Standard form v.s. Slope int. v.s. point slope

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Identify the slope and y-intercept of the line with the given equation


The slope is m

the y-intercept is b

Let’s say you have y=8x+4 the 8 is the slope (8=m) and the 4 is the y-intercept (4=b)

You try these


  1. y=14x+9
  2. y=12x-7
  3. y=15x + 1


  1. Answer: 14=m   9=b
  2. Answer: 12=m  -7=b
  3. Answer: 15=m   1=b



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Slope Intercept Form

Slope intercept form is shown like this: y=mx+b

Lets say I had m=2 and b=7

Fill it in like y=2x+7 in this equation the 2 is the slop and 7 is the y intercepts.

Now try this one: m=10 and b= 3

answer: y=10x+3

Find the slope and y intercept in this one: y=11x +6

Answer: Slope= 11    Y intercept= 6



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Spectacularly Sweet!

In Language Arts we all created a game with a part of speech that our teacher gave us. Before getting the part of speech for the game, we all researched a different part of speech. Austin and I got verbs. We got a poster and wrote everything you need to know about verbs. My job was looking up action verb, tenses, and helping verbs. Austin did linking verbs and the definition of a verb. When we all finished we presented. The action verbs and helping verbs weren’t hard, but the tenses were challenging. The present, past, and future tenses were confusing, but now it makes sense. I learned that present usually ends with an “ing”, past usually ends with an “ed”, and future usually starts with will before the verb. I’m glad I got verbs because I didn’t know about those before.

Later, we assigned the part of speech for our game creation. I got adverbs! My partner for this process was Julia, and she had adjectives. The first job we had to do was make sixteen questions for adverbs and adjectives. I made eight questions for adverbs and Julia did eight for adjectives. Then we came up with a game idea. I thought about the tv show The Wall and thought we could create that T.V. show. Julia wanted to make a board game, so we combined them. Then we had to think about a game name and theme. For the theme, I came up with candy. Then we needed to come up with a game name. Julia thought it would be cute to use an adverb and an adjective. I came up with the name Spectacularly Sweet! Then, I did the game pieces using Tinkercad so that they could be printed on our 3D printer. I had to measure each piece to make sure they would fit and squish into the places they needed to be. While I was doing this, Julia designed the board. When I was waiting for the pieces to be printed, I made the instructions. Then Julia printed out the questions and cut them. The last step was creating The Wall. I printed out pieces to be glued on it ahead of time. All I had to do was make the sides and put bags on the bottom for the balls to go into. After I finished hot gluing all the pieces on, we were done!

Once our game was finished we had to create the rules to play. First, pick a number where you want to drop the ball from. Then pick up a card and answer the question. If you get the question correct, then pick up a green ball and put it on top of  circular tube that you picked earlier and let go. If you get the question wrong, pick up the red ball and drop it from the top of the number on the wall that you picked before. The ball will fall into a bag with a number. That number will be how many steps your character will move. Then, move your piece on the board either forward, if it’s a green ball or backwards, if it’s a red ball that many spaces.  If it’s a green ball move it forward. If it’s a red ball move it backwards. The goal is to get to the end to save Kisses, our game mascot! The most difficult part of creating the game was figuring out the sizes that each piece had to be. I had to measure the board for The Wall, see how many pieces and how big they have to be, then test it out.  The easiest part was coming up with the name of the game. All we had to do was come up with a theme and base the name on it. My favorite part of creating the game was coming up with the game pieces, even though they were hard, it was still enjoyable. I liked coming up with the donuts and figuring out how to put sprinkles on them.

When I played the game I created, I thought it was fun. It didn’t always go the way I planned when I dropped the ball because it sometimes didn’t go in the bag. I realized since there is no cover in the front, it could easily bounce out. This incident occurred every so often but not all the time. I also saw that the ball got stuck between the game piece and the edge of the wall. I didn’t like that there wasn’t a lot of pieces for the balls to go bounce off of. If I could change something about my game, I would put more game pieces on the board of The Wall. I would also make them smaller so they can be closer together and have more options to fall through.

I believe this game is the best for middle school students because you learn the answer to  the questions in middle school. I feel like not a lot of fifth graders know about quantitative adjectives and manner adverbs.  I think the questions for the game are advanced because it’s going into deeper meanings of adjectives and adverbs. In elementary school your learn what an adjective and adverb is, but in middle school you learn about them more in depth.

I think this is a reasonable project because you receive a deeper understanding of your part of speech and other parts of speech when playing the classmate’s games. It also teaches partnership and how to solve problems. On Tinkercad I had to test game pieces multiple times to make sure they were the size I wanted. It also teaches you to think about the problem ahead of time and then figure out how you can make it possible. It can also be helpful for middle school students to learn about adjective and adverbs and have fun at the same time! In conclusion, I enjoyed creating this game and learning more about adjectives and adverbs.


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*The x-axis and the y-axis divide four squares in a graph. Those four squares are called quadrants.


lets say you have the coordinate (1,1)

First find it on your graph

Then find what quadrant it’s in.

The answer is… Quadrant 1

Try this one.

You have the coordinate (-2,-5) What quadrant is it in?

Answer… The coordinate (-2,-5) is in quadrant 3

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Finding the square root

To find the square root of a number you have to fine the y x y= square root

Ex. what is the square root of 16

Let’s see what does 3 x 3=? 9

Let’s go up one more

what does 4 x 4=?  16

that means 4 is the square root of 16

What if the question was… What is the square root of -16

then the answer would be… -4 is the square root of -16

What if the question was… What is the square root of -/+ 81

1st: find the square root.

9 x 9=81

Now look at the sign before it.  *If it has nothing then its positive. If it has a negative then it’s negative. If it has both then its both.

The square root of -/+ 81 are -9 and 9

Try these:

  1. What is the square root of 144
  2. What is the square root of -225
  3. What is the square root of -/+ 49


  1. The square root of 144 is 12
  2. The square root of -225 is -15
  3. The square root of -/+ 49 are -7 and 7
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During Yom Kippur you are meant to request for forgiveness. You also try to forgive others when they ask for it. Some people believe that it’s harder to forgive, others think it’s harder to ask. I personally think it’s harder to ask for forgiveness because you have to admit you were wrong and what you did. Also, what if the other person isn’t ready to forgive you? Then it’s just awkward. Although, if you don’t ask for forgiveness and not mean it you will feel really bad. I hope that everyone thinks about this as much as I did. Then, next time someone asks you for forgiveness you will remember how hard it was for them.


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Fill in X

When you see X=2, it means x can be replaced with two. or two can be replaced with x.

Example one:

3+x when x=2

Replace x with 2.




Example two:

10/x when x=5

Replace x with 5




Try these:

15x when x=4


16/x when x=8



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Days of Repentance

The Days of Repentance are the ten days in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. During this time we should be focus on prayers, giving to others, and asking for forgiveness. Although you should be doing it year round, some people don’t. This is the set time to do it.

Teshuvah -תשובה means asking for forgiveness. I ask for forgiveness all the time. When I do something wrong I say sorry and then I try not to do it again. During the Days of Repentance I think about everything I ever did to someone during that year and apologies. As well, some people through bread in a lake or river symbolizing everything they have done wrong is being thrown away.

Tefillah – תפילה means prayers. I pray to g-d that everyone will except my apologies I pray that g-d will except my apologies. I pray that my family and friends will all be healthy. I pray that I will have a sweet new year. I hope that I will become closer with g-d the upcoming year.

Tzedakah – צדקה means helping others who need it. Along with every other day you are supposed to give food to people less fortunate. You should let others have a good start to the new year. The slightest gift of kindness can do the trick. When I leave Publix I always say “have a nice day” to the cashier and bagger. It’s that simple.

