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“Breathe. Know that the Internet has no eraser.” -Liz Strauss

Book Comercials

For the past year in language arts, my class mates and I have been instructed to make book commercials. In a book commercial, we have to read allowed a short summery that you created to tell the class about the book you chose. In addition, we have to make a poster about the book that will draw the reader into reading the book. These book commercials teaches us how to speak publicly, stand strait, and be focused. Book commercials are also just a fun way to find a great book.


At the beginning of the year I was nervous, like most. I would stumble and go way to fast and trip over words that were hard to annunciate. I would also start swaying and could not keep myself up straight. It wasn’t all that hard to actually present it, but the anxiety of having to stand up and speak was scary. Another thing is that I wouldn’t practice my speaking before hand.


I believe I have been getting better each time I have a new book commercial. This last book commercial I think I did pretty well. I believe all I need to do is slow down my speaking and annunciate. Doing this will make my speech sound smooth and sound to the audience. I will work on this next year too, and if I keep up my practice on public speaking I will hopefully get better.


Here is the link to my book commercial

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In this weeks parsha it says, “You shall be holy, for I, the L‑rd your G‑d, am holy.” I believe this means that since we all want to be kind and helpful to others, we should be holy like god. I believe to be holy you have to do simple little good-deeds in life. Some examples might include not lying, being helpful to others, giving to the needy, studying and learning new things, being respectful, and not going down the wrong path in life. Something that applies to me is simply eating healthy and trying to respect my body.

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My New York Experience

This year my class went to New York City for our eighth grade trip. New York is a great experience for every eighth grader. When going to New York I learned that New York is nothing like the movies. First off, New York stinks and is very crowded and not everybody is the nicest there. When going to New York we did many different activities. Some were fun, others were educational and some about Judaism.


We did many entertaining things in NY but definitely one of my most favorites was just being able to walk around NY. I always love to explore new areas, so when I got the chance to go to NY; I was up for almost everything. I could tell most of it was just a bunch of tourists walking around, and we were tourists too. My favorite part was definitely the subways. The subway is a big underground train that runs 24/7. Just the thought of a underground railroad was mind blowing.


Another great experience was Wicked. Wicked is the prequel to The Wizard of OZ, and how the wicked witch of the west wasn’t actually all that wicked. The best part part of this play was definitely the stage and props. The whole stage was set like a clock and almost every background was this clock.There was also a huge dragon up on top of the stage that once in a while would move from puppeteers on the sides of the stages.


In NY we visited the 9/11 memorial. The memorial is a huge fountain that has a pit in the middle where water goes down. On the edges of the memorial you could find thousands of names of victims who died in the 9/11 tragedy. We had three survivors as our tour guide. Two of them told their story of how they survived 9/11, but the other one told a story of how his father died in 9/11. One story,in my opinion, was the most meaningful. The story was about how several friends carried there paraplegic friend down 60-80 flights of stairs. 9/11 was a very sad day for everybody around America and it shouldn’t be forgotten.


Wednesday, we went to Ellis Island. To get to Ellis Island you have to go on the ferry. On the ferry you could see the statue of liberty, which was once the sign of freedom for the immigrants who would sail across the ocean to come to America. At Ellis Island I imagined what it was like for all the immigrants who were going through the process to become an American. The beds were incredibly small. Each bed was about half the size of a twin bed. It was probably hard for these immigrants for what they had to go through to get where they are today, but it was probably worth it.


I go to a Jewish school, so when it was time to go to NY, we definitely had to go visit Borough Park. Borough Park is a little part of NY where it is mostly populated by orthodox Jews. We had to cover our knees and elbows while in Borough Park because in Judaism it is not allowed to show yourself like that. While walking around you could see everybody was very orthodox and conservative, and most of the restaurants were kosher. I never actually thought  a place in the world that was very religious actually existed, because i have never seen one, so Borough Park was a social shock for me.


I don’t eat very much, so when we had leftovers we gave them to the homeless on the street. It says in Judaism that giving to the needy is a mitzvah. I remember walking around NY and giving the poor our leftovers and see how happy they were. There are many unfortunate events that happen in the world, and we will never know when they might strike. We should all be fortunate for what we have and not be greedy on what we don’t have.
Overall,The New York trip was a great experience. I got to learn new things, ride the subway, and bond with my classmates. Going to NY was definitely a cultural shock for me, because there was so many people there. One day I hope to go to NY again, and shop around Chinatown.

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My Experience at the MJGDS

In my language arts class we were asked to make 5 paragraphs about how I will remember middle school. I decided to talk about my experience staying at the same school for ten years. I talked about Friends, Technology, and the middle schools mitzvah program.


My name is cayla and I have been going to the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School for ten years. I have been at the same school ever since I was in V.P.K.; I never thought in a million years I would be here so long. This year will be my last year and probably the most memorable.  Three things that stand out while being in the MJGDS. The Three things are my lifelong friends, my technical education, and our weekly mitzvah trip.


I consider my classmates more as family than friends. I have been with most of my classmates more than five years. One thing about being with a class of 7 and being with them most of my life is that there is no keeping secrets. We all know each other’s Full names, Birthdays, and family’s. Even though I know I will not be in contact with some of them after middle school, I know I will be thinking about them in high school. My classmates will always be known as my MJGDS family.


