Dear online journal,

This is the third day I have had cerebral palsy.  It has already been tough at school.  Kids keep teasing me about how my feet are crooked and how I am always going to have crutches until it wears off and how I gait.  Yesterday, I had to take the bus to a mall and my mom got out the wheelchair.  I saw one of the kids that tease me go on the same bus.

Luckily, they didn’t see me.  The driver asked me if I was handicapped and where I was going.  I did not like that he was minding my own business.  I still politely told him that I am handicapped and that I was going to a therapist.  When I got there, the therapist told me that my abdomen was bruised.  She also told me that I should get an artificial leg.  I hope I can go through this well!

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