In science class, we had to make our own creature. We drew our creature and fill out some questions matching the creatures characteristics. It also had to be alive. In my trial for Marty Martinson post, I wrote all seven requirements you had to have to be alive. To refresh your memory, they are right here. Move, Respire, Sensitive, Nutrients, Excrete, Reproduce, and Grow. The creature I made is part of a species called the Red Devil Squid. Here are the questions I had to answer.

1. How many cells does your creature have? Is it multicellular (has many cells) or unicellular (has only one cell)? It has about 82,600,000 cells.  It is multicellular.

2. How does your creature move? It moves with its tentacles.

3. What does your creature use to ingest (take in) its food? It ingests through its mouth.

4. How does your creature get rid of its waste? It gets rid of its waste through its pores.

5. How does your creature grow and develop?

  • How small does it start? It starts of at 2 meters tall

  • How tall does it get? It gets 6 meters tall

  • How much does it weigh? It weighs 504 kg

  • What and how many stages of development does it have? It has 3 stages: infant, middle age, fully grown.

6. How does your creature interact with its environment? It interacts with its environment by seeking cold water.

7. Does your creature reproduce sexually or asexually? It reproduces asexually.

8. Where does your creature get its energy from? It gets its energy from its food.

9. What does your creature eat and drink? It eats large marine life and mammals in water.

10. What does your creature breathe? It breathes salt water.

11. Where does your creature live? My creature lives in the deep Atlantic Ocean

12. Are there other creatures like yours? If so, how many? Do they live in groups (like a family) or do they live alone? Yes, there are other creatures like mine, there are about 1000 like them, and they hunt and live in groups.

13. What kind of temperature does your creature live in? It lives in very cold water.

I used Educreations to make my picture.