Signature Event

Every year in 5th grade we learn about a founding father of America or Israel. I was assigned an American Founding Father his name was James Madison. To learn about James Madison click on this video. 



James Madison – Blake 5th from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.


We also made a Monochromatic painting with tints and shades. A tint is when you add white to a color a shade is when you add black.


דם Dam

דם (Da-um)  Dam  (n.)


In parasha Va-era there was a plague of Blood (AKA Dam). G-D told Moses to tell Aaron to give Pharaoh a warning that the Nile’s water will turn to blood if Pharaoh did not let the Israelite’s go. But Pharaoh did not listen, so that meant that Aaron waved his staff over the Nile’s water. The water turned into blood in a matter of seconds. But Pharaoh’s magicians did the same but without the power of G-D. Also, they did it to a small bucket not a whole Nile. Pharaoh’s heart hardened to the sight of the bucket. So he didn’t let the Israelite’s  go; that meant that the plague had to last for 7 days witch afterwards set off a whole new plague. But that Is a whole different story… oh and in the mean time look at my photo.




צְפַרְדֵעַ Frogs

צְפַרְדֵעַ Frogs

Here we are again in pharaohs palace with Mosses and Aaron telling pharaoh to “Let my people go” but like always pharaoh said no. Then that left Aaron no choice he hit the ground with his staff. In a matter of seconds, frogs started leaping out of the Nile. The frogs covered wherever the Egyptians walked there were frogs. Smelly,Icky frogs. Pharaoh said that he would let the Israelite’s go! But once
G-D took away the frogs he changed his mind and did not let Moses people go.


Science Lab Rocket

We learned about Newton’s 3 Laws and Mrs.Jaffa wanted us to acquire our knowledge on those laws. If you don’t know about these laws click on this (Click Me) but most of you older viewers probably know the laws of: Inertia, Acceleration, and Reaction are.
Our class did a S.T.E.M (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activity.
First we watched a rocket launch click here to watch the video: (Click Me) The smoke shows where the force is getting applied (It’s getting applied at the bottom).
Afterwards we filled out a sheet in the science book. It had questions like “how could the weight of the materials you used affect the speed of your balloon Rocket?” Then we made a sketch of a balloon rocket. I made a balloon with a straw attached to the bottom of it.
Another step is to actually build the rocket which is self-explanatory.
The last step is to test your rocket. My rocket didn’t make it to the end of the track. I haven’t figured that out why yet. Maybe the air blasted out too fast or too slow


My Ushpizin Avraham

The holiday of sukkut is where you invite guests in a hut called a sukkah you sleep in a sukkah. My uspizin (guest(s) is Abraham a Jewish prophet. We hung up the picture in our school sukkah! I chose Abraham because he is my Hebrew name and he was a very nice person. We also used a three quater view to draw this. Abraham was born in Or’ Kasdim, His dad is Terrah,  He had two kids Itzchack and Yeishmuel. The mitzvah that we learned from Abraham was  Hachnasat Orchim which means inviting guests to your household.     


Sukkot-Etrog Battery

We made a Etrog battery in honor of Sukkot.

First we watched a video  (click on the word video)that showed us how to make a battery out of lemon. The video told us we had to roll the lemon/etrog to make the acid flow through the lemon, and then he said for us to stick a galvanized nail into it and then put a copper wire into it, then put a wire on the copper. Then put another piece of wire on the nail and attach the wire to the light bulb do the same for the wire.
After we watched the video we did it for ourselves.We used alligator clips instead of wire. We measured the volts first with a Volt meter.
The red bar went up slightly then the Science teacher, Mrs. Jaffa, suggested that we use a mini Volt Meter and the meter moved a lot. x

We also made a different things to do with etrogs. Here’s a link



My Digital Word Definitions

In library we worked on a digital notebook with all
of the words we learned
over the year. The topic was digital citizenship.
We went on Wixie and created slides
with definitions and a small illustrations. I think that
if I had more time I would have done
better. But I like my work over all. Its nice and I think that
I did the best I can.