As you remember, I wrote my post for my Jewish Studies artifact. I also had to do one for my Math and Language Arts. I have chosen both of my best work for them. But, I will be doing the math artifact first and following it would be my Language Arts artifact. Here is the artifact for math.

My math artifact is a math test which I took last month. The math test was about decimals. To be more exact, adding and subtracting decimals. As you see, I got a good grade. But, I also chose this as my best work for math because it taught me a new skill that I had a little trouble with. I am also proud of this because I took my time to show my work (I usually do not show my work). I am very happy because I was able to master this topic in math.

My goal for math class for the last semester is to double check my work. When I do, I have more of a chance to get all or more correct. Another goal is to show my work more often. I will try to do that because I can see where I made a mistake. I can practice on that more and conquer the subject. What are your goals for math class? Do not be shy to share your goals.