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This week I learned that a privateer was someone who was hired by a country to attack and steal from other ships. Another thing I learned is that Blackbeard (real name: Edward Teach) put rope in his beard so he could light it when he saw another ship to make them feel scared. Additionally, one thing that I learned about pirates is that William Kidd was one of the few pirates that actually buried his treasure. The third thing that I learned about pirates is that Sir Francis Drake was hired by Queen Elizabeth in 1572. I think that the reason that there were multiple myths/legends about pirate life was because the subject “pirates” felt interesting to the makers of the myths and they made interesting stories about it so they get an audience.

One thing that I learned about pirate flags is that pirates hold multiple flags on most of their ships. Another thing that I learned about pirate flags is that there are ones that are not supposed to scare others and ones that are. Another thing that I learned about pirate flags is that not many ships didn’t have flags. The flag that I ,made was full of colors. That could lure some people to the ship because it was a nice and colorful flag but when they got to close, the pirates would change to the actual pirate flag to scare the ones lured by the colors.️


1. Press the green flag.
2. Watch the rainbows of hanukkah!
3. When you get bored of watching this for 3 minutes, close the tab and do whatever you want.


This is a google doodle that i made using scratch.

I did his by adding code, as said before, with scratch. First, I selected the capitol G, added a few bits of code, and did the same with all of the other letters! Easy as that! If you are wondering about the flashing blue square in the corner, it was a mistake.


What I think i did well is that i figured out how to make the letters flash rainbows.


What I think I would do differently next time is that I would add more code and try changing how the letters look.


I am thankful for my family, because my family goes through the work to take care of me.
I am thankful for video games and tv because it is fun to play video games as well as watch tv to pass the time.
I am thankful for memes because when a meme is good and I see it, I feel good.
I’m thankful for food, because it keeps people alive.
I am thankful for illusions, because they usually satisfy me when I see them.
I am thankful for my cats, because they always keep me company while my mom and dad are both in their bedroom and I’m just playing in the family room.
I am thankful for having a good education because I really like learning new things.


In my Florida state seal, I have an orange tree because oranges are the Florida state fruit. I think that the reason the orange is the state fruit because it is very good and healthy.

I have a mockingbird in my Florida state seal because the mockingbird is the Florida state bird. I think that the mockingbird is the Florida state bird because they can copy other birds chirping and that means they can do many things that other birds can.

I included the sun in my Florida state seal because Florida is the Sunshine State. I think that Florida is known as the Sunshine State because Florida has a lot of sunshine every day.

I also have two orange blossoms in my Florida state seal because the orange blossom is the Florida state flower. I think that the orange blossom is the state flower because it is orange and the orange is the state fruit.

My Florida state seal has mountains as a background and a nice blue sky.

Magical Cafe

Today we opened a cafe to learn how it feels to work at a cafe, to practice our math skills, and to donate money to the poor. I was a cashier with Andrew. As a cashier, we gave out the bills and gave correct change. This was really hard because you have to add the prices fast and give the correct amount of money back as the change. Also everyone worked together to make the food. Here is a list of the food we served: Banana Bread, Coffee Cake Blueberry Muffins, Breakfast Casseroles, Pancakes, Apple Walnut Greek Yogurt Dip, Fruit Salad, Tea, Coffee, and Orange Juice. After Everyone left, we got to try the food we made. I really loved the Banana Bread I had! I had A LOT of fun doing this activity. I learned that you need to go fast to give the bills because if there are a lot of people there will be a lot of bills needed to be given every second. I also learned that you must be very calm because if you get into a argument with someone, you must stay calm and explain. I now know to be very patient when I go to a restaurant!

Last week was Yom HaAtzmaut and I went to 6 different stations at school to learn about Jerusalem. My favorite station was the sports because I like running around and having fun. I played basketball and soccer and had a lot of fun. Yom HaAtzmaut is a celebration for Jerusalem’s birthday. I saved a falafel to eat at home. I also wrote a letter to put in the Kotel. I had a lot of fun during the celebration.

My mom and my favorite Parasha in Sefer Shemot is Yitro because it describes the 5th commandment which is to honor your mother and father. We think that one is important because a person who obeys their parents will learn how to serve in their community and in their job with respect. In other words, you will become a better person. You shouldn’t only obey your parents though, you should also be helpful to them. You should help them with things that they are doing without them needing to tell you.