30 MayMy Flag

In class we all learned about flags of  different countries. Then we each created  our own flag. Here is my flag:

24 MayThomas Jefferson

In our class this year we did the Signature Event, this year we researched founding fathers. My founding father was Thomas Jefferson. To wite my informational paper I used a book, and articles that were on line. Here is IMove that I made.

We also made a Monochromatic painting of our founding father. Monochromatic is tints and shades. A tint is when you add white to a color, a shade is when you add black.


18 MayEarth and Space

In science we learned about our solar system. I made a video on IMove and it is about the inner planets, and outer planets. I also wrote about the stars, and asteroids.


22 MarGetting ready for Israel’s 70th birthday!

Here are some things that Israel started, or first started in the state. First of them is that Israel got it’s national bus company. Did you know that Egged buses make more than 25,000 trips every day, providing about half of Israel’s public transport services. Second is that Israel created the first SIM card,  that to me and maybe to you is amazing! Third is that Israel specifically Israeli physicists Dr. Harry Zvi Tabor created the first solar water heating system. Let me not forget about that Coca-cola comes to Israel in 1980. I like Coca-cola, what about you!?

21 MarDarkness חושך

Darkness the second to last plague. Moshe started the plague, and it affected all of Egypt. The plague lasted for a three days. Not only was it dark the darkness was thick, in the first three days it was thick but in the next three days it was too thick the Egyptians could not move.  The Jews went in the Egyptians houses when it was dark so when they left they asked the Egyptians to give them the jewelry, and they can not say no.  Pharaoh did not let the Jews go.


15 MarA Frog’s Metamorphosis

In Science we are learning about what a metamorphosis is. Here is a frog’s metamorphosis.

The first step is that the eggs are laid in water and have a jelly to protect them.


Next, the tadpole grows and eats the jelly to get out of it and starts to explore.


Then, the tadpole grows legs and eats algae and other small things.



Then, it grows a back legs and its tail shortens, and it grows lungs.


Finally, the frog starts to live on land.







14 MarThe eighth plague ערוב

In class we learn all of the plague right know we have done: blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, cattle disease, boils, hail, locusts, דם, צפרדע , כינים, ערוב, דבר ,שחין, ברד, ארבה.

Pharaoh’s servents asked pharaoh to send the Israelites. Pharaoh  said that only the men can go. Then Moshe started the plague by raising his hands and the locusts came in from the east with wind. The plague lasted for a month. The plague effected the Egyptians, animals, and Pharaoh because the animals had no food to eat, and Pharaoh/ Egyptians had no food, except the food that they had saved. Pharaoh did not let the Israelites go.


What would you do if you had no food in storage.

09 Marברד Hail

In class we are learning about all of the plagues. This week we are learning about the seventh plague hail ברד. Moshe started the plague, and we think that the plague lasted for a month. The plague effected the Egyptians, Pharaoh, and the animals. This week Rashi’s question is, why did Moshe need to go to get out of the city to pray and stop the plague. He says that Moshe can’t pray next to a idols, and the Egyptians were. Of course Pharaoh did not let them go. The Rambam said that to pray you need a neat, clean, and respectable.

02 MarThe sixth plague שחין

In  jewish studies class we are learning about about the sixth plague boils. Moshe started the plague, and it lasted for a month. The plague effected the Egyptians, and the animals. Rashi’s question is, how are there still animals for the plague of boils if in the plague of דבר it says that all of them died. His explanation is that only the animals outside died, and so maybe the Egyptians that were  scared brought their cattle inside of their  house and the rest did not. Of course Pharaoh did not let the Jews go.  In this plague unlike the other ones god hardened Pharaohs heart.

What would you do if you had boils for a month?

22 FebThe fifth plague דבר

In class we are learning about the 5th plague דבר. The plague lasted for a month and Moshe started it. The  plague effected Egyptians animals, cattle בקר. All of the Egyptians animals got hit with the plague not the Jews animals. Pharaoh told Moshe that he will send the Jews if he stops the plague but of course he doesn’t. What would you do if  someone lied to you for freedom?