Sample Hebrew Reading

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June 5th 2017 2nd Grade, Jewish Studies, Reading

End-of-the-Year Appreciation

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May 23rd 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Famous Inventor

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Hi my name is Brennan.I was Alexander Graham Bell.It was  fun because  my Mom.was there. Bell made the telephone.His mother was deaf and his wife also was  deaf.He was interesting.






May 22nd 2017 2nd Grade, Social Studies

Amazing Animal Alliteration

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May 17th 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Acrostic Poem

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May 3rd 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Responses to Books by Maribeth Boelts

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April 9th 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Online Safety and Privacy

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February 23rd 2017 2nd Grade, Library

Personal Narrative

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February 2nd 2017 2nd Grade, Writing

Native Americans

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December 1st 2016 2nd Grade, Social Studies

Character Descriptions



September 27th 2016 2nd Grade