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I’ll remember a lot of things about Fith Grade, but the one thing I’ll remember the most is my classmates.  I think of them as my family.  The funniest memory that happened this year was when I had to sign a contract.  I was signing the contract and my mom pointed out that I spelled my last name wrong.  The problem was that I wrote it in pen.  Another funny memory was when “Elmo” came.  One day Shoshana, Talya and I were walking down the stairs and then all of a sudden, Elmo came out of nowhere and started shaking a grogger!  We all screamed and scared our teacher to.

The schoolwork was okay, not great and not bad.  What I’ll remember most about my classmates is how they’re fun and nice.  What I’m going to miss the most is my teachers and classmates.  When I’m 56, I’ll remember everyone, even the teachers.  Since I’m not coming to my school next year, I have to thank Casey, Cayla, Sarah C., Ethan, Jake, Brianna, Justin, Lily, Shoshana, Rachel, Talya, Noah, Sarah S., Sydney, Mrs. Zavon, Morah Liat and everyone else that helped me make it through the year.

This is a sketch of me done by yours truly on the Ipad.                                    This is the video of Purim Elmo.


In my English class, we read a book called Surviving Jamestown.  There is one part in the book about how they snapped the birds’ neck to kill them and eat them.  My cartoon is about that.  When we read that part, most of us could imagine it and were freaking out.  You have to read the cartoon up and down.  Well, here it is…


My favorite school subject is math.  I can understand it and it will help me get a job in the future.  Also, my teacher switched my math group to Singapore Math.  Singapore Math uses short cuts to get through the problem.  It is hard to understand it sometimes, but I think that it is worth it than being on that same problem for two hours!

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  In his later years, he wanted to become a printer, that was when he moved to Philadelphia ( another colony ).  He luckily got the job he wanted.  He helped the Thirteen Colonies out with fires by starting the first volunteer fire department.  It really helps us out today. He is very important to American history because he invented electricity and he helped out with the Declaration of Independence.

He also separated us from England.  I think if Ben came out of his grave and see what technology is like today, he would say “I think the key and the lighting bolt helped over the years!”  He would would probably be proud of himself.  The invention that I think that he would like the most is the light bulbs.  I have went to Philadelphia many times and they have a whole museum for him.  It is very cool.

I got this pictures from Flickr…

I do these kinds of posts every time we get one hundred more because I feel that it encourages us.  It makes us feels proud when we know that our flag and dot is on the map.  I know that it encourages me to go on to other people’s blog and then when they look on it they will see that dot and they have at least one more person went on their blog.  They will be happy that you went on his/her’s blog. So, if you go to my very first post ( ), you can see what I ask of you to do.

My work in class is good, but my computer teacher and my English teacher wanted me to choose TWO pieces of work that I think are my BEST pieces of work I’ve done this year.  The first one is my work about Ellis Island.  I worked the whole entire night because my cousin went there and he saw my great grandfather’s name!  The second one is about matter,mass,volume and density.  It is about a boy named Billy and he doesn’t know what matter,mass,volume or what density is.



I see black and white,

I feel the soft grasses,

I hear the sweet cheers of the fans.

And though that I know that I did not score,

At least I know that I tried.



I made it!  I made it!

I hope my tears don’t show.

I’m  crying!  I’m  crying!

I finally know!

I hear the crowd shouting as I turn about to face the crowd.



Soft and fluffy,

Cute and sweet,

Oh how I wish I hahd a rhythm to this beat!


Other simalar poems are and

Today is Jake’s birthday and he is turning ten years old.  I’m very happy for him.  In school today, he brought in some doughnuts.  We had them during our snack in Hebrew.  If you want to see his website, scroll down until you see jakeg at the end and then when you click on it, there’s his blog!

Last week I was eating dinner when all of a sudden I screamed like mad!  My parents didn’t know what had just happend and they were very worried.  I said to them that I thought there was a stinkbug on me and that I killed it.  I was going for some corn (since it was dinnertime) and I saw it on the rim of the bowl.  I said it calmly this time and my dad took the bowl, flung it off and killed it.  He told me it was a tick.

This book’s name is called Emily the Strange.  The people who wrote this book are Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner.  Rob Reger and Buzz Parker are the ones who illistrated this book.  The genre has multiple genres but mystery and adventure really fit it well.  Some parts of this book  are fiction but most of it could really happen.  I will write she so I don’t give the name away though.

This book is about a girl who has lost her memory ( when you lose your memory, it is called amnesia).  She is trying to find her parents and her name.  She’s  finding many clues, and where she’s finding them is in a city called Blakrock.  The Main characters in this particular book are Schneider, Emily,  Raven, Umlat, Curls, Jakey, Earwig, 4 black cats, Emma, and Attikol. That’s a lot of people!  A quote in the book that she said was “I seem to like the number 13.”, so you will be seeing the number 13 in there a lot.  The theme of this story is her trying to gain her memory back.

I liked this book because it was kind of like a diary  and I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and that is like a diary too.  I guess you could just say that I like diary books.  I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries and adventures.  I would like to know if you like this book.  Please comment on this post!