martianMarty Martinson was sent on a mission to Earth to bring back life forms from the planet. Marty stole a car from Earth and brought it back to Mars as an example of life on Earth. Marty is on trial because he did not bring back a life form from Earth. To prove that a car is not alive, all living organisms have these characteristics.

marsMy first reason, is that all living things can move on their own, whereas, cars cannot move on their own.  They only move when something else moves it. My second reason, is that anything that is alive is able to reproduce. Cars cannot become pregnant and give birth to other cars. My third reason, is all living things react to their environment. For example, when it gets cold, we shiver. Cars just stay still and do nothing. My fourth reason, is that all living things need nutrients. Cars do not need nutrients to stay alive. My fifth reason, is that all living things excrete waste. untitledCars do not excrete waste when they are not running. My sixth reason, is that all living things need to breathe. Cars do not need to breathe. My seventh reason, is that cars are not made up of cells. A car is made up of atoms and molecules, which are not alive. My last reason, is that all living things grow. Cars do not grow into bigger cars, they stay the same shape and size.

My closing argument is that a car is a non-living organism and therefore, Marty Martinson is guilty of not completing the task assigned to him by the Martian government.

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