It all started with the one and only strive to be the best I could be. I remember it pretty well; it was the beginning of the school year and my class was just walking back to school from breakfast after minyan. One of my classmates had asked me where I was going to high school.  I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that I probably wouldn’t go anywhere special and would just go to my neighborhood school.  Little did I know, that is far from what happened.

As the high school thing started to come up more my great principal, Edith, suggested I go to a music school for piano.  Once that was said to me my head was just exploding with thoughts about doing this.  I had thought to myself “oh am I not good enough, or do I really love playing the piano enough to go to school for it; most of all if I got in to the school, if I was making the right decision.  That last thing killed me the most, and still to this day only being about two weeks from graduation middle school I am still yet to know if I made the right choice.

So before I was going to devote hard hours into getting in off a tryout I thought about it an unimaginable amount.  After thinking things over I finally said, “Why not, I’ll tryout and see what happens.”  The reason I had the attitude torts this like it was not big deal is because it was important but really wasn’t a big deal to me.  This was because unlike most other kids trying out, it’s not like it was my long life dream to get into this school but I’d think it would be cool if I did.

I always try to go by the quote of “go big or go home.” Having known that this specific music and arts school named “Douglas Anderson School of the Arts” is one of the best in the country I knew I had to give it my all.  I felt that if I didn’t try my hardest there’d be no reason to try at all.

From that point it was time to get to work!  I put in countless hours into practicing scales, songs and everything else till it was perfect.  To be specific, over about a half of a year I worked on a classical Bach piece, a modern piece, and about 24 scales in major and minor.  Over time like most people would I had a lot of doubt if I could really do it, especially with the competition of truly gifted people.

Throughout the process of practicing I talked to many people from the school and also toured it.  At first I wasn’t so found of the building but after a while I can tell it would deathly grow on me.  Also, I have not once ever heard bad things about the school so that just gave me another reason to go for it.

Time flew by and it was time for the tryout.  I actually remember the day of the tryout very well because I had a school basketball game that took place during it.  I remember being really upset because I couldn’t play one, because of the tryout and two, because I currently had a very bad ankle injury from the past season.  All was okay and I moved on and focused on music.

I finally got there and my senses were sporadic, it hit me straight in the face the thrill of so many people in one room having the same thoughts as me!  The only thing that was even somewhat abnormal to me is that at the time especially in a situation like this I didn’t feel nervous at all.   I just knew I had to focus and get done what had to be done.

It was time!   To head principal stood up and spoke and called all of the piano majors to the front of the room.   She told us all of what we had to do and then we were off!  We were escorted out of the main on Tori on and into a classroom with a whole bunch of pianos to practice on.  There was no order of people to try out; we just came up as we wanted.   It was actually kind of funny, I was one of the first people to say I wanted to go only because I didn’t want to be there all night.

I did my audition and I thought it went pretty well.   Obviously, I messed up a couple of times but nothing major.   I really didn’t know what to think after that because I didn’t know the judges, the kids, or the exact skill level they were looking for.

So now I waited.  Due to the help of my math teacher I was able to get a early notice of weather my application and try out was accepted or not.   I found out just two days after that I made it.   Before knowing for sure that I got into the school I was so indecisive of where I was going to go even if I was accepted.  From that moment of actually knowing what it felt like to be excepted I chose to go to that school.

It’s interesting how I thought that you and if I got accepted into the school before I knew I probably wouldn’t pick.  It’s now obvious to me that your mind plays tricks on you.   Once I was actually accepted I had no of the stuff in the world other than to go to that school.

I will be honest in saying that I am scared.  Not only because I’m coming from some small private school into a big public high school; but also because of the kind of school it is.  Even more so going to an arts school I have absolutely no clue what to expect.  What ever happens I should try to except it and move on.

I came to realize in an environment that is always changing, plans are so overrated.  By the time something has changed a plan is outdated.  The most important thing to do is to focus on executing what needs to be done.  That is exactly what I did and will continue to do.