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2015 Book Club

In book club we are reading Around The World In Eighty Days the classic.

Around the World in 80 Days – Final Project

Mr. Fogg’s Character Traits Map

Summary of the Book

The Four Main Characters

The Reason Mr. Fogg Bet the Wager


2 Responses to “2015 Book Club”

  1. avatar Mrs. Hallett says:


    Love your choice of character traits. I wonder, however, about your characterization of Mr. Fogg as “anti-social”. After all, he does visit the Reform Club daily where he interacts/plays Whist with other members. Either way, he is definitely a rather particular man!

  2. avatar Mrs. Hallett says:


    Very nice character descriptions and supportive text evidence! I am curious about one of your statement’s about Mr. Fogg though. You write that as you read further into the story, it seems Mr. Fogg is getting more “laid-back”. I would have loved to read your thoughts about this apparent change in character. We’ll talk in class.

    Mrs. Hallett

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