The Three Little Gallons and the Big Bad Mouth

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Once upon a time there were three little gallons. Their mom called them and said “Go out and build a house but watch out for the big bad mouth!!!!!

“Ok” said the gallons so they set off to build a house. First they saw a lion that had a barrel of cotton candy so the three gallons said “Can we have some of that cotton candy?” “Yes” said the lion. So they set off to build a house. The next
day the gallons were playing football and the big bad mouth came so they raced inside their house. Then the big bad mouth said “Little gallons little gallons let me in”. “No no no! not by the hair on my Chinny chin chins” said the pigs. “Then I will eat your house NUM NUM NUM !!!!!!!!!!!”

Only two gallons made it out. So they asked a giraffe for some milk. “Certainly”, said the giraffe so they built their house. The next day the gallons were playing tennis then the mouth
came so the gallons raced in their house then the mouth said, “Little gallons, little gallons let me in!”
“NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not by the hair on are chinny chin!” “So I will drink your house”. Only one gallon made it out so he went to ask a parrot that was carrying Mountain Dew. The gallon said, “Can we have that Mountain Dew.”
“Certainly“ said the parrot . So he built his house out of Mountain Dew . The next day the mouth came and said, “Let me in little gallon.”

“NO NO NO not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!!!!!!!!!”

“Then I will drink this all up”.SLURP!!!!!!

“Ew I’m leaving.”

Posted on May 29th 2018 in 3rd Grade, Writing

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