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I’ll remember a lot of things about Fith Grade, but the one thing I’ll remember the most is my classmates.  I think of them as my family.  The funniest memory that happened this year was when I had to sign a contract.  I was signing the contract and my mom pointed out that I spelled my last name wrong.  The problem was that I wrote it in pen.  Another funny memory was when “Elmo” came.  One day Shoshana, Talya and I were walking down the stairs and then all of a sudden, Elmo came out of nowhere and started shaking a grogger!  We all screamed and scared our teacher to.

The schoolwork was okay, not great and not bad.  What I’ll remember most about my classmates is how they’re fun and nice.  What I’m going to miss the most is my teachers and classmates.  When I’m 56, I’ll remember everyone, even the teachers.  Since I’m not coming to my school next year, I have to thank Casey, Cayla, Sarah C., Ethan, Jake, Brianna, Justin, Lily, Shoshana, Rachel, Talya, Noah, Sarah S., Sydney, Mrs. Zavon, Morah Liat and everyone else that helped me make it through the year.

This is a sketch of me done by yours truly on the Ipad.                                    This is the video of Purim Elmo.


My trip to Savannah was okay because we to the places we could before it poured.  It was a bummer.  We all were looking forward to the synagogue.  I’ll explain what we did in order to you though (before the synagogue).

First we went to a little museum to learn about Savannah’s history in a small movie.  After the movie, I saw a TV screen above the costumer service and on that screen, I saw my cousin on the screen!  I got my mom over there but it was to late the picture vanished.  After that, we went into the museum part.  I saw a train in that museum and it was amazing!

Second, we went to the first baptist church for African Americans in Savannah.  There are five stories.  The fith story was the attic, the fourth story was the catwalk, and on the catwalk, there is the oldest organ in Georgia, and the benches on that floor had cursive Hebrew on the sides!.  The third story was the main floor and the second floor was a pretty cool part.  There was breathing holes in the floor to hide slaves.  The first floor was off limits because no one knows what’s down there, only archaeologists.

After, we had lunch in the square.  When we were done, we could walk around and buy things.  I got a twist toy that says “Savannah, Georgia”.  I also got a hand done flower from a man.  The man made it out of palm froms.

A little later,  We went to FT. Jackson.  We saw a cannon being fired!  Iit was so loud, it first makes a little crackel, that’s when I uncovered my ears and I wish I didn’t!  Everyone cheered.  I also still think I can’t hear the best!

After this we tried to go to the synagogue, but that failed.  Then when we were going home, it was hailing!

In my English class, we read a book called Surviving Jamestown.  There is one part in the book about how they snapped the birds’ neck to kill them and eat them.  My cartoon is about that.  When we read that part, most of us could imagine it and were freaking out.  You have to read the cartoon up and down.  Well, here it is…