Solar system

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The Mercury – pg1
Venus – pg 2
Earth -pg 3
Mars – pg 4
Jupiter-pg 5
Saturn- pg 6
Uranus- pg 7
Neptune- pg 8
Pluto-pg 9
Sun – pg 10

Mercury is the closest planet from the sun. And the smallest planet. It is also the shortest orbit around the sun.

Venus is 850 degrees Fahrenheit. Venus is the 2nd closest from the sun

Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.It is also sisters with Venus because of their size.

Mars can have a volcano the size of New Mexico! Also three times taller than Mount Everest.

Jupiter is a gas giant it is also the biggest gas giant. It is the biggest planet.

Saturn has multi colored rings. It is the second largest planet. It a has the biggest rings.

Uranus is very cold because it is the 2nd farthest from the sun.

Neptune is very windy. Storms on Neptune turn into black spots.

Pluto’s orbit around the sun is 250 earth years. Pluto is also known as a dwarf planet.

The song is the middle of the solar system. And it is 25,200,00 F. And the outside of it is 1,800,000

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