Last Friday, we did not have school. Why did we not have school? We did not have school because we had S.L.C’s. S.L.C. stands for Student Lead Conference. A student lead conferences is a conference lead by student.The student presents his/her parents with samples of work from the last nine weeks. Here is my reflection on my own student led conference.

At the student lead conference, I showed my parents and teachers two samples of work from each subject. One piece of work was one that needed improvement and the other one was one of my best piece of work. I also showed my parents and teachers my goals for the next nine weeks and the teachers’ goals for me. I think things went smoothly in my conference because I did a lot of practice, thanks to the teachers. I could have shown my parents more work if my parents did not have so many questions to ask. That consumed most of my time.

One thing that could be improved in the student lead conference is the amount of time. We only had twenty minutes. I did not get enough time to go through all my stuff with my teacher and parents. I did not even get enough time to share all of my goals. I had to show my report card at home with my parents because of the limited time we had.

I think the best thing about this experience was me sharing my work face-to-face with my parents. Another thing I like about the conference was explaining to my parents what I did and why I did it instead of my teacher trying to do it for me. I really like SLC and I am looking forward for the next one.