On May 5, it was Yom Hashoah. Yom Hashoah is the day of remembrance for all the people that passed away during the Yom_Hashoah_candleHolocaust, especially the six million Jews that were killed. There are different parts to this day of the year. On the night before, we light a memorial candle that burns for twenty-four hours. We will usually light this candle when remembering a past family member, but many Jewish households do this for the Holocaust because we are remembering people that passed away. During the morning service, there are special additions. An example would be reading a paragraph added to the Amidah.

There were so many people that were killed in the Holocaust. Many of the people that were killed have no family left to mourn for them. That is why we remember the Holocaust and everybody who perished during it. People do many things other than the requirements to remember the Holocaust. For example, there are many museums, books, statues, movies, and groups that are solely made to remember the Holocaust.

I will always remember the Holocaust. One way that I remember the Holocaust was on my Bar Mitzvah. I had an empty chair on the Bimah with a talis laid on it. This represented a child that perished during the Holocaust and was never able to have a Bar Mitzvah. Another way I remembered the Holocaust was by going to a Holocaust museum with my family in New York. I wish that anything like the Holocaust will never happen again and hopefully Jews can live in peace.

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