For this week’s journal assignment, we are supposed to write a letter of consolation to the parents of Hadar Cohen. Hadar Cohen was a 19 year old Israeli soldier who was recently killed by terrorists near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. She died stopping these terrorists. Here is the letter of condolence I wrote to her parents. 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cohen,

My Hebrew teacher, Morah Eta, told our middle school at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School about a recent terrorist attack that occurred in Israel. She explained what happened and she also read us a letter that was written after the attack to your daughter from an Israeli author. When I heard about this, I was deeply saddened to hear another life was lost in an act of terror. I just wish these random acts of violence would stop.

Hearing of what actually happened during the attack, I can tell that your daughter was a valiant and brave soldier. She did what she was supposed to do, and more. She was a young woman who went up to three suspicious Palestinians, demanded their identification, and killed one of these terrible terrorists. Sadly, while defending her country, she was fatally shot. But, she stopped a much larger scale terrorist attack from happening and most likely saved many other people who were in the Old City at the time.

I am extremely sorry for what occurred to your daughter. She was a courageous soldier who used her wits to defend her country. She is not only a national hero in Israel, but a hero in many other places. I hope there will be more soldiers like her that will help defend the citizens of Israel. May your daughter continued to be remember as a hero and may she rest in peace.


Benjamin Chafetz