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When I made these poems I was outside, so it gave me the feeling of nature. By the way, I made the background.

On March 22, 2018, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades all went on a field trip to Fort Caroline. Some things that I learned is that it takes a long time to load and shoot a matchlock musket, that pantaloons are really heavy, that Mayport was named after the river of May, that the river of May was named by Jean Ribault because he found it on May 1, 1562, and a lot more! My favorite part of the field trip was going to the gift shop because I got a bird call instrument thing that I could use to annoy my mom, my friends, and my cats. Overall, I liked the field trip, and would recommend it to others because it was really educational and fun.

I remember when I didn’t have my cats. When I was in the living room alone back then, I got pretty bored. Now, I have cats, and while I’m in the living room (or pretty much my whole house), they keep me company! That’s what gave me the idea that cats and dogs are like people. Cats and dogs are like people because they keep you company, they have many needs, and because they need to learn.

One reason that cats and dogs are like people, is because they keep you company. For example, pretend that you are in the family room watching tv, all alone, very bored. Now, think the same thing but with a cat and dog around. Better, right? They are always nice to have around, even though they sometimes do bad things; also, they are fun to watch, even when there are many people around. It’s really entertaining to see a cat have one goal and fail miserably, and it is funny to see a dog catch a ball and then fall into a wall; and finally, if you are ever lost or alone in the streets, and then you see a stray cat or dog, it would make you feel better and have some hope because you would think: If that cat / dog can live in the streets, I can too.

Another reason that cats and dogs are like people, is that they have many needs. In addition, they need food and drinks to live -like people- but some food and some drinks are bad for them, like how raw meat and alcoholic beverages are bad for people; also, they need tender loving care, so they feel safe with people, and so they will want to play with people. Without tender loving care, they would be afraid of everyone; and finally, they need to stay hydrated, because if they don’t, their mouths will start getting dry and they would eventually die. Some drinks are bad for some of them though, like dairy. They can’t have milk or pretty much anything dairy because it is hard for some of them to process.

Finally, another reason that cats and dogs are like people is that they need to learn. For instance, cats need to learn that the litter box is for disposing food that has been eaten, and that litter isn’t food, and dogs need to learn to not dispose on the carpet; also, they need to learn where they are allowed to go and where they aren’t, so they don’t get yelled at for being at a place where they shouldn’t; and finally, they need to learn what is a hazard and what is safe. For example, an open binder. If they step in the middle, the rings may close on their paw and really hurt it.

In conclusion, I think that cats and dogs are like people because, they keep you company, they have many needs, and they need to learn.

This week I learned that a privateer was someone who was hired by a country to attack and steal from other ships. Another thing I learned is that Blackbeard (real name: Edward Teach) put rope in his beard so he could light it when he saw another ship to make them feel scared. Additionally, one thing that I learned about pirates is that William Kidd was one of the few pirates that actually buried his treasure. The third thing that I learned about pirates is that Sir Francis Drake was hired by Queen Elizabeth in 1572. I think that the reason that there were multiple myths/legends about pirate life was because the subject “pirates” felt interesting to the makers of the myths and they made interesting stories about it so they get an audience.

One thing that I learned about pirate flags is that pirates hold multiple flags on most of their ships. Another thing that I learned about pirate flags is that there are ones that are not supposed to scare others and ones that are. Another thing that I learned about pirate flags is that not many ships didn’t have flags. The flag that I ,made was full of colors. That could lure some people to the ship because it was a nice and colorful flag but when they got to close, the pirates would change to the actual pirate flag to scare the ones lured by the colors.️


Ashton – The Adventures of Bob from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.