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After Irma

After Irma we realize how fortunate we all are. Watching footage from South Florida with roofs off houses makes you wonder what you can do. At least it made me think about that. What I want to do is a dress down day fundraiser at school. Everyone who wants to dress down has to bring in a $1 for survivors of Irma! Another thing we could do is have a jar of marbles and people pay a $1 to guess how many are in it. They would write down their name, grade, and guess on a sheet of paper; then at the next assembly we would announce the winner. That grade can get a pajama day. I hope we can help as many people as we can.


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Fighting Harvey

After Harvey destroyed Houston, Texas a few days ago, we wanted to donate diapers and other things for them.


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300 Bags of Food

Last Friday was the first mitzvah trip of the year! To kick it off the middle school packed 300 bagged meals for Brentwood Elementary. Most of the students at Brentwood Elementary have low income, so when they go home for the weekend some might not have food to eat.  In each bag there was a juice box, cheese-its, welches, bars, uncrustables, and pudding.

ואכלת ושבעת וברכת את י״ אלוקיך You shall eat and be satisfied and bless the lord your god. This mitzvah is Mazon, feeding the hungry. By giving food to children who are hungry we fulfilled this mitzvah. We also did  the mitzvah גמילות חסדים which means acts of kindness. We did an act of kindness by bringing food to people who are less fortunate.

After we packed the bags we got in the cars and drove to Brentwood Elementary. When we got there we unloaded and walked inside. A teacher told us that the building was 101 years old! We went to all the classrooms and passed out the bags. They were all smiling and all looked so excited! One of them opened the bag and then said, “Ooh cheese-its I like that. Ooh pudding I love that!” It made me feel good when I knew they would have something good to eat over the weekend.


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Just Swinging Around

This summer I went to Camp Ramah Darom.  I went camping and hiked 9 miles in 2 days. We had to make a fire which needs oxygen to survive.  That’s just one of the things I did scientific this summer there are so many more. Here is another.

I went on a swing. This swing is scientific because the rope uses force to pull you to the highest point. Why do people have to pull a rope to get you to the top? The reason is because gravity will suck you down. How else will you get up there? When you are at the top everyone let go of the rope causing you to swing back and forth. When you are not swinging fast and at the lowest point a person slows you down with your feet to stop you.

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The Crown

The Crown By: Kiera Cass

The Crown is the last book in the selection series. 

This book is about the selection for Eadlyn. A selection is when thirty-five suitors go into the palace. The Princess, Eadlyn, forms a relationship with them and in the end picks one to be her husband. At first Eadlyn didn’t want to have a selection because she didn’t think it would work for her. Her dad said to give it time. 

Her mom has a heart attack when Eadlyn’s twin brother, Ahren, elopes with Princess Camille of France. King Maxon takes time off to be with his wife while she recovers. Which puts all his work on Eadlyn. Now, Eadlyn has to juggle the weight of the selection, her fathers work, and process of making the country like her.

I recommend this book to people who like romance.

I rate this book 4 out of 5

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The United States Should Allow Muslims to Enter the Country


The United States Should Allow Muslims to Enter the Country


Imagine you were a Muslim trying to get into the US. After a lot of travel you, finally touch ground, and they turn you around because of the country you came from. This ban is not constitutional, due to it being racist and not right. Most people think that every person in the Muslim religion is a bad person, but that’s not true. Although, there are criminals in all race and religion, the majority of them are nice. I believe that citizens from all countries should be allowed to come into the US regardless of their race or religion.

First of all, the ban on several countries does not have any merit.  The Department of Homeland Security stated that they have not found any evidence that people from the banned countries are dangerous (Singhvi). Donald Trump also thought he could get away without going through Congress. He is acting like a dictator and that is not how this country works ( Hamilton).

“The only good Muslims are most Muslims… The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace-loving, hospitable people” (“Are Most Muslims Terrorists?”).  Secondly, most Muslims aren’t bad people, but everyone seems not to look at the good things they do, they  just look at the bad. For example, the Muslims raised money for the Jewish cemetery that other people from their religion destroyed. Muslims also raised money for the Detroit Water Fund when they didn’t have good drinking water (“Year in Review”). There are many bad stories you can hear about every religion. But, if you look harder you can find a lot more nice stories.

Another reason is that Muslims aren’t a big hazard. No terrorists from the banned countries has had a deadly attack in the US. Also, Libyans or Syrians haven’t even been found guilty for planning an attack (Singhvi).

Some people think that we shouldn’t let anyone from these countries in because we shouldn’t take the risk. Everyone who wants to live in the US comes here for a reason, a lot of the time it is for freedom. If we send someone back from where they came from, they might be put in danger. Remember, during the Holocaust, German Jews were not allowed to enter the US because people thought that they could have been Nazi spies (Bier). We as the US should step out of our comfort zones and let in everyone all around the world.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Third of all, when you think of Muslims, what do you think about? Most people think about ISIS.

“I am a Muslim but ISIS does not represent me or my religion.”

– Mohamed Zeyara

This quote helps us to realize that ISIS doesn’t define the whole Muslim religion. As you can see, this ban is not right because it goes against the law. This ban focuses on Muslim countries but, Muslims aren’t a big hazard and not all of them are bad. For all those reasons, I think we should let people from every country be allowed to become a citizen of the US.





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Adding a Ceremonial Thing to the Passover Seder

If I could add something to the passover seder it would be to try to make matzah.  I always ask myself why do we eat things to symbolize what our ancestors went through? Shouldn’t we partake in them and feel what they felt back then? During the matzah making you have to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly within eighteen minutes of cleaning each utensil. Also right when the flour touches the water the eighteen minutes starts again until it is in the oven. You have to make sure that all this happens or else it won’t be kosher and you can’t eat your own matzah during the passover seder. Even though back then they probably didn’t know about the eighteen minute rule they were still rushed and that’s how you should feel making it.  

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The Leap Between Elementary School to Middle School

In language arts class we had to write an expository essay. We had two options; write about the changes from elementary school to middle school or write about a famous person who has passed away that we wished we could meet. I chose to write about the changes through middle school. I wrote about three different topics that I thought helped me when I went into middle school.

The transition is hard when you change from elementary school to middle school. August of 2015, I began middle school as a confused eleven year old. In elementary school you stay in the same class with the same teacher, but in middle school you change classes a lot! You have to be much better at changing classes, managing your time, and staying organized.

During middle school you change classes a lot! That means that you have to remember your schedule. It’s very annoying, having to look at a sheet of paper to let you know where you are going next. Therefore, you have to take time out of your day to look the schedule over so that you can memorize it. You also have to learn to pack up faster. In elementary school you only had to pack up twice a day, in middle school we have at least seven classes a day. You have to make sure you pack up fast so you have time to go to your locker. When you are at your locker, you have to remember what classes you are about to go to and when the next best time is to go to your locker. Depending on the order of your classes, you might only be able to go to your locker twice a day. It’s a lot more difficult than being in one class for the day.

Being more proactive is crucial for middle school students. Since you have more homework, you have to plan your afternoon. I write down my schedule to let me know what I should do next. You also find a lot of time that you aren’t doing anything during the day that you can get some homework done. Sometimes I do homework while waiting for the teacher to get settled or when she isn’t in her classroom. Doing homework on the car ride home is a way to be more proactive too. It takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to get home, so I can at least get a few assignments completed. As you can see, you can find a lot of time during the day to get homework completed.

You need to stay organized in middle school so you don’t lose anything. You need to make sure you don’t leave anything at home. I write everything down on a sticky note I take out of my backpack and check it off once I put it back in.  In class we have binders; we need to make sure our binders are neat so we can easily find what we need from them. I keep different folders in my bag for different papers. For example, I have different folders for different assignments. One of my folders is for things I need to get signed, while another is for things I need to study. As you can see, staying organized is a big part of getting through middle school.
As you can tell middle school has been a big change in my life. Currently, I am about to end my seventh grade year and am looking forward to ending my journey in middle school. After learning to change classes a lot, learning how to manage my time, and how to stay organized, middle school has been much easier.

