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I researched Benjamin Franklin and I wrote an informational paper for my Signature Event. Our classes signature event was on founding fathers or mothers of Israel or America. In art class we made a model chromatic painting with tints and shades ; shades are when you add black to a color ,tints are when you add white to a color.

The eggs are laid in the water. The tadpole hatches from its egg and grows hind legs. The tadpole grows its front legs is now a froglet. It becomes an adult and starts the life cycle again.


The activity was to write down a noun, then move around the classroom to each of the other students.  They then wrote down a single adjective about my noun.  I chose to write about cats because I was thinking about my cat at the time.


In Jewish studies we made three-dimensional menorahs.   We used a program called tinker cad and we lit them with LEDs and batteries.  We designed them the way we wanted and them we sent them to our art teacher to  print them.

Sukkoth  is a Jewish holiday  that we eat and sleep  in our succah          ( hut).   we invite A guest every day .
I draw  king David  using three-quarter view.
David’s dad is is Yishai and David’s great grandmother is Ruth.
David’s son was king Solomon .
David was a soldier and the king .
David’s symbol is the harp.

Made a vocabulary notebook.

I used wixie I rot the definition  and the reflection.

Do you like adventuring? If you do there is a place called Mammoth Cave. It is educational and you can learn about many things. You can learn how the cave was used over thousands of years. You can get to Trog inside the cave. Mammoth Cave is really fun because it’s educational.

Mammoth Cave is educational and you can learn about many things. Things like rock formations, animals, and how the cave formed. You can learn the different types of rock formations and deposits and other formations inside the cave. Some of which grow because of water carrying minerals called deposits. There are many different kinds of animals in Mammoth Cave that show signs of special adaptations caused by living in the cave. Animals like bats, cave crickets, and fish have adapted to the cave differently from when the first kind of that species that came into the cave. The cave is a different environment than out of the cave. They need to do this to survive. Flowing water eroded rock and dirt and carved out a huge space that formed the cave. The cave could fit about 1000 full grown Mammoths inside it!

You can learn how the cave was used over thousands of years. Ancient Indians used the caves as a burial place. They found human remains of ancient Indians broken, split, and marked like deer. Saltpeter mines were used to make gunpowder. The gunpowder was made of sulfur and charcoal. They were mining sulfur to make the gunpowder in the wars. The workers who worked in the Saltpeter mines were called peter monkeys. They used tunnels in the cave to get around fast.

Trogging is spelunking with a tour guide. You get to go through this tunnel which is called the worm hole. This tunnel is called the worm hole because it is one foot tall and two feet wide. You go through this tunnel get to get to this place called the spaceship room. It is called the spaceship room because when you turn off your head lamp and the tour guide turns on his lighter and slowly dims it, you look straight up and see this rock formation that looks like two windows from a spaceship. Stars slowly appear through them. In the room there is rock formation that looks like a duck and is not man made.

Mammoth Cave National Park is really fun to visit . My reasons are that the cave is educational , you can learn how the cave was used over thousands of years, and you can go trogging inside the cave. You should go to Mammoth cave National Park because you can see things you’ve never seen.







In class we learned about the class rules of good behaviors. There are eight rules. My rule is the fifth rule. The rule is “always have good sportsmanship.” The picture with the thumb up is a good example of good sportsmanship. Even though one lost the game, he still shook hands and and said good game. The picture with the thumb down is a bad examle of sportsmanship. The person who lost flipped the table on the winner. I used Book Creator for this project