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In this book, I wrote about “How to Download an App”. To do this I wrote instructions on how to download an app, then took pictures to put on Book Creator, and finally I recorded what it said on the papers. I think I did well on writing about my topic and recording what it said. I think I could do better on figuring out what topic to write about. It took so long for me to figure out what topic to choose, and figuring out a lead to write this also took forever!


I think

I worked very hard on this book about the ocelot in the Amazon rainforest. I had to research books, databases, and websites. I took many notes in my organizer. I used those notes to make this book on Book Creator app.  I have also used Google Earth, to show where the Amazon rainforest is, and Popplet to make the diagram of the ocelot for this book. That is how I made this book. I feel like I did the writing best because I think I used a lot of detail. I feel like I could do better at the drawing.