22 FebThe fifth plague דבר

In class we are learning about the 5th plague דבר. The plague lasted for a month and Moshe started it. The  plague effected Egyptians animals, cattle בקר. All of the Egyptians animals got hit with the plague not the Jews animals. Pharaoh told Moshe that he will send the Jews if he stops the plague but of course he doesn’t. What would you do if  someone lied to you for freedom?



16 FebAdjectives and Verbs

In class we made a poem or story with adjectives, I did both. Each of my classmates ( including me) wrote a adjective on a piece of paper and then we all went around and wrote a verb which describes the adjective on the same paper. Here is a poem/ story of mine.


06 FebThird Plague מכת כינים

In class we are studying the third plague lice ( ‏כינים). We think that the plague lasted for a month. Aharon started the plague. I think he started the plague and not Moshe  because the  ground/dirt saved him when he killed the  Egyptian and he buried him. Rashi Says that Aharon started the plague because  when he killed the Egyptian he buried him in the dirt so he should not do something bad back to it.

The plague effected Pharaoh  the Egyptians, and anything that is alive. Of course Pharaoh didn’t  send the Isrellites. Pharaoh’s  magician couldn’t even make these lice, and they told Pharaoh אצבע א-לוקים היא, which means hand of G-d.


02 FebMy Reading Goals

In class we have created some goals for our self, for the third quarter. I hope that I can complete these goals by the end of the third quarter.


23 JanSecond Plague Frogs

In class we learned about the second plague. The second plague was frogs. The plague lasted for a month that is a long time to survive with frogs, because they ate all of the food and they were probably slimy and really annoying. Aharon started the second plague. The plague affected the Egyptians, Pharaoh, and  the food. At the beginning Pharaoh said yes, but it was obvious that he would not send them.

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12 JanThe First Plague Blood מכת דם

We studied the first plague in Jewish Studies class. The whole blood plague was a week, and Aharon started the first plague. But why did Aharon start it and not Moshe? The reason why Aharon started it and not Moshe was that when Moshe was a baby the Nile saved him and he should not do something bad to it. Here is what Rashi said and what my opinion is: I think that Aharon did the first plague and not Moshe because: the Nile saved Moshe and he should not do something bad to it. Rashi’s Opinion is that because the Nile saved Moshe then she should not be doing something bad back to it.  But the Egyptian magicians were also able to turn water into blood that is one of the reasons why Pharaoh didn’t let the Jews go in the first plague.

The first plague affected  Pharaoh and all of the Egyptians.  At the end Pharaoh  did not let the Jews go in the first plague. Why do you think that Aharon started the first plague and not Moshe?


14 DecScience Space Ship

In science lab we made rockets out of balloons, straws and tape. First we watched a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGO_zDWmkvk&t=24s
about Newton’s Laws, and we also watched a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnoNITE-CLc&t=36s of a rocket launch. We watched the videos so we can get a better idea of what the rocket should be like, and the purpose of the Newton’s Law video was that we can learn what they are. So we linked Newton’s Laws to what we made.

For the first design I made, I took a balloon from the supply table, I also took a straw that you use to drink a fountain drink, and some straws that can bend. I cut the straws that can bend almost all the way, but I did leave the part of the straw that you drink from. I threw away the parts that can’t bend and I left the pieces that can bend. Then I got some string.

I blew up the balloon and tied it with a string. I did not knot the balloon. Then I connected the fountain straw to the balloon and taped it really tight. I took the straws that can bend and taped them to where the opening of the balloon is (where the air comes out), and taped that really tight. We made a track out of yarn and then I took the ballon and put the straw that was not at the front of the balloon and put the yarn through the straw. I cut the string that was in the front of the balloon and then 3,2,1 blast of, the balloon made it halfway down the string.

The balloon made it pretty far. I think that it went half way is because I had the bending straws to reduce all of the air coming out all at once, the test went pretty smooth. My “rocket ship” was successful. But to make it more successful I am going to put bigger straws at the ending of the balloon because that way it does reduce it too much and it lets more air come out at once.

12 DecFall reading

In class we learned the poem זה לא אני by Leah Goldberg. We also learned some rhymes from the story. This is a video of me reading it.

12 Dec3D Menorah

In class we made 3D menorah on Tinkercad. I wrote Hanukkah on the menorah, to make the menorah it took a lot of effort. We used a battery, LED lights and tape to light it.  It was not easy but really fun at the same time.

26 OctParashat Noah

We are in parashat ‏חומש בראשית ,נח. This is when god told נח to build a strong ark, because he was going to bring a big storm. Noah Listened and built a strong ark three stories high. God told him to bring with him in his ark one male and one female from each of the non kosher animals and seven from each kosher animals. At the end of the storm Noah sent a dove that brought an olive branch and that way he knew that the land was not flooded anymore. After the flood, god made a rainbow and said, this is a sign that I will not do this again.

Another event that happened in this parasha is the Tower of Babel. A group of people wanted to build a tall tower but god mixed up there languages so they could not build.


For my project, the students had to unscramble words. I had fun making it, and everybody had fun trying to figure it out. The words to unscramble were from my summary in Hebrew. Here is a picture of the pag.


My life lesson is that if you want to pray to god you should not build a tower you should just pray.

I also had to write a  summary in Hebrew.