This is a story of a puny guy named Bob. He was 11 years old and
hadn’t yet learned how to read. He had a horrible life as an orphan in Jacksonville, Florida. Nobody at the orphanage ever played with him and everybody tried to steal his food.
After 1 month, he finally got adopted, but this just made his life much worse. His new parents yelled at him all of the time, slapped him if he didn’t do what they told him to do (even when he didn’t understand what to do), and they never let him do anything except: work hard on making wood decor, clean every inch of the house, eat mushroom soup, try to learn to read using flashcards and sounds that don’t help him at all, sleep for only 6 hours, and do the exact same thing again the next day. Once, he saw a big square with actions happening inside. Suddenly, the scene changed on the square to a person using a mini version of the square but it had buttons that had symbols on it. The person was having fun. Bob wanted the mini-square. Suddenly, his parents found him and put him right to bed.
After 1 month, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He ran off to Orlando and was forced to live in the woods and beg others for food. Every once in awhile someone gave him a little food, like a bag of chips.
After 1 year of begging, a very rich person named John, a male in his early 30’s, gave him $1000! Bob jumped up, took the $1000, ran around, and accidentally tripped on a branch. After he got back up, he thanked John and asked him for a way to contact him. He wanted a way to send him the money back if he got more money. John gave Bob a postcard with something called an email on it then left, but then Bob realized, he wouldn’t be able to read how much money each green paper sheet was worth!
He tried to learn how to read, but it was impossible to do that without somebody else. He started to ask others to teach him. He said that he would give $100 to whoever was able to teach him. Then, on the second day of asking, John came! He was able to teach Bob to read, so Bob gave him the $100, and John gave Bob a bag of chips, then left Bob alone in the woods.
Bob tried to open the bag of chips with all of the strength that he had (very little) but it was no use. That was when Bob realized, he was to weak and puny to open the bag! Then he offered $50 to whoever made him strong enough to open the bag.
Then, the very next day, John was back! He was able to make Bob as strong as he should have been at his age by making wooden weights. Bob gave him the $50 and John gave Bob directions to get to all of the places in the area.
Bob went and got some food from Publix (He got a free cookie!). On his way out, Bob saw an interesting store. He looked at the spot where the name would be, but all that was there was a picture of a white, bitten apple. He went inside and there were many devices, more than he had ever seen in one area! He found a really cool phone called an IPhone 8+. He had enough money to buy it, so he did.
After he got it, he set it up and made his own email. He had $150 left. He chose to say hi to John, (Texting while walking. He was lucky he didn’t trip.) then got some wood, nails, a hammer, and a power drill. When he got back, he made a small hut with a leaf bed.
When he woke up, he realized that his leaf bed was made out of poison ivy! He quickly (even though he is as strong as he should be, quickly for him is like jogging for a normal person) went and got some healing cream. When he got back, he realized that the cream had used the rest of his money except $1.07! But he didn’t care. He had enough things to live for now. But then he looked closely at the $1 green paper sheet he got as change, for absolutely no reason, and that was when he noticed, the background of the $1 sheet looked a bit different from the background of the 10 $100 sheets that John gave him! He slowly realized that the $1000 that John gave him was counterfeit!
He now knew that he couldn’t trust John anymore. He silently threatened him. He now had to hide forever in the woods so he wouldn’t be arrested for using counterfeit. He would block John on his phone. He would hide from John when he came to his area. He would do this, because John has now made him have to hide forever from everyone. He then tried to figure out a way for revenge… But then he fell asleep while figuring out something and had a horrible nightmare about John killing him with a pure gold very expensive pistol.
When he woke up, he completely forgot what he had been thinking about. He nearly left his base but then John came to visit. He ran and hid from John. He would not ever trust him again. When John left, he left $1000 more on the ground for Bob.
$1000 more counterfeit.
Bob took the counterfeit and nearly ripped it in half. He didn’t want to do that because he wanted John to see him do it. He then watched the news on his phone and for some reason, there was nothing about counterfeit. He didn’t know what to think about this, but he didn’t really care, because all that means is he can leave and get some things before he has to hide forever. He looked at the $1000 that he nearly had ripped in half and realized that he didn’t know if the background of a $100 green sheet would be the same background of a $1 green sheet.
He thought about keeping the sheets, because he didn’t know exactly if the $1000 was counterfeit at all. He then thought about getting one of those counterfeit markers that he heard of. He then went to Winn Dixie to ask to borrow a counterfeit marker.
He went to the nearest Winn Dixie and when he got there, he saw John. Not shopping, but working behind the counter. Bob didn’t want to upset John, and still didn’t completely trust him, but he was the only person that Bob saw that had the type of marker that he needed to borrow. Even worse, the store was closing in 12 minutes!
Bob didn’t know what to do. John was the only person who was still behind the counter. Should Bob go and ask him, or should he wait until the next day? While he was thinking, he fell asleep and was dragged outside by John when the store closed (Bob looked a little bit different than last time John saw him).
When Bob woke up, he looked at his phone. It was 3:00am. He got up and went back to his hut. When he got back, something felt different. Bob didn’t know what it was, so he just went back to his hut to sleep on solid wood…
When Bob woke up the next morning, his face was full of dirt. He was very confused about why that was, because he was sure that he went into his hut before going to sleep. He would worry about that later though. Right now, he has to go to Winn-Dixie.
When he got back to Winn-Dixie, he found that John was the only person who was currently at a counter. Bob quickly went over to the counter to ask for the marker so he could check if the money was counterfeit. John asked him if he was ok from the storm last night, and why he wanted to borrow it, but Bob didn’t listen. He just kept asking for the marker until John finally gave it to him.
When Bob got back, he checked the money. It drew a clear line. That was when he realized that he didn’t know how to use the pen. He tried to look it up on his phone, but it was dead! He didn’t know what to do. He had a charger, but there were no outlets nearby for him to use! He went to a library nearby so he could try to find an outlet there, but all of them were hard to find, and most of them were already being used.
When he finally found an outlet, it was 5:47pm. He charged his phone, looked up how to use the marker, and went back home.
When he got home, he realized that he was really connected with this area now. With his life now. He now knows that the money isn’t counterfeit, so he knows that he can use the money. He wanted to save the money for the $20,078 HIDevolution Asus ROG GX800VH-XS79K-HID3 18.4″ 4K IPS G-SYNC – i7-7820HK – Dual SLI GTX 1080 16G – 64G RAM – Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop that he found online.
The next day, Bob went to return the counterfeit marker and asked John for more money. John asked how much money that he wanted, and Bob responded that he needed $19,077 for what he wanted. John declined at first, but after Bob held up the line for 3 minutes, he made a deal with Bob. The deal was that Bob would be able to choose to either: clean his house, make wood decor, and take care of Lex John’s pet cat, for at least 3 hours a day. Then Bob gets $857.16 every day. Bob was ok with the deal, and asked to get started right away.
Bob went to the address that John gave him and knocked on the door. A woman who was in her 60’s answered. She asked who he was, so he responded that John had hired him to take care of the house. The woman let him in and introduced herself. Her name was Sara, and she was John’s mother. Bob got started with cleaning out Lex’s litter box. That took him about 10 minutes to do. He then refilled his food and water bowls. Lex quickly ran to the food right when he heard it being filled. Lex was a long haired, completely white cat with a green left eye and a blue right eye. Bob then cleaned the house. There was white fur everywhere and the house had 3 floors that he cleaned. After that, there was another round of cleaning the litter box and refilling the food. Then, he played with Lex for the remaining hour. He claimed the money from John, and did the same thing for 23 days.
After he got back from the 23rd day of work, he went online to buy the HIDevolution Asus ROG GX800VH-XS79K-HID3 18.4″ 4K IPS G-SYNC – i7-7820HK – Dual SLI GTX 1080 16G – 64G RAM – Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop. When it arrived, he opened it right away and set it up. He started to play and didn’t stop. He played so much that he forgot how tired he was. In fact, he was so tired that he fell asleep during a very rare event in the game he was currently playing and fell right into the poison ivy that happened to be right next to him.
The End (For Now)

