Last week, our middle school went to Mt. Carmel, which is a senior living apartment building. At this building, there is a large Jewish population living there. Every year at around the time of Passover, we will go to Mt. Carmel and have a seder with some of the Jewish residents. We will partake in a delicious seder, talk with the elderly, and have fun.

Whenever we go there, we fulfill the mitzvah of Hiddur P’nai Zakin. This mitzvah is showing respect to the elderly. The reason we do this mitzvah is because the elderly built up the world that we live in today. We should show respect for all that they did before us. We not only go to Mt. Carmel to fulfill this mitzvah, but we go there to give them company. Many of the older people there are lonely and don’t get many visitors.  When they are visited by young kids, they become very happy. Also, some of the Jewish residents there do not speak English, and don’t know the prayers that we do for Passover. When we do the prayers there and encourage them to join, they will slowly learn the prayers and join by themselves. 

I always like doing this mitzvah when we go to the Coves, River Garden, and Mt. Carmel. It always makes me feel happy when I make other people, especially the elderly, happy and smile. I hope to do this sometime again on my own time. Happy Passover!

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