For this week in math class, I learned about angles of elevation and depression. The way these two angles are formed are from a horizontal dotted line and a line of sight from one object to another. In the image to the right, you see four angles, three dotted Untitled drawinglines, a flag, and a stick figure. The two solid black lines extending from the stick figure’s face are the lines of sight. The first line goes from the stick figure to the flag on the flagpole. The second line goes from the stick figure to the bottom of the flagpole. These lines intersect the dotted lines, and they form angles. All we have to do now is classify these angles as either angles of elevation or angles of depression. Angles of depression point downwards and angles of elevation point upwards. So, both angles 1 and 3 point downwards, so they would be considered angles of depression. Angles 2 and 4 point upward, so they would be angles of elevation. I hope you learned something.