1. Press the green flag.
2. Watch the rainbows of hanukkah!
3. When you get bored of watching this for 3 minutes, close the tab and do whatever you want.


This is a google doodle that i made using scratch.

I did his by adding code, as said before, with scratch. First, I selected the capitol G, added a few bits of code, and did the same with all of the other letters! Easy as that! If you are wondering about the flashing blue square in the corner, it was a mistake.


What I think i did well is that i figured out how to make the letters flash rainbows.


What I think I would do differently next time is that I would add more code and try changing how the letters look.


I am thankful for my family, because my family goes through the work to take care of me.
I am thankful for video games and tv because it is fun to play video games as well as watch tv to pass the time.
I am thankful for memes because when a meme is good and I see it, I feel good.
I’m thankful for food, because it keeps people alive.
I am thankful for illusions, because they usually satisfy me when I see them.
I am thankful for my cats, because they always keep me company while my mom and dad are both in their bedroom and I’m just playing in the family room.
I am thankful for having a good education because I really like learning new things.


In my Florida state seal, I have an orange tree because oranges are the Florida state fruit. I think that the reason the orange is the state fruit because it is very good and healthy.

I have a mockingbird in my Florida state seal because the mockingbird is the Florida state bird. I think that the mockingbird is the Florida state bird because they can copy other birds chirping and that means they can do many things that other birds can.

I included the sun in my Florida state seal because Florida is the Sunshine State. I think that Florida is known as the Sunshine State because Florida has a lot of sunshine every day.

I also have two orange blossoms in my Florida state seal because the orange blossom is the Florida state flower. I think that the orange blossom is the state flower because it is orange and the orange is the state fruit.

My Florida state seal has mountains as a background and a nice blue sky.