Vocabulary Notebooks

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April 9th 2017 3rd Grade, Library

Opinion writing

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April 6th 2017 3rd Grade, Social Studies, Writing

Me in Egypt

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April 6th 2017 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

cool race car!!!!!!

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image credit:  cc0

March 9th 2017 3rd Grade, Library

Cool Race Cars

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In the public domain: skeeze cc0

March 2nd 2017 3rd Grade, Library

How to Make a Pizza

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I made a book. About how to make a pizza. On part of it I needed better hand writing. I think I did well on the final draft. I think it was pretty  fun. I started with a step by step chart then I copied it on to my finale draft and I made some changes. Then I typed it. Next I took photos of my work in Book Creator. I added an image. Then I uploaded it on my blog.  Writing was pretty hard. But next time I hope I have better hand writing.

February 17th 2017 3rd Grade, Writing

Coding Space

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December 17th 2016 3rd Grade, Library

My amazing autobiography in Hebrew

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December 2nd 2016 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

Amazing Anaconda

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I created a book about anacondas and I think it’s amazing. I researched and made a book. I used websites, database. I used Google Earth to get a picture of South America. I did a good job. I could have had more pictures. And I could have had more words.



November 16th 2016 3rd Grade, Library

Hebrew Reading-2016

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June 22nd 2016 2nd Grade, Jewish Studies, Reading