This week in Geometry, I learned about spheres and hemispheres. I learned specifically about the surface area and the volume of a sphere. To find the volume of a sphere, all you need is the length of the radius. The formula is V=4/3πr^3. In English, it says that the volume is equal to 4 over 3 times pi times the radius to the third power. The formula to find a 34654262hemisphere is very similar. It is just half of the formula. So instead of 4 over 3, it would be 2 over 3. To find the surface area of a sphere, the formula is S=4πr^2. In English, this says that the surface area is equal to 4 times pi times the radius to the second power. For a hemisphere, it would be half, so the 4 would be replaced by a 2. Here is an example. To find the surface area, you would square 4 to get 16. Then you would multiply 16 by pi which you would get 50.24. And finally, it would be 50.24 times 4, which would be 200.96. That is your answer. I hope you learned something.

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