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Mishloach Manot Delivery

Saturday night and Sunday was Purim. On Friday I fulfilled one of the many mitzvot. The one I did was delivering Mishloach Manot. We went to different houses on Friday and delivered the baskets to adults and children. Some people think Purim is a kid holiday and it’s not. When we delivered the Mishloach Manot baskets we put a smile on their faces. Adults enjoy reading and listening to the Megillah. They also take part in a Purim feast. Parents also enjoy making and eating tasty hamantaschen. Some adults also enjoy dressing up in crazy costumes. Also the day before Purim it is tradition to fast. The only people obligated to fast are bat/bar mitzvah aged people. 

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Late Tu B’Shvat planting

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Help the Less Fortunate at Least Once a Week

This weeks parasha is Yitro. In Yitro we read the ten commandments. Their are three times we read the ten commandments in services every year Yitro, Vaetchanan, and the second day of Shavout. If I could add an eleventh commandment it would give food to the less fortunate at least once a week. If everyone did this than we wouldn’t have anyone in extreme starvation. Although this isn’t a real commandment I hope that everyone fulfills it any ways.



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Hey, Little Ant is an example of צער בעלי חיים

In Mitzvot class we are learning about צער בעלי חיים- the ethical treatment of animals. We read the book Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose. The book is about a boy who wants to crush an ant. The boy says why he should crush the ant, and the ant comes back saying that he has the same life as humans.

This book relates to the verse “פותח את ידך ומשביע לכל חי רצון (Open your hands and treat all living things with kindness,)” because the boy has a chance to protect the ant. The book ends by saying “Should the ant get squished? Should the ant go free? It’s up to the kid, not up to me. We’ll leave the kid with the raised-up shoe. What do you think that kid should do?” I think the kid should move his foot away. We learn to treat animals with the same respect we want to be treated from צער בעלי חיים- The ethical treatment of animals.This would be an great book to teach kids what צער בעלי חיים.


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Tu B’Shevat

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Tu B’Shvat

Next Saturday, February eleventh, is the celebration of trees, Tu B’Shvat. This day is when we think about things that we usually don’t pay attention to. A big environmental issue is using to much oil. Trump said yes to putting a pipe line through an area that is going to deliver oil from one place to another. The issues are oil is something we are trying to not use a lot of because it is bad for the planet. I hope that on Saturday you take a moment to think about all the recourses that trees grants us.



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Hardage Giddeons Funeral Home

In mitzvot class we have been learning about death and burial. This Friday we visited Hardage Giddeons Funeral Home. Hardage Giddeons Funeral Home is a place that does the most jewish funerals because they have all the qualities that jews need to have a jewish funeral. The biggest thing that I learned about was the process of the טהרה/ taharah to purify. The Taharah process is when three to four people of the same sex as the person who passed away, prepares the body for burial.

The thing that surprised me was the taharah room. There was a window in the taharah room. I felt like even though there was a blind covering the window there could suddenly be wind and the blinds could fall off. I think it is a good idea to visit a funeral home before someone dies so when you are an onen (immediate relative of the person who passed away and also they make the arrangements for the funeral) you won’t be totally oblivious of what is going to happen to your loved one.


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Martin Luther Kind Day!!!

Below is a quote that Martin Luther King Jr. said.

“The time is always right to do what is right”. This quote means that any time of the day you should do the right thing. Any date anywhere is when you should stand up for what you believe in. 

January 16th was Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Jr. made his most famous “I have a dream” speech on August 28, 1963. He made the speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Once a year (always on a Monday) we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day to remember what he did for our country. I asked myself, why is it celebrated in January? The answer to that question is because his birthday is January 15th.

“Martin Luther King, Jr..” Xplore Inc, 2017. 13 January 2017.


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Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family and other people hid underneath where her dad used to work. Anne Frank was in hiding for two years during the holocaust. For Anne’s birthday she got a journal from her dad. While they were in hiding Anne wrote about her experiences and thoughts.


The quote below says “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”- Anne Frank. I think this is really important because when she wrote that quote it was the time when she was in the holocaust. It was a devastating but she still thought everyone was still good people somewhere in their bodies. 

If I could ask one question to Anne Frank it would be how did you feel when the Nazis found you and your group? I would ask this question because I want to know more about everyone’s emotions during the holocaust. Everyone says it was probably the worst thing you could imagine, which that is probably true, but I want to know everything I can so I can pass it down from generation to generation, מדור לדור. We need to tell everyone so it will never happen again


Anne Frank wrote: “Will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer? I hope so, oh, I hope so very much, because writing allows me to record everything, all my thoughts, ideals and fantasies.” (April 5, 1944). If she had stayed alive through the holocaust, I think that the words she wrote on paper would feel a little bit scary to her. Even though she was in the story she needs time to heal.


Anne Frank was locked inside of the Annex with her family and four other people for over two years. The Annex wasn’t big at all so they had no privacy. She wrote this quote on October 29, 1943: “All the bickering, tears, and nervous tension have become such a stress and strain that I fall into my bed at night crying and thanking my lucky stars that I have half an hour to myself.” If I had no space or privacy for over two years I would feel humiliated, because sometimes I feel claustrophobic and start going crazy in my head. If I was Anne I would try to remove myself out of the tight spaces without actually going out of the Annex by writing in my journal.

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What is my name?

Last week we read the parasha Vayetze. In this parasha the mothers are very specific with the naming of their children, with each name having a meaning.

Bracha chaya=blessing of life

My Zaidas dad (my great grandfather) chaim -means life

Mothers grandfather (my great grandfather- Barnard)

Mom came up with it- Allie

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Purchasing Turkeys and Other Food For Thanksgiving Baskets

For our Mitzvah Trip on Friday, we went to grocery stores to buy turkeys and other food for Thanksgiving baskets. My group went to Publix, but some groups went to Winn Dixie. We bought about fifty turkeys and some canned goods and pasta. We realized that we should go to Publix since turkeys cost 59 cents per pound, so it saved us around 50 dollars. The down side was that it was only 2 turkeys per household. When my group went to a different Publix then the other groups, they only allowed us to buy 8 turkeys with the sale price, even thought we were going to donate them. I was in my mom’s car with three other people, but because there were “four households” and it was two per house, we could only get eight, not ten.

In Pirke Avot we are taught to not separate ourselves from the community. Since we get to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy good food, we also want the poor people that live among us to enjoy Thanksgiving as well. By buying turkeys for about fifty families (or more), those fifty families can have a similar experience to us. On Monday, November 21, we delivering those turkeys to families.

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In the last sequel of the Divergent series in every chapter Tris and Tobias (Four) share their point of view of what is happening. In this book Tobias, Tris, Christina, Cara, Uriah, Tori, Peter, and Caleb set off to find out what’s over the wall that has trapped them in for all of their lives. But first, Tris frees her brother Caleb before he is executed. Tris and some of the others don’t forgive him yet.

In the middle of their journey over the wall Tori is shot to her death by a factionless woman.

They arrive at the bureau of genetic welfare. They are a US government that is behind the faction system. David the leader gives Tris Natalie’s (her mother) journal. They unravel discoveries from her past and they all go through amazing adventures. Can they all get out alive?




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Katz for Keeps

Last Friday the mitzvah trip I went to was Katz for Keeps. This place brings in sick and homeless cats. They repair the cats mentally and health. This organization wants to make sure that these cats get a healthy and love able life and home. Most of the cats that they have received have lived outside away from humans. The cats need to be friendly with humans, that were we come involved. We play with the cats and kittens so they can become more familiar with humans.
I fulfilled the mitzvah of צער בעלי חיים. This means to help animals in need. Continue reading

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The Crminal Hero

The Criminal Hero
October 31, 1967 | By Allie

Johnny Cade, Ponyboy Curtis and Dallas Winston are named saviors after they saved five kids in a church fire. This church was on a hill in Windrixville, Oklahoma. One witness Jerry Wood said, “When the boys found out that there were kids in the church, Cade and Curtis charged for the window to get them out. A minute later, Winston jumped in.”
Sarah, one of the kids, said, “When I was in the the fire I was terrified. Then, a boy jumped in the window and ran to us. Before I knew it, he was picking me up and throwing me out of the window.” At the scene, Willy told our reporters that she was outside sitting next to Jerry when the church started spitting out flames.
The reporters asked Jerry to talk about what Curtis told him in the ambulance. He said, “Ponyboy told me his background, that he was a greaser, and that Johnny killed Bob, a soc, because Bob was drowning Ponyboy. Then he said that they went to the church to hide from the police and that he thinks that he started the fire by smoking in the church. I thought and still think that those boys are heros sent from heaven.”

