Fairy Tale: The Three Little Benders

The Magical Cafe`

Hi I’m Andrew today may 19th 2017 my class did a cafe` for breakfast.

We had a hard time making everything but it was worth it.

No siblings could come because it was for parents only.

I had a fun time but sadly today we opening and closing day.


All the parents came there were 5 waiters 5 kitchen staff 2 hosts and 2 cashiers.

It was a fun experience we earned $255.20

I was a cashier and at first I was bored but then we started getting money.

We started at 8:30 and ended at around 9:30.

We served casseroles and banana bread muffins and yogurt and fruit and pancakes.

The drinks were water orange juice coffee.

The food was mostly made from scratch.


All the money we earned goes to tzedaka.

Yesterday we cooked everything and we had a fun time.

I wish we could keep it open.

I had a fun time and if you came I hope you did too.

It would be awesome if the magical cafe` could open somewhere else.

I learned it is very hard to run a restaurant and wen I go to a restaurant I will be patient.

I hope you came and I hope you had a magical day.

Yom HaAtzmaut 2017

On May 2nd it was Yom HaAtzmaut 2017 (aka Israel’s 69th birth day).

We celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut because in 1948 Israel became a state.

On May 2nd at school we went to 6 stations to learn about Jerusalem: music, library, PE, Food, the Kotel, and Art.

1st I went to Music and listened to Israeli songs.

2nd I went to the Library and learned about the old city.

3rd I went to PE and play soccer and basket ball.

4th I went to FOOD and had Falafel.

5th I went to the Kotel and leaned about the Kotel.

6th I went to Art and I made a beautiful window pane.

That is what I did for Yom HaAtzmaut.

My Favorite Parasha in the Book of Shemot is Parasha Bishalach

I like parasha bishalach because the Jews were freed from Egypt.

After  the Jews left Egypt they ran into the sea of reeds.

Then g-d split the sea. So now we don’t now what happend that g-d decided to split the sea.
the Jews were free from Pharaoh. But to what? wandering in the desert is what your life is gonna be for 40 years.

Vocabulary Notebook

opinon writing

Do you want to fly? I know as a kid you did. I know a way you could but it doesn’t exist. Zero gravity laser tag!


I think Zero gravity laser tag is much safer than regular laser tag, because in regular laser tag if you jump off a high part of the arena you would get hurt. However, in Zero gravity laser tag you would float.


I think Zero gravity laser tag would be a good way to spend free days because families, kids, and parents would love the no gravity in laser tag.

Kids would love the floating because when they are young they pretend they can fly. The no gravity will have fewer people hurt because they can float.


I think everyone will love Zero gravity laser tag. I think kids might get their faces out of a screen for a while. I think Zero gravity laser tag is a good idea. How about you?

יציאת מיצרים

Grumpy Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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