23 MayEnd-of-the-Year Appreciation

22 MayFamous Inventor

My famous inventor was Ruth Wakefield.She invenedthe chocolate chip cookie.It was an accident.While she was baking cookies she ran out of bakers chocolate.So she  took a Nestile chocolate bar and crumbled it in to pieces.Now she thought in the baking the chocolate would melt in the baking.But it did not.




17 MayMath

17 MayAmazing Animal Alliteration

02 MayAcrostic Poem

09 AprResponses to Books by Maribeth Boelts

23 FebOnline Safety and Privacy

15 FebImmigration

It was so hard for them, they where on the boat for 90 days, and there was 3rd and 2nd class.There was a doctor.Some people where pregnant and gave birth to babies on the ship. Some people had to leave family behind it was so hard.

02 FebPersonal Narrative

10 JanMap

Me and Vivi where in a group.We made a map of the PARIS RESORT.We made it out of paper.We took a diamond and used it as chandelier.