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November 8th 2017 3rd Grade, Library, Social Studies

Famous Inventor

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Hi my name is Brennan.I was Alexander Graham Bell.It was  fun because  my Mom.was there. Bell made the telephone.His mother was deaf and his wife also was  deaf.He was interesting.






May 22nd 2017 2nd Grade, Social Studies


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the immigrants went threw that gigantic line.And you had to be healthy to be strong.And they livd in america they immigrateid because they did not have jobs.they stay on the sip for 90 days.

February 2nd 2017 Social Studies



We made NYC. and my patner wus Cole.And NYC it wus hard thow but we did it.An we finist it.An thare is atufacs and a tawre.We alsow had a cumpisros.And a ledingind.

January 10th 2017 Social Studies, Uncategorized

Native Americans

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December 1st 2016 2nd Grade, Social Studies


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