For this week’s journal assignment, we are supposed to write about how we observe the mitzvah called Hiddur MitzvahHiddur Mitzvah is the mitzvah of beautifying other mitzvahs. This means doing more than what is required of this mitzvah. I observe Hiddur Mitzvah in many different ways. One special way, which I do every Saturday, is dressing elegantly for Shabbat services. I will usually wear a tailored suit and tie. I think of it as being respectful, since this is a very holy holiday. By wearing nice clothing to Shabbat, it makes the holiday feel even holier and more special to me.9242981484_fd6ba79fa6_o

I am not only well-dressed on Shabbat, but I also use very fancy utensils saved just for Shabbat. I have crystal candle holders and a very beautiful Kiddush cup. I will also make homemade challah. Making challah from scratch puts a twist into Shabbat. For Passover, we use a family haggadah because we have a big family celebration.

I think Hiddur Mitzvah is my favorite mitzvah. It makes every mitzvah more important and appealing to do. If I had a sukkah, I would observe Hiddur Mitzvah by decorating my sukkah with beautiful fruits and vegetables. My question for you is how do you observe Hiddur Mitzvah?

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