IMG_3338Last week, we finished reading the ever so popular book called To Kill A Mockingbird. Since we finished it, we have to do a series of reflections. The first reflection I did was this.

Make a CD of at least 6 songs that represent the themes/characters/events in the novel. Make a cover for the CD. Include a written explanation (in paragraph form) for each song you chose and the relationship to the novel. Explain how the lyrics are connected to the theme or event.

I made a CD with seven songs. The first song I used was One Day by Matisyahu. In the song One Day, Matisyahu is asking for world peace and for no one to say hurtful things. Boo Radley is asking for the same thing except for on a much smaller scale. He just does not want to be disturbed. Scout, Jem, and Dill don’t notice this. Heck Tate does notice this and insists that Bob Ewell’s death was an accident. One line in the song mentions Matisyahu praying all his life for peace. Boo Radley has been locked up most of his life inside his house very quietly and peacefully. Lyrics for the song.

The second song I used was You’ve Got To Be Taught by South Pacific. In the short song You’ve Got To Be Taught, South Pacific says that you should not hate the people your relatives hate. This is very similar to the Finch family because Atticus is teaching his kids to not hate. Also, the main idea of this song is about prejudice and this is a lot of what the book is about. It is also talking about how you should not hate people just because of the color of their skin. Lyrics for the song.

The third song I used was Hall of Fame by The Script ft. The song Hall of Fame seems like a person talking to another person and trying to encourage him or her. Boo Radley could be the person getting encouraged. He could be getting encourage to go out of his house and wrap a blanket around Scout. In the song, it says “do it for your people.” Boo did it for Scout and Jem by stabbing Bob Ewell because he was protecting the two children. Lyrics for the song. 

The fourth song I used was The Fool on the Hill by The Beatles. The song The Fool on the Hill talks about a man who can never be heard. This is kind of like Scout at the beginning of the book. She usually tries talking and voicing her opinions, but no adults ever listens to her. The song also says the fool on the hill has a “thousand voices talking perfectly loud.” Scout talks perfectly clearly and has good and useful information, but no one ever listens to her. Lyrics for the song.

The fifth song I used was Bring Me to Life by Daredevil ft. Evanescence. At the beginning of the book, my first impression of him was a big daredevil. This song is by a person named Daredevil. Also, one of parts says “bid my blood to run.” Jem Finch always wants to be energized and running and anything else like that. This also has to do with the title of song. Lyrics for the song.

The sixth song I used was Tom Robinson by Wide Mouth Mason. In the song Tom Robinson, the song obviously describes Tom Robinson. In the first verse of the song, it talks about how Mayella invites Tom Robinson inside her house. The song also mentions Atticus. The song says that even Atticus cannot save you now. It also says for Tom Robinson to run, which he did and that is the reason he was killed. Lyrics for the song.

The last song I used was Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley. The song Get Up, Stand Up  talks about standing up for your rights. Atticus stood up for the rights of a black man. It also says in the song to not give up the fight. Atticus did not give up in the fight against Bob Ewell, even though Atticus knew he was going to lose no matter how well he defended Tom Robinson. It also mentions in the song about you can not fool people all the time. Atticus knew that Mayella and Bob Ewell were lying and trying to fool the people and say that Tom Robinson abused Mayella. Lyrics for the song.