Disney is not the happiest place in the world

Were you ever excited to go to Disney world when you were younger? But when you are around 10 you are like I don’t really want to go, I’d rather play on my iPad or Xbox, or I’d rather be at my friends house or at a sleepover or something like that? Disney isn’t the happiest place on earth for anyone nine years old and up because everything is about love and friendship, there are only a few rides for older kids, and the food there is super unhealthy.

Everything is about love and friendship. Disney recently changed their castle show to a friendship faire show so younger kids learn to be nice to everyone. They don’t have any big things like Cinderella’s castle from any movies for older kids. I think if Disney wants more money they should make big things from older kid movies that they own (avatar is not owned by Disney). They make every princess and prince character smile all day long. They also have to stay in character if a kid is talking to them for an hour they can’t say your turn is up rudely. They would probably say politely, I think it’s the next kids turn now.

There a few rides for older kids. Disney world has so many rides you would think they have a bunch of them for older kids. They don’t! They have hundreds of rides for little kids, (like a carousel and the teacups) but not even a handful of rides for older kids (like roller coasters and rides that go high up than drop). They only have one or two rides that are for older kids per park. I think they need more. The giant structures that are in the park from movies are only from Disney little kids movies.

The food there is super unhealthy. The healthiest snack is either a hot pretzel with cheese dip or popcorn When you eat at their restaurants the most expensive restaurant is the healthiest. The healthy food (except at the expensive restaurant) tastes terrible.One time I was at Disney and we were were getting ice cream andI wanted ta doughnut Sundae and it comes with a warm glazed donut, warm apple compote, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a cherry, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips super unhealthy right.

In conclusion Disney isn’t the happiest place on earth for anyone 9 and up because, everything is about love and friendship, there are a few rides for older kids, and the food there is super unhealthy.

Fort Caroline filed trip

On March 22, 2018, the MJGDS 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes went to Fort Caroline National Memorial. I learned that the Timucua Indians are extinct, and I learned that the French took four full body bathes a year and the Timucua Indians took one-two full body baths a day! Something really surprising was that the river of may was named that because Jean ribault doced near that river and saw it then named it that because it was may 1st! America made a military base on the river of may they named the base Mayport because the name of the river!

My favorite part was seeing my friend, Sophia, in French clothing. The clothing was: a very heavy jacket, pantaloons, a leather canteen, and a gun powder sash. I liked it because it was very, very funny and I got to see what the French wore.

I thought the field trip was good. I learned a lot, I had some laughs, but most important part was I did it with all my school friends. I think it was a great experience and I would love to do it again with my other friends and my family.

I would recommend this place to anyone for a field trip because I learned a lot, and it was a great experience. I think if I could do this again I would. I would go again with all my friends and family. The only downside was I didn’t bring money for the gift shop I wish I did because there were some very good things in the gift shop.

Passover project: Moses and the burning bush

Passover project Moses and the burning bush from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

In Hebrew class I made a puppet video about Moses and the burning bush because we were learning about how the Jews became slaves in Egypt in parashat shmot.

Moses was in the desert as yitro’s shepard and saw one of his sheep leave so he went after the sheep and saw a bush on fire. He was confused because it did not burn down. God talks to moses and tells him to take off his shoes. God said to moses that he is the 1 and only god. God tells moses that the Jews are in Egypt, and he tells moses that the Egyptians are whipping the Jews so they work because they are slaves for pharaoh (who at the time was ramses 2).

I liked this project I had a fun time making puppets and background things. I liked doing the puppet video. I had help from Gabe and remy, they are both nice kids in my class. The reason I chose Moses and the burning bush is because I think is a very good part of the Passover story.


Some things I have learned about pirates are that pirates and usually don’t want to fight other pirates because, they could die because there are no doctors. And damage the treasure that they want. The sailors or pirates on the ship would not be able to tell the tale of that pirate captain to give him or her better reputation. Pirates were not all killers and thieves. Pirates tried to scare people so they would not have to fight other pirates. Not every person who sailed in a ship was a pirate. I always thought that pirates liked to fight other pirates, And I thought all pirates were bloodthirsty. I think the reason that there are so many theories about pirates are because the more that the pirate stories were told the more the pirate stories were changed, and maybe people made them more appropriate for little kids.

