What Are Adaptations?

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In class, I created a science Wixie project about adaptations. I wrote about what are animal adaptations and what are plant adaptations.

May 4th 2018 4th Grade, Science

Fort Caroline Natinol Memorial field trip

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On March 22nd third, fourth, and fifth graders went to Fort Caroline and I learned why they made the part of the fort out of wood because the the wood faced the water in case there was a cannonball it wouldn’t make it all the way to the fort so they didn’t need to make it so protective. I also learned the French only took a bath four times a year and the Timucua Indians took one or two baths a day. I learned that Jean Ribault named the river of May and he named it on the first day of May.
My favorite part of the trip was the being inside the fort itself because there were cannons inside. And there where information boards with information about Fort Caroline inside the fort. But the fort was smaller than I thought.
I think the field trip was awesome because I learned information I didn’t know about Fort Caroline and the Timucua Indians.
I would recommend this trip to other fourth graders because it’s fun, it’s educational and the Fort is all of those. If you like outdoors you’d like Fort Caroline.

March 23rd 2018 4th Grade, Social Studies, Writing

Opinion writing legos are the best

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Why I think legos are the best well legos are tiny bricks with dots on them and you stack them to make different things shapes sizes. There fun to build. There good Toys for when you are bored. Some float, you can make them fly. I love legos. I love legos because they’re fun, customizable and they come in different sizes.

One reason why I think legos are the best is because they are fun. For example, once I made a jail cell out of random pieces. It was really fun. I put a lot of detail into it. Like a lego jail cell door which is awesome. And a intercom to say when it’s dinner lunch breakfast or to go outside. I love the detail the creators make in the sets one of my really cool lego sets has a roller coaster with handle bars that come up and down. Some lego planes have a first class. Legos are awesome because once I got all my Star Wars lego sets and had a war with my friend. We had a lot of fun I only have four Star Wars sets. lucky for me two are fore the good people two are fore the bad.

Another reason why I think legos are the best is because they are customizable. you can make almost anything. My brother got a lego car and made it into a jet ski with some other pieces. That can actually float! I love legos because you can make lego sets. My friend got a cool lego set but when he tried to put the wings on it didn’t work. So he used his own pieces to make it work. Once I rebuilt a cool lego set which had a lot of detail. And I couldn’t find one of the pieces so I spent a few minutes searching in my lego bins and I found the pieces then I finished the set. And made a first class that I didn’t have before I rebuilt it.

The final reason why I think lego’s are the best is because they come in many different sizes. The original lego pieces are really tiny they are not safe for little kids. But older kids know how to do this and build big small lego sets perfectly safe because they won’t eat it. They made lego duplo because one it’s safe for little kids. Because they can’t eat eat it because they have bigger pieces . It’s kid friendly like how they have trucks and little kids love trucks. Once I was on my iPad looking up lego sets. And I saw a video with a lot of life size lego sets ( you can’t buy) if you’ve seen Star Wars there was a life size X-wing. You can fit in.

March 22nd 2018 4th Grade, Writing

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Passover project God Talking to Moses at the burning Bush from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo. In Torah I learned about the Hebrew history and I got to pick a parasha from choomash שמות. My project was about when Moses talked to the burning bush. It was fun creating puppets and pictures for my project. I drew a picture of Moses talking to a burning bush with a background of sand mountains. I recorded myself moving Moses and god spoke to him. I also read my Hebrew sentences about the picture I made.




March 20th 2018 4th Grade, Jewish Studies

Golden Age of Piracy

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This week I learn about Blackbeard the great pirate (real name Edward Teach). He didn’t usually have to fight because he tide ropes to his long beard and set it on fire the fire gave of smoke and that made him look like a ghost or a monster. And Blackbeard wanted to retire and sailed to North Carolina where Robert Maynard found him and after a long fight Blackbeard had got killed. I also didn’t know pirates put up a nice flag when they saw enemies but when they got close they put up the regular pirate flag which is a skull and crossbones. They put it up to scare the enemy.

I thought pirates love fighting more than anything besides stealing treasure or how they said it booty. But it turns out pirates don’t really like fighting because they tried to scare the crew without a fight and take there treasure. I think there are so many myths about pirates because they’ve been going through generations and if you really like something about them and you find out it’s a myth you may be sad or really mad because you thought something was correct but it was wrong.

I learned that pirates use flags to scare the crew and take there booty. When my class made flags to either scare the ship crew or make them think you’re nice I chose to make one that scares the ships away I had a skull with crossbones and a sword on the side so people will know you’re dealing with pirates.

Creative Commons

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November 15th 2017 4th Grade, Library

Fairy Tale: The Three Airplanes and the Big Bad Wind

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May 28th 2017 3rd Grade, Library, Writing

The Magical Cafe.


I loved being a waiter. It was fun, the customers where nice. It was a big work day. Everybody  had a fun time. The customers loved their food. We had breakfast casserole, and blueberry muffins, banana bread. All the people loved their job. I learned that you have to be patient. And when I go to a restaurant don’t be a hard customer.

May 19th 2017 3rd Grade, Math, Uncategorized, Writing

Yom HaAtzmaut

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Yom HaAtzmaut is Israel’s birthday. At are school there were so many stations where we learned about Israel  I had falafel and salad and a chocolate bar and a pita pocket.  It was really good and I liked the chocolate bar the most.  The P.E. was really fun we played basketball and soccer.

May 8th 2017 3rd Grade, Jewish Studies

My favorite parsha in sefer shemot is parshat pikuday.

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I like parsha pikuday because I like the picture. My picture is about a cohen washing his feet in the kiyor. The kiyor is a fountain that a cohen washes his feet before walking into the Kotel because the Kotel is a vary holy place.

May 3rd 2017 Uncategorized