This is a developing story we will report back right away when we receive any new information

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The Day After

The Day After

     I’m watching a show while I am petting my blondish white maltipoo. He’s curled up on my lap with his head laying on my chest. His name is sugar. He means the world to me. I love him almost as much as my mom.  My dad died last year from a car crash. It was a hit and run. My mom was never the same since. My mom is in the kitchen preparing lunch with a frown on her face. It probably froze like that because it has been on her face ever since that tragic day.. Even when I make a joke and she laughs it’s still there. Well I want to stop talking about her this whole thing makes me really sad.

     All of the sudden my dogs head pops up when the tv makes this odd noise.

“Swoosh” “beep” “bop.” “Reporting news, the weather we have been encountering has been beautiful, but it’s not going to last for long.” I yelled for my mom so she could listen to what the weather man was saying.

     “Hurricane Katrina changed course from Florida to Louisiana. Reporter say that Katrina will hit Louisiana tomorrow. Everybody start preparing for the most horrible hurricane to hit.” Then the tv goes blank.


     She stroked my cheek gingerly and said. “Everything will be ok, let’s go to the store and get what we need for the storm.” When we arrive so many people are already packed inside. My friend, Sadie is with her dad trying to get in. When we catch up to them my mom and her dad start talking. “We decided to split up the list because we are getting the same things. Sadie and you girls go together and we will go together.

    First we go to the flashlight and battery section. A million people are packing up on everything they find. We squish and squeeze through the crowd. Finally, we come upon the last two flashlights we grab them both. Then, everyone went wild.

Chapter Two

     Everyone was running for the door Sadie and I still not knowing what was happening. Once we got out I had two things on my mind, one what happened and two where is my mom. Sadie and I ran up to someone who looked familiar and I asked, “What happened”

     She said like she was drunk, “There you are your mom turned around in the fire looking for you.”

     Sadie and I then started running looking for my mom and her dad. Then two people walking like a toddler came out of the fire, it was them. They looked like zombies walking slowly with ripped clothes.  We ran to them and they hugged us. Afterwards the doctors checked them out and he said that they were fine. They had a few burns so he gave them both burn cream. Then they let us go home. We drove home in silence. When we arrived home we took the few things that we got from the store.

    When we got home I helped my mom get ready for the storm then I went up to my room to sleep. I was exhausted from the day that laid behind me. Then I fell asleep.

Chapter Three

     I woke up from my dog barking at the door. There was a note on the fridge it said. Goodmorning sunshine. I’m going out to the store to get food before the worst part of the storm comes.

    I never saw her again. I was alone with the worse part of the storm coming our way. I wanted to die. I was sure I was going to die. I had no one with me plus a horrible storm above me. I took a knife from the kitchen and sat down on my couch and my dog jumped on my lap. I started petting him and I picked up the knife and I……….Woke up. Still laying on my fluffy brownish leaning chair. The tv was on with my favorite meteorologist, Tom, reporting that Katrina was hitting tomorrow.

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Mt Hermin

In the Torah it says:
“You shall not place a stumbling block in front of a blind person; and you shall have fear of your G-d — I am the Lord.” (Leviticus 19:14)
This means that you need to help the people who have disabilities and you can not ignore them like they don’t understand you. You should do this because you are afraid of me (g-d).

Mt Herman Exceptional Childcare Center is a school for the disabled. Although, this school wasn’t made for disabled so it looks like a regular school. Except, when you walk in you see all these contraptions. When I walked into that building I felt bad because all my functions work. But, when I saw the faces I was in awe about everybody they looked to good. Some of them didn’t even look like they had disabilities.
I hope by going to Mt Herman I can give back to g-d because I have all my functions that work. So I am saying thank you for giving me all of them by helping the people that don’t. I also want to show the kids that they are not different than us.

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Matty and the blind man live together in village. “Village” is a place where you get away from your old community. People travel miles on feet to get to village. Matty wants his official name to be messenger because he isn’t afraid to go through “forest”. Forest gives signs to people before it attacks. Forest has killed many people in vines tangled up. Not once, Matty got the sign. Until…

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Stuck in Neutral

Chapter 17

I tried so hard to tell me my dad that I love him. “I llllllooooooooveeee yyyyoou, I diddd itt!”
“Huh, who said that?”
“Me, dad”
“Shawn you can speak” he picked me up out of my bed and squeezed me like I was an orange turning into orange juice. If I could have walked, there went my chance. I fell when he let go of me because my bones were all shriveled from that hug. When I fell my dad didn’t see me because he ran out of the room, probably to call my mom to come back home. When he came back he saw me on the ground so he helped me go back on my bed. Then I told him something that I have been waiting to say for so long.
“I don’t want to die.”

Chapter 18

Dad finally woke up. And right away he said, “I was never going to kill you. What I mean by *end your pain* is there is a new medicine that cures your condition. Well almost, if you take it then you can use your hands, digestive system and everything on you face. The only problem is that I don’t have enough money to get you the medicine that’s why I’m writing a book. By this time, 11:59, next week, Monday, my book will be released. So that means I might be able to get you the medication.

Chapter 19

Two weeks later

My dad comes into my room and says “I did it” he takes a drug out of the bottle and places it firmly on my tongue. After 20 minutes I swallow. I horror fills my mind with all the possibilities. Will it work or will it make my condition worse, was the most popular. The last thing I remember was dad putting me on my bed and kissing my forehead.
The sun comes up I’m up my mom always says to me, but she’s not here so I say it to myself. My dad walks in with an enormous question mark on his face. He is probably thinking the same thing as me. He takes a deep breath and says to me, “no matter what happens, I love you.”
“I love you too.”

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Are You Satisfied?

וְשָׂבָעְתָּ–וּבֵרַכְתָּ אֶת-יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, עַל-הָאָרֶץ הַטֹּבָה אֲשֶׁר נָתַן-לָךְ. (Dvarim 8:10 )And thou shalt eat and be satisfied, and bless the LORD thy God for the good land which He hath given thee.

This verse connects to our mitzvah project because we eat all the time and say thank you. But, other people don’t eat so they can’t follow through with this mitzvah. So we are giving to them food to be satisfied about so the can that G-d.

Last Friday we went on a mitzvah trip to Community connections  This place has buses to pick children up from there school to go to this program. Most family’s have this program free but others pay a low fee. This program is for kids that has parents that fall below minimum wage.

They have computers with Internet for them to do their homework. If they need help, they have tutor’s there. They have a playground and a little music room for them to have fun at. They also have a garden to grow food.

This week we made 141 bags of food for the students to take home for the weekend.

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by, Veronica Roth

There are five factions that their society live in Candor, Erudite, Amity, Abnegation and Dauntless

In Candor,  it’s not that I don’t think I would fit in with tthat particular faction, it’s just, I have heard pretty bad things about their initiation. I can’t put myself in that pain.

In Erudite, it’s to closed in, I think it’s like a prison. The reason I’m getting out of my faction is to get away from my own prison, at home.

In Amity, there is happiness much more than I can conseve. They are to kind for my soul.

Abnegation is where I come from. I love this faction, but, I can’t spend the rest of my life with my dad.

In Dauntless everyone is so fearce. They have no fears because part of their initiation is to concore their fears, how I know is because I went through it.

Hello, my name is “Stiff” I got this nickname from my kind of friends. I really don’t know yet. I am a transfer from Abnegation.

