Fairy Tale: The Three Airplanes and the Big Bad Wind

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May 28th 2017 3rd Grade, Library, Writing

The Magical Cafe.


I loved being a waiter. It was fun, the customers where nice. It was a big work day. Everybody  had a fun time. The customers loved their food. We had breakfast casserole, and blueberry muffins, banana bread. All the people loved their job. I learned that you have to be patient. And when I go to a restaurant don’t be a hard customer.

May 19th 2017 3rd Grade, Math, Uncategorized, Writing

Yom HaAtzmaut

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Yom HaAtzmaut is Israel’s birthday. At are school there were so many stations where we learned about Israel  I had falafel and salad and a chocolate bar and a pita pocket.  It was really good and I liked the chocolate bar the most.  The P.E. was really fun we played basketball and soccer.

May 8th 2017 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

My favorite parsha in sefer shemot is parshat pikuday.

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I like parsha pikuday because I like the picture. My picture is about a cohen washing his feet in the kiyor. The kiyor is a fountain that a cohen washes his feet before walking into the Kotel because the Kotel is a vary holy place.

May 3rd 2017 Uncategorized

Vocabulary Notebooks

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April 9th 2017 3rd Grade, Library

Opinion writing

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April 6th 2017 3rd Grade, Social Studies, Writing

Me in Egypt

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April 6th 2017 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

cool race car!!!!!!

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image credit:  cc0

March 9th 2017 3rd Grade, Library

Cool Race Cars


In the public domain: skeeze cc0

March 2nd 2017 3rd Grade, Library

How to Make a Pizza

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I made a book. About how to make a pizza. On part of it I needed better hand writing. I think I did well on the final draft. I think it was pretty  fun. I started with a step by step chart then I copied it on to my finale draft and I made some changes. Then I typed it. Next I took photos of my work in Book Creator. I added an image. Then I uploaded it on my blog.  Writing was pretty hard. But next time I hope I have better hand writing.

February 17th 2017 3rd Grade, Writing