My class just finished reading the book called the Night of the Burning. it was a very good book written by Linda Press Wulf. When we finished reading the book, we had different choices to choose from to do for a project. I chose to write a different ending to the story. Here is what I wrote.

The End of the Pain

Devorah was walking to school in the middle of the week. She was walking by herself because she left late due to an overload of homework. She saw up ahead on the opposite side of the road was a man. The reason this man scared Devorah was because he was holding a gun and wearing military clothing. She hid behind a nearby tree. She knew which army that person represented. That is one of the people who attacked them in Domachevo during the pogrom. She waited for him to pass and ran straight back home on a different path. She had to tell the Kagan’s quickly about what she saw.
When she got back home, only Mr. Kagan was home. Devorah told him about her encounter with the soldier.

“Are you sure that was a soldier that attacked your village?” he asked.

“I’m positive,” said Devorah.

Mr. Kagan immediately called his wife about Devorah’s encounter. She was concerned and came home immediately. She then reported this to the police department. The police said they will put up an investigation.
One week later, they caught the man and his comrades. He was accused of using a firearm without a license and murder. He was then tried and sentenced to capital punishment. The Kagans wanted more protection, so she sent Devorah to America. The Kagan family, including Devorah, asked if Naomi would like to come along. Naomi said yes. When they went to America, they were greeted by a social worker.

The social worker said, “Hi. My name is Theresa and I am your social worker. When you decided you wanted to move here, we looked for any relatives. Fortunately, we found one, a distant uncle who lives in Massachusetts. You will be living with him from now on.”

The social worker contacted their uncle and told him to expect the sisters. The sisters took another boat to Massachusetts and met their uncle at the dock there. Devorah and Naomi were so happy to meet their uncle and they knew in their hearts that their Mama and Papa would be happy for them.