Book Commercial Reflection

In Language Arts, every Friday there are a certain amount of students assigned a book commercial. This is were the student has to read a book then, they have to present a one to two minute presentation on the book they read. In each commercial they have to include the main characters, genre, title, author, rating, and a summery about the book without giving any part away. This was a way to practice doing public speaking and not to be afraid to speech. Each time I did a commercial I felt more and more confident because I have already done a commercial before.

At the beginning of the year for my first book commercial, I feel that I had stumbled a lot and was very nervous. I forgot something that I needed to add or even said the wrong thing about the book. When it came to the second one I felt a little bit more confident, but not fully. I really don’t like public speaking at all. In fact, it is one of my major fears. I always mess up on what I am supposed to say. I feel that I have learned from my first commercial to doing my last book commercial of the year.

I just finished doing my last book commercial it was on Paper Towns by John Green. I feel that I did a much better job then the first one because I was more confident and did not read as much as the first time. I read word for word at my first commercial and that had dropped my grade very low. As a result of the second one I feel that I could work on using gestures a lot because it would make the presentation more interesting. I could also work on not using any notes because it would make me think more and not loose the place on my paper. I feel that I have defiantly improved a lot with the commercials. I hope that I will be able to continue to work on public speaking in high school, and that I will do much better.I will always keep reflecting on the book commercial that I have done in middle school and see how much I have improved.


My New York City Experience

Recently, our eighth grade class went on a trip to New York City. This trip is only for eighth graders because this is our last year together and it gives us the opportunity to bond and cherish our last time being all together. This trip was a very fun and memorable trip with and educational things to do. This was my first time going to New York City and I’m so glad I got to share my first experience with my class and not just my family. We had some rainy days, but we made the best out of it. This trip made our class bond more than before.

One of the things that I found most interesting was seeing the Blue Man Group. There are three men that are painted blue and they don’t speak a word. They put paint into the drums, and when they play them the paint splatters everywhere on the stage. When we went to go see them we were in the pancho seats (front row). When they were eating captain crunch most of it got on us and it was pretty funny. This is a very interactive show and it is extremely funny show to watch. I’ve seen it twice and this was my favorite out of both.

Kelly and Michael is another thing I found entertaining. This is a fun talk show with a man and women each day they would bring in two famous people. When we went it was Kelsey Grammer and Guillermo Díaz. I didn’t real know who they were, but it was so cool to get to see famous people and be on a live airing for TV. When they finished taping the director asked if everyone would say for about another forty-five minutes to tap a future airing. So, we stayed and they announced Kim Kardashian. I actually  mean actually started crying. I didn’t even know that it would be her. The thing she talked about was her trip to Israel and that really connected to me since it is the Jewish homeland. I think that it was the perfect time for us to be able to go.

One of the days we were there we went to the Nine Eleven Memorial. This is one thing I found educational, but yet very interesting. We had three men guiding us around. Two of the three men were survivors for the twin towers collapsing and the third man was a child of a fireman who had passed away. They each had very meaningful stories. The one that connected to me the most was the man who talked about his father in trying to save people out of one of the towers. The reason that I thought it connected to me the most is because he was my age when it happened. One other man was rescuing a man with disabilities and with lucky was able to get out and the other man was trying to get out of the building with his co-workers. It was a miracle that they had survived because the floors above them kept collapsing on top of them and most of the stairwells were blocked.

The other thing I found educational was Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a place where people that were coming to America went to get checked out for any medical issues, family history, and other important stuff about them. On the outside of the building there were many walls and they had every persons name that came through to America. It was so amazing to be in the building that many people did just to get into America many years ago.  We got to see the rooms they slept in, where they came in, and went out to get onto a boat to get to the main island.

Borough Park is one of the Jewish things that we did in New York. This is an area of town were a lot of Jewish people live and it has many Kosher restaurants. This area influenced me a lot because I saw many Jewish people being themselves and not caring what other people think about them. Being that I live in Jacksonville, Florida there are not that many Jewish people living here it is very hard to express my religion because I feel that I could be judge. When I was in Borough Park I felt safe and I could not be afraid of people judging me for my religion.

Bobbi’s place is a place where Jewish children can go if they don’t have enough money to buy clothes or shoes. The only way they could get free things is if they qualify for it. They have many types of of clothing for babies to teenagers. When we went to volunteer there we tagged many suites and placed them in order. I have always wondered how they tagged things and all you do is take a tagging gun. Then, put the size number on a the gun and put it through the tag on the suit. This was definitely hard, but yet very fun because all of us enjoyed it a lot. The way it connects to Judaism is because it is a mitzvah to help the people who work there since they are volunteers. We are also helping the Jewish community by giving them free clothing to the Jewish people in need.

New York City was definitely a trip to remember. I became closer with everyone and we had so many laughs together and I couldn’t imagine going on that trip with anyone else. On this trip all my classmates weren’t just classmates they became my family. My favorite part of the trip was going on live with Michael and Kelly. The reason I say that is because I don’t think I could ever get this experience again. I got to see Kim Kardashian and I wouldn’t have ever seen her before. The most meaningful part of the trip was going to the Nine Eleven memorial because that is one thing I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. I felt that I connected to one of the people who was one of our guides. I think that this trip should definitely be continued because it gives the eighth grade class a chance to just be together themselves and get closer. All the things that we did in New York City were so much fun and I am so glad I was able to be able to go on this trip.