Part of the initiation is to concor your fears, as I said earlier. How we do it in Dauntless is to be put in a simulation, they make it seem like it’s real life. My biggest fear was my dad. My mom died a couple years ago, (at least I thought) and ever since my dad has been a lunatic. He kept hitting me and saying it’s for your own good. So one of my simulations was of my dad walking me we with his belt. I had only four fears. They say it’s a new record. So now they call me “Four” instead of “stiff”.

I already got a enemy his name is Eric. I beat him in a fight and ever since we have became enemy’s I was number one in the initiation so I’m aficially a Dauntless. Eric was number two.

A day before the day to pick our jobs, Max knocked on my door. He offered me to do training for a Dauntless leader. Eric was asked also.

When I got back from my training I found a note upon my table it said

On the day you hated the most 

At the time when she died

in the place where you first jumped on.

Who could it be?

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The Book Thief

The Book Thief

by, Markus Zusak

In 1938, Liesel Meminger it travels by train with her mother and her younger brother when he died. Her mother buried the boy in a cemetery by the tracks and Liesel picks up a book, “The Gravediggers Handbook”, which was left on the grave the book thief striked for the first time. Liesel was dropped of to a foster family. Her stepmother, Rosa Hubermann, is a rude but caring woman and her stepfather, Hans Hubermann, is a nice caring man. When Liesel’s papa discovered that Liesel couldn’t read, he taught her how to. During Hitler’s birthday the people have to burn books in a bonfire, Liesel saves one book for her to read. She thought that no one had seen her action, although, one person had.

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The Tiniest Thing can Make a Huge Difference

This summer my dad had a food show in Orlando. Where there is food there are good deeds. So, a couple of organizations came together and created a 3000 bag donation.
Basically, a lot of people came together to think about the less fortunate. Everyone together helped to create 3000 bags of food to be given out, a couple days later, to kids at a school, in Orlando.
Basically, they had all the food lined up and special ways to pack it. Since so many people went we where able to make 3000 bags within 1 hour! I felt amazing words can’t even describe. It’s the same feeling that I get every week during our mitzvah trip. When we finished we all took a huge group picture. They gave out shout outs to company’s that do projects like this so we can make a difference where we live. One of them was Feeding America. I was thinking, wow, Feeding America is an extraordinary company and I’m so proud that I helped out.Hu

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Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue
By: Lois Lowry

This is an extraordinary book. The author makes sure that you feel the same emotions as Kira (the main character) is feeling.
If you are interested in reading this book read The Giver first. This book isn’t a sequel it’s more the same type of community but less secretive.
Kira is a girl who lives in a place that doesn’t like the people with injuries. They think that they can’t help out. Sure enough she is one of them, a kid with a twisted leg. Where she lives it is costumed for anyone who was born injured to be thrown into the Field, where they are killed by the Beasts. Kira’s mother kept her anyway. When her mother passed away in a fire, Kira was brought to the Council of Edifice. The Council must choose whether Kira is allowed to continue living in their society or to be killed by the beasts.

I rate this book from 1-5: 4

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Scratch is a fun coding game. You can learn to code by creating your own game.

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Are You Absolute that the Value is Absolute?


  1. 15
  2. 9
  3. 115
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Feeding America

Friday the 13th was our last day working at Feeding America. Feeding America is an origination that helps people who are less fortunate than us. We, the 6th grade class, go to Feeding America once a month. We help package food in bags to give to other people. We have packaged onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes and lemons.

The mitzvah that we do when we go to feeding America is Giving food to the needy. Even know we don’t personally hand it to the needy, we help to give it to them faster. If we didn’t help then some of the food would go bad and no one would be able to eat the food.

During the summer I can give packages of food to people less fortunate than me. It’s the same thing as what Feeding America does, giving food to the needy.

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I MEAN, what is a mean?


Lets say you have 5,7,1,4,4.

Order them from least to greatest value.


Now find the sum of those numbers


Next divide the sum from the numbers




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Dear mom,

Dear mom,
I love you so much! You are my role model. Now let’s look at the words role model for a second. Role model means a person who admires what you do. They could want to be you when they grow up. They look up to you. You catch them when they fall. If you have at least one of those characteristics you would be there role model. For me you are all of them.

In the Torah, we are told כבד את אביך ואת אמך, which means honoring your parents. On Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) you honor you mom. Even know you are supposed to honor your mom every day you don’t. So Mother’s Day is a day to remember how important she is to you.

Mom, you are so important to me. I always feel so safe when I’m around you. I love you so much! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Constant vs Variable

In this blog post you will learn how to determine if the rate of change is constant or variable. Here is an equation:


We have to find out if the rate of change is constant or variable. First look at x. If there is the same amount of space in between then it is constant, if it is justs random numbers then it is variable. Looks like x is variable. Now we have to look at y. Same thing here. Looks like y is variable. I get confused with this a lot but, x is to x, and y is to y. You look at them individually.

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A Mouse Goes to School

Ralph S. Mouse By: Beverly Cleary


Main Characters:
Ralph-has a motorcycle (is a mouse)
Ryan- Ralph’s best friends (is a human)

Ralph an indoor mouse brought his cousins into his home. (The Mountain View Inn.) The cousins make a mess all around the Inn. Ralph decided he better leave his home and ride of on his motorcycle. He gets Ryan (his best friend) to bring him to school. He gains a special bond with Ryan’s peers and his motorcycle gets broken. Will these two things lead up to clash together? Or will Ralph have to say bye bye to his cool ride?

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Pass Over the Smiles

Last Friday we went to Mt Carmel Gardens to visit the elders. Middle school goes back every year for a Model Seder. Almost about half of the residents speak Russian.
This is an important mitzvah because we can make there day. Sadly to say but some of them might not have a family. During Passover people spend the time with there family.
Since we don’t have school on Passover, we went to them the closes we could. For most of them, this is the only Seder they get for Passover. When we entered the place, there faces lit up.
I had a good time and I know they did two.

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Pat Math on the Back

In this post you will learn about functions. The way this works is I will give you an equation and you will have to find the answer. Here is how you solve a function. I will give you a table and you have to find the pattern between x and y to find the missing number(s).

Now find out what is y.




If you said nine then you are correct! Now make an equation to figure it out. The top is x so you would want to do x + # = y.

The answer is X + 2 = y
X because the number x is in the X row.
+ 2 because you have to add to to keep on the pattern.
Y because that’s what you are trying to figure out.

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Mishloach Manot Mitzvah


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Purim Mitzvot

Purim is coming up!! So we are going over mitzvot that we are supposed to do near or on Purim. One of them is, Mishloach Manot (משלוח מנות). This is a basket with food in it.
The second mitzvah is, Matanot La Evyonim (מתנות לאביונים). This is also basket with food in it.
If you are going to do these mitzvot, I want to let you know that you can put more things in your basket. If you are planning to give your basket to the poor than you can write, “get better soon.” If you know them you can make it personal. If you want to go to the next level make it decretive.
The first mitzvah I talked about was Mishloach Manot (משלוח מנות). This mitzvah can go to anyone poor, wealthy, old, young, sick, healthy etc. The second mitzvah I talked about was Matanot La Evyonim (מתנות לאביונים). This mitzvah only goes o the poor. People in need or has less money than you.
The reason we need to do this is because we need to give to all.

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Ethical Treatment of Animals

Means the ethical treatment of animals. In other words treating animals with care the same way you would treat humans. This Friday for our mitzvah trip we went to different pet stores. Our goal was to find what pet store is ethical.

One of the store we went to is called “Puppy’s.” This store is in the mall. This place is NOT ethical! The dogs were in bigger cages then the other pet stores we went to. Although the ground of the cages were filled with shredded paper. The place wasn’t sanitary, it was really dusty.

We went to Pet World. That’s where I got my dog, Boogie. After learning a little bit about Pet World I’m glad Boogie ended up getting sent there. It was much better than all the other pet stores. There are still a few bad quality’s about Pet World, but Pet World is the best follower for the mitzvah צער באלי חיים.

