Cute Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Tiago Celestino from Bahia, Brazil – Fominha (3/5), CC BY 2.0,

Cute Little Monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Rob from Cambridge, MA –, CC BY 2.0,

It’s a Cutie

How to Make a iMovie

I made a how to report about making a movie on iMovie because I love iMovies.

I think others would enjoy making iMovies.

I wrote my ruff draft on lined paper then typed my final.

Then I uploaded it to Book Creator.

On Book Creator I recorded my self reading my how to report.

Then I uploaded my how to report to my blog.

I think I did my book great. I don’t think I could make my writing better.

I think a lot of people will take my advice and make iMoives.

But right now I hope you will make an iMovie.

Coding Space

My Awesome Autobiography in Hebrew

This is a Hebrew Autobiography about me I worked very hard. I had fun because I could say what food or drink I like. No one could say I was wrong. I customized my backround with legos. I hope you like it. This was FUN!!!!


Ocelot’s pride


I made a book about ocelots on the app Book Creator. First I researched with a book, website, and databases. Next I took notes in an organizer. Then I used an app called Popplet and made a diagram about ocelots. Then I used another app called Google Earth and found a picture of South America because that is where the Amazon rainforest is. Then I used the app Book Creator to make my book. I started with my cover then I made the rest of my pages. I added a Table of contents and introduction I had big headings. Next time I will have better spelling. This project was fun! I hope you liked it!

On Reading

Hebrew Reading- 2016

Andrew's Poetry