Harry Potter Banned?

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Did you know Harry Potter is banned in a lot of places? I did a poster about the Harry Potter series being banned and why it was banned. First we looked at an example of a poster and learned what banned means. Then we  created  the poster. Last we learned why the book was banned.

Here’s how we did our poster. We chose a banned book. A banned book is a book that is not allowed in a library for certain reasons.  I chose Harry Potter. Then we researched and filled out a graphic organizer. Then we picked an app to create the poster with. We had several options.  I chose Book Creator.

If I could do this again I would add more information. I would add more things about the book like who Harry Potter is and how he meets his friends.  I would use a different app because I want to get better at using other apps. I would also change the design so the font and color would be easier to read. I would also make it more interesting by making things stand out and making it more entertaining.

Posted on October 28th 2015 in 5th Grade, General Studies, Library, Reflection, Research

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  1. Karin Hallett Says:

    Very nice poster and reflection, Danny! You’ve packed a lot of interesting information on your poster. I agree with you that a different font color may have been more easily readable. I love that you like to challenge yourself by using different digital tools to create your products. There will be more opportunities 🙂

    Mrs. Hallett

  2. Pop Pop Stan Says:

    Danny, your presentation is very well done and extremely informative. I know you love to read and so do I. I frequently think how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have the freedom to read what ever we want. Think of the experience that we are fortunate to be able to enjoy “Harry Potter”, and then be able to freely discuss what we have read. Your teacher has done an outstanding job in conveying to your class what “banned” means. So very proud of you. All my LOVE Pop Pop Stan.

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