In conclusion I would feel comfortable to get a dog from any of the places we visited. A dog is a life long friend, once you fall in love with a dog you can’t get out of it. If you didn’t feel that way, wouldn’t you want to save a dog from the unsanitary place?

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The Acts of the Bags

On Friday we did the mitzvah of גמילות חסדים (acts of kindness.) How we observed this mitzvah was making food bags. We went to BJ’s and picked out healthy and not reasonable price foods. Then we went back to school and packed 100 bags. We layer all the food out and we put one of each piece of food into each bag except we put two Slim Jim’s into each bag.
The food that we got was Slim Jim, pretzels, Jif peanut butter, fruit burst, water and chewy granola bars.
Then we went back into the car and drove around to see if we could give a bag out. We found one guy. We gave him the bag and he said, “God bless.”

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Haps Rectangle

If you have a rectangle with 13cm and 8cm. Which looks like…


remember length times width

So in that case it’s 13 times 8 which equals 104





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Should Kids be Required to Play a Sport in School?

In language Arts we wrote a persuasive argument.

Should Kids be Required to Play a Sport in School?


“Competing in sports has taught me that if I’m not willing to give 120 percent, somebody else will.” –Ron Blomberg

That quote means the same thing with school. Sports teach you many life lessons. Competitive sports take a long time out of the twenty-four hours you have a day. Studies have shown that students that play sports have more success in school, including working as a team in group settings, getting active for better sleep, and achieving higher degrees. In 2007 a survey was performed in Minnesota which stated that students who played competitive sports, increased their grades to 2.84. The students who didn’t play sports had a GPA of 2.68.  Another study showed that an organization estimated that 55.5 percent of all high school students play a sport. That’s why competitive sports should be required in school (Koebler).

Teamwork, determination, failure, winning and respect are just a few of the qualities a good team learns while playing in a sport. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success~ unknown. You can learn this in sports, such as soccer. In soccer everyone has positions. Some people are better at one position than others. Dividing tasks into sections based on their strength is what teams are for. Team sports give students a huge advantage in school, if they know how to work as a team. (DeWitt).


   All schools are trying to improve children’s brains, at the same time making school a little bit fun. The goal of school is for students to get degrees and get a  good job to live a successful life. A survey was taken using 400 females. Research showed  that 94% were active with sports and that 61% said that sports helped with their career. (Facts: Sports Activity)

   In school children are sitting down all day working their  brains. Yes, students get P.E, but is that really enough active hours? The right answer is no. One school found that thirty minutes of walking on a treadmill increased students’ problem-solving skills by 10%. That could bring grades up! If students had a sport to go to at least twice a week that could help students’ problem-solving even more (“How Exercise Boosts Your Brain”).

Activity increases the need for more sleep. Parents will observe that children will want to go to sleep earlier. They can find that children are less drowsy when children get up in the morning. They will be exhilarated and refreshed (“How Exercise Boosts Your Brain”).

     For all the stated reasons, I’m certain that competitive sports should be required in school. Imagine your child finding a sport that she loves. Imagine your once “B” student becoming an “A” student. Imagine your child getting up and active. Imagine your kid asking to go to sleep. Imagine your child working together as team. Imagine your kid saying “thank you for letting me play the sport that I do.”

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Mrs. Haps converts

Continue reading

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Animals life

imageIn this weeks parasha “Mishpatim” God taught us 10 things. One of the things is if you see an enemy’s animal struggling to carry a load you are commanded to help. In less words it means “ethical treatment of animals”.

If I ever see a animal struggling I would help them. Animals feel pain like us. Animals are alive as well, when we are in pain we want people to help us carry things. Help animals like you would treat humans. Although if you were in a position that it’s ether a human-life/yours or an animals life you pick human-life/yours.

Picture credit-


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Mrs. Haps Percents


8/100 = 8%
43/100= 43%
*anything over 100 is that percent!

Write 40% as a fraction in simplest form.

40/100 divided by 20= 2/5

Know make 42% into a fraction in simplest form

-answer 21/50image

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I Have a Dream…

I have a dream that they will be no more war in the world. That there will be only peace among us. Each religion will except that there are other beliefs than their owns.

I have a dream that we can end world hunger. The people that are wealthy help the less fortunate.

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Ethical Will

Children, my children. First I love you I always will and aways have even when I’m up there I will still love you. Also most likely I will be in the “unspoken” place while you are reading this. Keep being kind, honest and loyal to everyone. Keep Judaism in mind through life. Continue reading Torah and praying daily, keep/will sharing/share the life of being a Jew with your children your community and the world. I’m
Be true to yourself threw the ups and the downs life bring you.


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Introducing the New Creature SuperFak

Introducing the new creature SuperFak! 

I created a Creative Creature.

My ordinary creature’s name is SuperFak .

When my creature is born it is 50 centimeters big! Also when it is born it is Unicellular. After one week this creature spurts out the rest of the huge body, and comes out 150 centimeters bigger! At this point it weighs 190 kilograms!

You are probably wondering how this animal eats and where he lives so let’s get onto it. He eats through his paws and gets rid of the food through his claws. My animal eats everything and anything. Water, Ice, grass, leafs, cows, alligators, sharks and cow udders. He also eats bad people. Right before a bad person shoots a gun, for no reason my creature swoops in and eats the person whole. He also eats Superman because Superman takes his job; of saving the world! For energy he eats water, ice, grass, and leafs.  He breathes carbon dioxide and water. These creatures can live in any habitat that he desires. From land to water, or the clouds. If it’s cold it grows fur. If it’s hot it eats the fur off of him.

       My animal reproduces. My creature is only a male. He can reproduce with another male. My creature lives in a family.

My creature doesn’t walking, it tumbles. He kicks his legs over his head and lands on the other side of his legs. He then kicks his head over and lands on the other side of the legs and keeps tumbling. When my creature is in the water it swims like a normal person, and when he flies he flies with his paws, and he flies like a bird does.


      My creature does all the 7 life processes.

That’s my creature.

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Mrs. Haps Voice ran out

Multiplying mixed numbers

1 2/3 x 4/5 so first you make the mixed number fraction into an improper fraction. Then you get 5/3 x 4/5. Then you multiply across. 5/3 x 4/5 the top number you multiply and the bottom number. 5×4=20 and 3×5=15. Then you get 20/15. That is an improper fraction. You aren’t done with the problem yet. So then you ask yourself how many times does 15 go into 20. 15 goes into 20 1 time. So the you see how much is left over. Then you get 1 5/15. You can reduce it by 5. Then you get 1 1/3. Can you reduce the number anymore? No you can’t so your final answer is 1 1/3.

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Tuck Everlasting Ending

image    We read and finished as a class Tuck Everlasting. This book was outstanding. I then found a part in the last area of the book to change the ending.



Chapter 21


       Winnie with no fear of doing so, started going to the doctor’s house. She stopped at the spring, crouched down and filled an empty bottle with some of the spring water, took a deep breath and stood back up. Winnie stumbled to stand up and fell face flat into the spring! Her mouth was open and water rushed in like lava trying to push out of a volcano. She spit the water out of her mouth like a speeding bullet. Once she thought it was all out she took another deep breath and accidently swallowed. Not thinking about what just happened, she filled the bottle up and got back on track to find the man in the yellow suit.


     Winnie stepped her foot on the porch of the doctor’s house. By then she was dried up and knocked on the door of the house. The doctor answered, Winnie walked in and saw the man in the yellow suit. The doctor said, “Do you want anything to drink?” (not knowing that she had a bottle in her hand)


Winnie said, “Yes please.” When the doctor was getting water Winnie poured the spring water on the man in the yellow suit. The doctor walked in and saw that the man in the yellow suit woke up.

The doctor said, “Winnie whatever you did worked, you are a miracle worker.”