A few things I learned about pirate flags were that pirates would put up a fake flag that they thought was friendly to the sailors and when they got close enough to attack them they would put up a pirate flag and start attacking them. Some pirates made their own flags so that if people showed that flag that the captain made other people would know they were talking about that certain ship or pirate captain. All pirates had a flag no matter what it looks like. My flag had a sword to show that pirates use swords, and parrots because pirates sometimes wore them, and a ship because they sail in them.

My Hanukkah Google Doodle


1. press green flag in center

2. press space bar

3. watch the magic

4. press right arrow to stop the magic


In library in December I created a Google doodle.

I made my Google doodle on Scratch.  Scratch is a coding website. If I needed help on something I watched a video about it (on website scroll down to choose video topic).

What I think I did well was the magic ( you will know what the magic is if you follow the instructions at the top).

When I do a doodle again I will do more stuff. For example, I will my sprites (the letters) spin.  I will also make it a game.

I am thankful for…

I am thankful for me, and my family because I love them they make me happy I could not imagine living without them. I am happy that I can always rely on them.
I miss them when I go to Camp Ramah Darom in Clayton, Georgia. I am so happy that most of my family lives in Jacksonville some live in Chicago, Illinois and some in New York. I miss them and I love when I visit them or they visit me.

I am thankful for food and water if we did not have either of those we would die.
Food and water make me happy. I like when my family has a barbecue or another family invites us to a barbecue. I like meat and pizza. I love when I have meals with my friends. I wish Jacksonville had more kosher restaurants than just one.

I am thankful for iPads and Xbox because I can play with my friends and family.
I love when my friends come over and play together on our iPads or the Xbox.
I love when on weekends my brother and I play Star Wars Battlefront. I like to play Madden 17 with my dad on weekends. I want to play more games with my family and friends. I am always excited for the weekends or days where there are no school.

I have a lot more things I am thankful for but these are some of my top 10 I won’t list any more but there a lot I covered a lot by saying food and water. I get more and more things I am thankful for when I discover new things.


Have a happy thanksgiving

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My State Seal

For my state seal I chose 4 state symbols I will list them and explain about them.

#1 the Gator the official reptile of Florida
There are lots of alligators in Florida (so I would not recommend living near a swamp). We have a football team name the Florida Gators. Gators are in lots of places. Probably they are here because they are cold blooded.

#2 Oranges the official fruit of Florida
Oranges grow all around Florida people plant them in their yards.
They are on farms and in gardens. We can make orange juice
And not get scurvy. they are part of the citrus fruit.
Orange slices are delicious and nutritious and make a great snack.

#3 the Mockingbird the official bird of Florida

So I really don’t know why the chose the mockingbird for the state bird.
I believe the mockingbird is the state bird because there are a lot of mockingbirds in Florida. Don’t know why? I don’t really think I have seen a mockingbird so I don’t know what it looks like. I don’t know why they call it a mockingbird. Does it mock people?

#4 Myakka sand the official state soil of Florida

So same thing I don’t know why they chose this soil I guess there’s a lot of it in south Florida? I have never seen myakka sand, so I really don’t know what myakka sand looks like. There is literally like one thing I know about myakka sand and that is it’s the official state soil.

My state seal symbols

I chose the gator because I like gators. I put it in a swamp because that is a often place to find a gator. We have a football team named the Florida gators in Gainesville.
I chose oranges because I like oranges as a snack, and are the official state fruit.
I chose the mockingbird because I like birds and mockingbirds interest me since birds fly I drew it flying.
Myakka sand the state soil, that interests me a lot I’ve never seen myakka sand
But sounds interesting.
I took these symbols and mixed them up together and made my own state seal.

Fairy Tale: The Three Little Benders

The Magical Cafe`

Hi I’m Andrew today may 19th 2017 my class did a cafe` for breakfast.

We had a hard time making everything but it was worth it.

No siblings could come because it was for parents only.

I had a fun time but sadly today we opening and closing day.


All the parents came there were 5 waiters 5 kitchen staff 2 hosts and 2 cashiers.

It was a fun experience we earned $255.20

I was a cashier and at first I was bored but then we started getting money.

We started at 8:30 and ended at around 9:30.

We served casseroles and banana bread muffins and yogurt and fruit and pancakes.

The drinks were water orange juice coffee.

The food was mostly made from scratch.


All the money we earned goes to tzedaka.

Yesterday we cooked everything and we had a fun time.

I wish we could keep it open.

I had a fun time and if you came I hope you did too.

It would be awesome if the magical cafe` could open somewhere else.

I learned it is very hard to run a restaurant and wen I go to a restaurant I will be patient.

I hope you came and I hope you had a magical day.