the passengers!” “All included,” calmly retorted Fogg; adding, as he threw down the cards, “Two trumps.” Stuart, whose turn it was to deal, gathered them up, and went on: “You are right, theoretically, Mr. Fogg, but practically—” “Practically also, Mr. Stuart.” “I’d like to see you do it in eighty days.” “It depends on you. Shall we go?” “Heaven preserve me! But I would wager four thousand pounds that such a journey, made under these conditions, is impossible.” “Quite possible, on the contrary,” returned Mr. Fogg. “Well, make it, then!” “The journey round the world in eighty days?” “Yes.” “I should like nothing better.'”  All of Fogg’s friends are telling Stuart that Fogg is just kidding, and even Passepartout says that he will stop when they reach Bombay.  Will he prove them wrong? Or right?  Find out when you read Around the World in Eighty Days!



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