      The man in the yellow suit said, “Yes thank you Winnie.” The doctor went out of the room to get some water for the man in the yellow suit. The man talked really low and said to Winnie, “Now that I’m alive forever you can’t do anything to keep me from getting the secret out.” Winnie took another deep breath and walked out the door. The doctor walked in the room after Winnie left and said, “Where is Winnie?”

The man in the yellow suit said, “I don’t know but I do know that we will be seeing her soon.”




Chapter 22


“Tuck, Tuck wait up,” Winnie called.

“Everything ok Winnie?” Tuck replied.

“I don’t know yet. I just made an outrageous decision. I keep thinking to myself if it was a good decision or if it just makes everything worse,” gasped Winnie.

“Tell me, I’m sure it’s going to be ok,” reassured Tuck.

Winnie said, “Ok so I was really worried about May and the gallows so. Um I kind of..,” as she faltered. “I got water from the spring and poured it on the man in the yellow suit,” she said quickly.

“Winnie, either way the secret would be out, it’s just a matter of Mae getting experimented on. They find out how she can live forever and find the spring. Or we don’t get experimented on and they still find out about the secret. No one knows that we have been able to live forever and Mae get’s out of jail,” Tuck explained.

“So, was my decision good?” Winnie asked.

“It’s fine,” Tuck answered. Winnie and Tuck heard footsteps approaching up behind them. As the loud thud came to a stop there was a different sound. The man in the yellow suit was breathing heavily on Winnie and Tuck. Grasping their shoulders as hard as he could, he flung them around so they could stare into his burning red eyes.  “Winnie, you are coming with me. Tuck, you are going to watch your precious Winnie die.” The man in the yellow suit whipped up tape and put it over their mouths. He put rope over their legs all the way up to their hands and arms. After a long ride into the middle of nowhere, the man in the yellow suit first lifted Winnie off the horse, then Tuck. The man in the yellow suit then got out a knife and stabbed Winnie right in the heart. Tuck started to cry when he saw that Winnie was breathing and the man in the yellow suit saw the same thing. So he stabbed Winnie four more times and she still didn’t die! The man in the yellow suit then took off their tape holding them from talking and then hopped on his horse and rode away.


Chapter 23


“Did you drink the water?” Tuck asked. “Well when I went to get a bottle of water from the spring, I fell into the water and my mouth was open. I tried to get the water off but I guess all of it didn’t come off,” Winnie explained.

“Ok well that’s good because you would be dead know. So now is there a miracle to show us back to town?” Tuck asked sarcastically.

A splash came upon them from the background. It was the toad! The toad did a weird movement. The toad jumped two times then hopped two times in the direction that the man in the yellow suit rode off. “I think that the toad knows how to get back to town,” Winnie said.

“He’s not showing us how to get back. He’s just hopping like a frog does,” Tuck said.

“No he is actually telling. I know the toad really well,” replied Winnie.

“Ok Winnie there’s no bad idea at this point.” The toad untied Tuck’s rope then Tuck untied Winnie’s. Winnie and Tuck followed the toad back to town. During their journey they didn’t talk at all. “I see my Mae’s house!” Tuck announced.

“See I told you that I know the toad,” Winnie said proudly.

“Ok ok yes you know the toad,” Tuck said.


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Tanach Torah Tanach Torah

11/3/15 we participated in a panel discussion. The whole middle school came together and we asked a few teachers questions about Tanach. The teachers were Mrs. Reppert, Morah Eta, Mrs. Jaffa, and Mrs. Hernandez.
For the people who don’t know what Tanach is I’m going to tell you. Tanach has three stories inside Torah, Nevi’im, and Kethuvim. Basically Tanach is the bible for jews.

If I was a teacher teaching my students Tanach I would focus on Torah. The Torah teaches us life lessons. When you read the Torah you are doing a mitzvah right there. When you are praying in a synagogue and you hear the Torah, you understand what it means. What does that make you feel? Excited that you have learned something and understand it. Not a lot of people know what the Torah actually means. Just knowing one parasha is better than none.

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Thank the Mitzvah

אומר, אל תפרוש מן הציבור”

This quote means: don’t separate yourself from the community.

This quote is saying, if you have a lot of money then you should help the people that have little. Help the people in need.

Friday, 11/20/15 we went to publix and got food. We then seperated all the food into about 40 bags. What we did and the quote reflects because we are not seperating ourselves from our community. Tomorrow 11/24/15 we will be delivering the bags to people in our community that is in need.

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Why Decimals Why Fraction Why

imageWriting decimals as fractions

Let’s say you have .23 how do you
Say .23? Twenty-three hundredth. So it goes like this 23/100. Then you need to reduce if you can. Not all fractions can be reduced. When you reduce you divide both numbers that they can both go into equally to get the least number as a fraction you can get. With the fraction 23/100 you can’t reduce it anymore so know you are done.

Now you try this one .48



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The Orphan Game

I just recently finished the book The Orphan Game.
By: Barbara Cohen
Illustrated by: Diane deGroat

I recommend this book to girls who like reading about adventures. Also people who like reading about kids who are trying to go somewhere and raising money for that place while they go through obstacles ain’t the way.

This book is about a club that is called the four seasons. That involves Sally, Emily, Jenny and Jake. Miranda is also a big part of this story. No one likes Miranda, she is a cousin. Everyone thinks Miranda is ruining their vacation. Sally feels obligated to take care of Miranda so she stays back a lot from the group. But Sally starts to see a different side of Miranda, the better side of her. Sally starts to become friends with Miranda while the rest of the four season s still dislike her. What will Sally do when she has to decide if she wants to hang out with Miranda or the rest of the four seasons (her friends). Read the book do you find out.

I rate this book a 4.

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Miss. Hap’s Math Mania

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Feeding America

For our mitzvah this week we went to Feeding America. This place is an organization that collects items from stores like a dented can and a  upside down cheese it man on the box and more. All of those are edible but wouldn’t you want one that is not dented or doesn’t have anything upside down? Well then they bring it to Feeding America. 

Baal Taschit is an important mitzvah. It means don’t waist if it’s edible give it to others. We connected to this mitzvah because this organization follows this mitzvah.

At Feeding America our job was putting apples into a red plastic bag and tying both sides so it won’t fall out and put it into a box. Trust me it sounds easy but it’s not because when you tie the red plastic bag and the bag is small it is really hard to tie.

you should help out with the Foundation Feeding America. Continue reading

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Auggie and Me

Auggie and me is a book that I just finished. This book is a sequel to the book Wonder. In this book there are three different books in this one book. The author of both books name is By R. J. Palacio.

In Pluto, the perspective comes from Auggie’s oldest friend, Christopher, who has moved away. This section of the book has a lot of flashbacks to Auggie’s early years with him.

As he struggles to find his place in his new life plus Auggie’s parents newly divorced. I love that Christopher has much an impact on Auggie’s life.

Shingaling is Charlotte’s story. Charlotte’s story is a honest exploration of middle-school trying to fit in, while staying true to herself and all her friends.

I personally enjoyed this book so much. The people who would enjoy this book as much as I did would be the people who love books from different perspectives. All of the books in Auggie and me are from three different perspectives that are friends of Auggie. If you want from Auggie and all his friends point of view read Wonder. Also if you want to read Auggie and Me, but you haven’t read Wonder, read Wonder first or it won’t make sense.

I rate this book a 4 5/10

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Memorial Time

On the holiday of Shmini Atzeret We add a special prayer for people who are no longer living. The service is called Yizkor (memorial) service. This year I have someone to remember, well two people. One was a resent death and another was last December. One is Scott Zimmerman, and one is Don Chris. I’m going to remember more about Don chris because I remember him more.

Over the service Yizkor I’m going to remember more about Don then Scott. Don was a really dream friend. He always was smiling, usually working on his computer and loved to be so nice. I don’t know one time that he wasn’t nice to anyone, not even once! I admired him and I still do for all his work he put into the Center. He used to tell me with his arms spread out so big, he said, “IM IN CHARGE OF THE WWWHHOOOLLEE SYNAGOGUE AND IM SO PROUD”.