When I first came to the MJGDS in VPK I remember how each class had HUDGE 2004 Desktop computers. I always thought how cool that was considering my old school never had computers. Having that big, gray, loud, ugly computer in my class room was the start to my experience with technology at the MJGDS. Through the years technology has changed, so have I. Today, I love to collect electronic gadgets; I have anything from tablets to smart watches.  I contribute all my technology education back to the MJGDS. I remember that I made my first PowerPoint in second grade about woolly mammoths, and I still have it on a flash drive at home. I not only know how to use IOS, but I also know how to use Android and chrome platforms too. I can’t wait for the new technology that will come out in the next five years; and I know I will definitely be able to figure out how to use the future products because of my education in technology at the MJGDS.


When I was in fifth grade I remember asking a middle scholar what middle school was like. After the middle scholar told me how much homework there was; she mentioned that we had field trips every Friday called a mitzvah trip. From then on I was so excited for missing school to complete a mitzvah project. Today, as an eighth grader, I experience these trips every Friday. For those who don’t know what a mitzvah trip is; a mitzvah trip is when the whole middle school leaves school for three hours on a Friday afternoon to help out the community. This, I believe, has advanced my citizenship skills in everyday life. The mitzvah program is something every middle scholar should experience to become a kinder and better person.


I am not the person who cry’s, but I know I will be sad on the last day of being at the MJGDS. The years I have been through at this school is unforgettable. Even though some days are harder than others, the teachers and classmates always got me through the hard times. The path I have been walking for ten years at the MJGDS is almost at its end. I can’t wait to go to high school and experience a new school, but I will always remember the smiles I had at my old school.

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How to Sole For X

This week we reviewed on how to solve for X. If you would like to learn, here is a picture to help.

math 24

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Passover at Mt Carmel

   Last week my middle school and I went to conduct our annual Passover Seder for the residents at Mt Carmel. It was a bit sad for me and my classmates because it was our last time going to the retirenment home for one of our mitzvah trips. Every year we do this so we can bring a smile to the residents faces, another reason we go is because its a mitzvah. The mitzvah that we did was inviting someone to our Sedar who might not be going to a Sedar. This mitzvah is important because for some people it is hard to make a Sedar, and when someone goes to a Sedar it is a mitzvah to go pray and take part of a Sedar. So it is a mitzvah to invite someone to a Sedar and to go to a Sedar.

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We did odds in class a while ago, but here is how to do it if you want to learn.

math 23



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Blind Spots

Recently my class and I read To Kill a Mockingbird. After reading this book we were assigned a project. I chose to talk about four characters blind spots. The characters I picked were Mayella, Aunt Alexandria, Bob Ewell, and Tom Robinson. The question was…

Atticus says, “Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man; he just has his blind spots.” Discuss and analyze the blind spots of at least four characters in the novel. What do they share in common?

And here is what I answered with…


Mayella Ewell is a lonely young woman who just wants to be loved. Her Father, Bob Ewell, treats her like trash and hits and disrespects her. So one day while Tom Robinson was walking past the Ewell house Mayella brought him in and tried to seduce him.  Bob then saw through a window what Mayella was trying to do and Bob was furious. During the trial for Tom, Mayella accuses Tom of raping her, so does Mayella’s father, Bob, and Tom gets put in jail and is shot for trying to escape. I believe Mayella’s blind spots were that she probably could have gotten help from being beaten by her father and could have saved Tom’s life in the end by telling the court her Father was the one who punched her.


Aunt Alexandra-

Aunt Alexandra comes to live with Scout, Jem, and Atticus during the trial of Tom Robinson. During her stay she would gossip and make herself seem higher and nobler than all the other people in Maycomb. She even gossiped in front of the children. She also wanted Calpurnia out of the Finches home for good. I believe Alexandra’s blind spots are that she needs to realize that she is not what she says she is and to stop gossiping even though she thinks it is OK to talk like that in front of Scout and Jem. She also needs to realize that Calpurnia is there to help and Atticus is the one in charge.


Bob Ewell-

Bob Ewell, I believe, has the biggest blind spot out of all the characters in the book. First off he is a drunk. Another thing is he treats his kids like trash, when he should be a supportive father. The whole Ewell family is basically white trash because of him. His kids, like Mayella, could have done incredible things with their lives, but the only thing stopping them is their representation from their family.


Tom Robinson-

Tom is a great and loyal man, one problem, he is black. In Maycomb, black people are as worthless as the dirt on the ground. Another problem is that he is accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Tom speaks truly from the heart at to the court and Atticus, his layer, does his best, but in the end they both know they weren’t going to win the trial. The one blind spot that I believe Mr. Robinson had was that he told the court that he helped Mayella because he felt sorry for her. In Maycomb no black man should ever feel sorry for a white person, even if this white person is white trash. I think Tom could have won (probably not) the case, but saying that he felt sorry for a white person made him a guilty man, even if he was innocent.


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Fundamental Counting Principle

Here it is.math 21

math 22

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How to Find a Interest to a project

All to do to find an interest is to multiply your rate, principal, and time.

math 20

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