During my summer vacation, my family and I went on a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia. We stayed there for about 3 days at the luxurious Omni Hotel. It is adjoined to the CNN building. The places that we visited were the Coca Cola factory, the world’s largest aquarium, and we also went to Stone Mountain. My favorite place out of the three was the gigantic aquarium. One thing that I like about the aquarium is that it was fun and educational at the same time. They had many different sea creatures there, from razor fish to dolphins to even whale sharks. It was exciting and interesting to look and feel some of the fish, like sharks and stingrays. The aquarium taught me about prehistoric fish and the deep and dark ocean.

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This trip was scientific because it taught me about marine biology. It showed how the fish breathe through gills, how they digest their food, how they swim, and what part of the ocean they came from originally. I learned a little bit more about the different types of water. I learned more about brackish water (salt water and fresh water mixed together). I was taught more about fish behavior and what they eat. I also read more about acrylic (a type of plastic used in aquariums). I discovered that acrylic can hold back over 2,300,000 gallons of water. All in all, it was a great and educational trip.