This shall be the last artifact on my blog I think. As I said in my math artifact blog post, I will follow up with this post. Remember, I am only doing my main subjects which are Language Arts, Jewish Studies, Math, and Social Studies. Math and Social Studies are one thing so I can choose from both of them. Lets get started. Here is the amazing Language Arts artifact.

story cube

The artifact I chose is my story cube planning sheet. A story cube is a cube that has certain information about the book. The information is the characters, setting, conflict, resolution, theme, and your favorite part of the book. The planning sheet just says what to write on the story cube. You write it down on the website and you print it out. It comes out in a net of a cube. You have to cut, fold, and tape. There you go, you have a story cube.

I chose my story cube planning sheet for my best work for Language Arts because it was one of my most important work for the semester in Language Arts. I actually planned out my work before I did it! I got an 100 which made my grade go upwards. I am very proud of this work.

Another goal for Language Arts in the last semester is to expand my vocabulary. It also ties into me reading higher leveled books. I am really good in spelling so I need to focus on more difficult spelling words. I also need to improve on my grammar. In particular, my tenses and commas. Do you know any websites that have advanced spelling words?