Finally, we have finished the third semester (or nine weeks). It is also time for our class to conduct the SLC’s (students led conference). I have written a blog post before about the SLC’s. We will be doing things a little bit different this time. We shall be using Haiku Deck. I also put pictures of my Haiku Deck in another post recently. It shows my strengths, my improvements, and how to achieve my goals. But we will still be doing some of the stuff we did last time. Of course, I had to choose one good piece of work from each main subject. This is my favorite piece of work for Jewish Studies.


You might not understand what it says because it is in Hebrew. So, I will tell you what it is about. I had to write about the Jewish holiday called Purim. We also had to incorporate  our Hebrew spelling and vocabulary words.

I think this is my best piece of work for Jewish Studies because it was my longest story I have ever written in Hebrew. I was able to use a lot of the spelling and vocabulary words. I was also able to write it fluently. Of course, I got a really good grade. That is why I think this is my best work.

Wait, I am not finished. Another piece of work that is really good is my Parsha. If you forgot my Parsha, click here. I am proud of this work because I was under a lot of pressure when I did it. I had just came back from Israel at 3:00 A.M. and I had jet lag. That is why I messed up on my Parsha video. But with all those crazy obstacles, I still did pretty well with an excellent grade. I accidentally misread the directions and did all of it in Hebrew. Apparently, I got extra credit for that. That is why I feel proud of this work. 

If you are wondering why these pictures are here, it is because I had to show pictures of my trip to Israel for my Parsha activity.


I have a new goal for each of my main subjects. My new goal for Jewish Studies is for me to speak Hebrew more to other people, not just in class. I am very excited to do the SLC’s for the third semester because I worked very hard and I cannot wait to show my work to my parents. Have you ever done a SLC in your school before? My Purim story was my favorite in all of my Hebrew journal. Have you ever written a story all in Hebrew? The trip to Israel was very exciting because I got to see all the historical sights there. Have you ever been to Israel, or a country in the Middle East?