Scott Zimmerman and Shavuot

In a few weeks Shavuot will be coming up this celebrates giving the torah. The Bar and Bat mitzvah teacher had passed away a few weeks ago, Scott Zimmerman. He was so connected to torah and wanted all the kids to learn torah themselves. Scott was one amazing person and I was very fortunate to be able to work with him for my Bat Mitzvah. He was an amazing teacher and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be able to teach me torah. I think that it would be appropriate to honor Scott on Shavuot beaches gave torah to us through teaching us. This is defiantly a perfect time to honor him he loved to read and teach torah and he basically gave his talents to us. He influenced me a lot because he taught me to read, and every time I read torah I do it for Scott. I’m really glad he was the one to teach me torah.

How Middle School Has Changed You…

In Language Arts class we were assigned an essay to write about “How middle school has changed you”. This to show how we have grown through the past years.

I started at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School when I was one year old. This is a Jewish based school, which means that half of our day is put into learning about Judaism and the culture. The people that I have been with since pre-school I am still with most of them now, but it kept going smaller and smaller. I have learned so much throughout all the years I have attended the school. During pre-school the teachers taught us about shabbat and all the holidays. Each year the teachers go more and more into detail.

Since this is a Jewish based school in middle school we have three hours everyday in the morning to learn about Judaism and the hebrew language. When I was in pre-school every Friday we would have a shooby dooby Shabbat. There were two bears and they always “lead” us in the Shabbat service. This was defiantly my favorite part about the hebrew part in pre-school. Starting in Kindergarten through Eighth grade they would teach us more about the rituals of shabbat, and the holidays. When I was in fifth grade we each were assigned a parsha and we have to talk about what the week’s parsha was and make a game or creative activity for the class to participate in. In middle school every Friday we go on a mitzvah trip. It is going out into the community to do mitzvahs. In sixth grade we went to The Coves, seventh grade Mount Herman a place for kids with disabilities, and for eighth grade each student gets to pick their own project to participate in. I chose to work with the Kindergarteners at my school. Doing all the mitzvah projects are so meaningful to me and I would never get to this opportunity any where else.

Throughout all the years of being here I have met some amazing inspirational people. Many say that they are just my friends and classmates, but I consider them to be my family. Even though I have lost some classmates and gained throughout the years. When the person is new the instantly become my family. Some have been with mean to other classmates, but in the end we always make up at the end of the day. Going into my eighth grade year it was very hard for me because the last years eighth grade class I was very close with. At the time my class really didn’t like me that much because they felt that I excluded them ore left them to be with the other class. I was very wrong by doing that, but it was hard because when I went to be with my class they excluded me. Towards the end of last year some forgave me for, but not completely. That would’ve been my most hard year.

It was finally eighth grade years my last year at the school that I have been at my whole life. The years I have attended I have learned so much. I think that I have grown with my knowledge each year. The one thing that I always struggle with is reading. I have never really had the desire to read. Each year I take a reading test to see what level I am on to read books and the result of each one is that I progress every year. The teachers here have helped me with work that I struggle on. The best thing is that I get to have a one on one help from all the teachers each of them offer lunch time and study hall to visit and go over anything that I need help on. The one thing I’m nervous about is not getting that experience in high school. So, I have been cherishing all the time I have here and have had. Middle school has made me a better individual with my personality and work habits. I feel that I have been more on task with assignments and some of my tests. I feel that I need to work on my study skills, but middle school has defiantly made me learn to read more and more. It also has showed me many ways for study skills as well.

The time that I have had at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School is amazing I never regret all the years I have been here. From preschool till eighth grade. Each year I have excelled in my learning skills, studying skills, and reading. The teachers at the school are incredible and the friends here are not just my friends they are my family. I’m so glad I was able to have this great experience with the people and education.

To Kill A Mockingbird Newspaper

In language arts we had just finished the book, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. For one of our assignments we had to choose an activity to do and I chose to do a newspaper article on the Tom Robinson trial and Bob Ewell’s death.  I really enjoyed this book a lot and my favorite part was definitely the trial because it was very suspenseful. I would recommend this book to people in middle school and up because of some language and the vocabulary.










To_Kill_A_Mockingbird-_assignmnet__1 2

Independent and Dependent Events

An independent event is when the outcome does not effect another event. An example is flipping a coin because if you get a heads it does not effect the chance of getting tails. A dependent event effects the next answer. An example is if you have a jar of jelly beans and you pick a blue one, it effects the chance of getting another blue because you have taken one out.




Probability is how many times the event can be predicted and how many times it could happen. One examples is what is the probability that the arrow will land on the teal. So, there are four parts of the circle. The pink part is 1/4 and so is the blue, but the teal is 2/4. If you add those you get 1/2 or you could say 0.5.


Tu B’Shvat Planting

_no_subject__-_casey_b_mjgds_org_-_Martin_J__Gottlieb_Day_School_MailLast Friday the middle school volunteered at The Bridge. This is where children can go after school and can do homework and get meals because they might not get anything at home to eat. We planted many different kinds of vegetables for the kids to pick to bring home and eat. Last week was also Tu B’Shvat this is a holiday celebrating plants and what the provide for us. This is connected to Tu B’Shvat because we planted many vegetables and they are part of plants. Every year we plant somewhere new to help people get healthy food or to make an area look nice and clean. Tu B’Shvat is a very great holiday to plant many types of things. This experience was very special for me because I felt like I was having fun and helped lots of children out who need food and need to stay healthy.