Passion project about beagles

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Buckle up and get ready to get licked by the cutest dogs ever!!! I wanted my passion project on the beagle because I have a beagle named Bonnie. Another reason because some people say that they’re smart, and I wanted to see if that is actually true!

Ok let’s get to the facts!
First, beagles are great hunting dogs because they’re in groups called packs and they let the hunters know when there is an animal nearby. They are also used for medical testing. If there is a medicine that helps people, the scientists try it on the beagles first.

Beagles personality traits are lovable,cute,and happy. Beagles need a lot of playtime and love, and they’re really smart. They’re a breed of small dog. Beagles sense of smell is one of the best and they hunt rabbits. And they’re easily trained by their trainer.

Guess what! The beagle is the 5th most popular pet in the world!!! But if you do want a beagle for a pet then you should probably get another dog or else they’ll cry and they might chew the wall. They really don’t like to be alone, especially beagle puppies! The beagle can live for 10-15 years old. They’re 18-30 pounds to humans that is so light but to dog that is like the heaviest thing in the whole world.

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