I loved him, still do, and will for ever.

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Math Genius


(Click on the word Video that is above)






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Be Happy Everyday

You should be happy all day long. Aspecialy during Sukkot. In the holiday Sukkot there is a commandment to be happy.

It’s a a festival of joy because we gave forgiveness last week. That’s the resean we need to be happy.


Credit pictures:

Carrie (mom)

Shirley (Grandma)

Gish guy

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Doing Good On A Holiday

Rosh Hashana is the new year whitch we celebrated last week. There is exactly 10 days in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.   In between these days we as Jews do three things. Teshuva, tefillah and tzedakah.

These 3 steps you should do all round. Although if you don’t then, in beetween these 2 holidays is the time to do it.

Teshuva means, sorry, you need to say sorry for something you did wrong in the past year to someone and try to do better in the new year. I said sorry to a few people. I went up to —– and said I’m sorry for —- . I know that what I did was wrong. Will you please forgive me? She said yes and we forgot about what happened.

Tefillah means, pray. When you pray connect to g-d. Follow along in the book. Try to understand what your saying. I do this dead a lot year round. During this holiday I focuse on the English part most of the time. I read it in my head in English to the tune the people around me are doing.

Tzedakah means, giving money. You should help others who are less fortunate then you. Giving them a little something here and there has a big effect on some people. I gave a couple of canned food last Friday and a dollor. That’s not the only thing I did. I found a few toys laying around my closet and I gave it to Good-Will. I said give these to kids for free. They said ok. That’s what I did for tzedakah.

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Keep Calm and do Mitzvot

Continue reading

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Mental Math

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In The Beginning Of Pre History

     At first man lived alone. That made it hard to survive. Especially that there was an huge Ice Age that time. Men and women met up to mate then go their separate ways. The woman took care of the baby alone.

    Men and women had different ways of collecting food. Men were taller and stronger than women so they hunted animals that were small because they did live alone. Women gathered fruit. They were usually carrying babies while gathering. They gathered berries, leaves, roots- things near the ground.

   Men and women always had to be on the move in other words they were nomads. They had to move so they could stay around food, water, and places that they could build/find shelter. They also needed places that did not have predators.
  This time was called the Old Stone Age or the Paleolithic Age because they used a lot of stone to make tools.

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Reel It In

Crawling out of bed, an hour before sunrise, staring at my dad’s face, I said to myself, today’s the day! The day that I get to hang out with my dad alone. The day that we were both waiting for, for so long. The day that we go fishing!

I quickly got out of bed and brushed my teeth and hair. I put my hair up into a ponytail. I got on my shoes and held my dads hand while we walked out the door. Once we got to the last step I stopped and looked out into the clear ocean of Costa Rica. It was so pretty! We walked to get a bag of breakfast which we had ordered the day before. Then we walked to the front and hopped in the car that brought us to the dock.

When the boat arrived, we hopped on and got our fishing hooks and went away from the dock. The wind from the boat speeding down the ocean made my hair get in my face. I felt like waves splashing up on the sand constantly. The boat came to an abrupt stop. I fell back and saw a bucket full of bait fish. The second I had a good glance of the fish the bucket tipped over! The fish went the way they wanted to go and I went the complete opposite. Once the fish were all cleaned up, we threw out our rods and we were ready to catch a fish.

Hour later we moved to another spot and threw our rods out again. We still didn’t catch anything! It was outrageous!

Felt like a million minutes later, “Dad, dad, dad”!!! I think I caught something. He sprinted over from the other side of the boat and said “Surely you caught something all right”. I tugged with all my might and my dad helped me also. After 5 minutes worth of tugging the fish came out! The fish is called a Jack Crevalle. They are huge! After we threw it back into the water he gave me a huge hug.

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Bat/Bar-Mitzvah Is…

When I explain what a bar/bat-mitzvah is, I say that it’s like a sweet 16  but when your 13. Girls have bat-mitzvah’s and boys have Bar-mitzvah’s.

When you have your bat-mitzvah it means that your turning into a Jewish adult.  This is the time that all your friends and family come in town to celebrate a huge milestone in your Judaism life. For the first time your called up for a real Aliyah and to read Torah out loud in synagogue.

Having you family and friends during your bat-mitzvah celebration cheering you on is a awesome way to spend it.

I’m going to a bar-mitzvah tomorrow in Alanta, Georgia. To cheer him on threw his milestone.

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Scientific Summer

The summer of 2015 was awesome. I did something scientific that summer. Do you know that everything in the world is scientific? Well it is, even breathing is scientific! So that thing I did over summer that was scientific was everything. Out of everything scientific I did last summer the camp that I go to every year and love so much is…


At camp when my one friend at a time came I forced threw the air to give my friend a huge hug. Also when ever I ran and played sports I forced threw air. When ever I sweated (which was a lot) it was water coming out of me from inside my body. At camp we had to run up hills (a lot of them). Also I used the force for that.


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Keep Calm and Math On

Continue reading

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Food All Around

Last Friday we had a awesome privilege of being able to bring food to the people who are less fortunate than us. We brought the food to a place that kids can do there homework and get snacks when they get back from school this place is called Malivai Washington Foundation

The best part is that the person who created that place was a famous tennis player! He used to live in Jacksonville and he was kind of poor. When he became a famous tennis player he wanted to give back to everyone in his community. Another thing that they do at that place is they give free tennis lessons to the kids who go there! Awesome, right?

We brought bags with pudding, Uncrustables, fruit snacks, and a juice box. That was my first mitzvah project with middle school. I can’t wait to help more kids in need and to help Malivia Washington Foundation again.

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Let’s Learn Math

Hi school by summer. Hi math by TV.
This year in math my highest goal is to learn percentages. I can’t wait to get started on a new chapter in math. Just like a new chapter in my life.
I just started middle school and it’s a huge change. Next week I’ll tell you what I’m learning about maybe where learning the same things.

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What is a Mitzvah?

A mitzvah is when you help someone out. Sometime it can be the littlest thing giving someone a bottle of water. To a big thing giving someone a lot of food.
You don’t have to give them something. Sometimes the best mitzvah can be talking to someone. Putting a smile on someone’s face is a mitzvah. Helping a person cross the road. Everyone should do a mitzvah everyday.

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Helping Someone Feel Good

Gas station in North Carolina
July 15 2015

Sitting in the car I saw someone sitting down with a half a bottle of Gatorade. A couple of tattoos scattered here and there. A guy went up to him and handed him money. A minute later I got out of the car, I handed him the bag with food. He smiled at me and said thank you I appreciate this. When I went back out of the gas station he waved at me.
I felt good inside knowing that I did a good read for someone and I can’t wait to it again.

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Just Jake #2


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Bob’s My Name, P.S I’m a Pencil

At 6am I was horribly awoken with a frightening sharp scrap on my soft skin. Before I knew it my feet were as pointy as a needle and a pink hat was placed firmly on my head. 10 minutes later I was watching Kate eating her cereal. I was craving some of those Frosted Flakes. “Pencils have feelings, too,” I wanted to scream at her. My mom and dad always say, “No talking to humans,” so I couldn’t. A few minutes later I was shoved into a cramped backpack full of junk. “I’m not junk” I was thinking.

Finally, when she arrived at school I was waiting patiently for Kate to snatch me out of her backpack. Whenever she opened her backpack I always hope that I would be taken out. Her notebook, the book she was writing, and other materials for writing were all taken out. “Doesn’t she need a pencil?” I was thinking.

Minutes and hours passed, yet I was never rescued from my dark prison. I felt like the Egyptians suffering from the darkness plague. Then I felt a drop on my hat and heard a screech. The pen jumps off my hat and starts complaining. “I never worked so hard before. I wrote 3 letters, was thrown on the ground, and was chewed on about 4 million times.”
I couldn’t stop myself from saying “You are so lucky”!
“I ain’t lucky, I’m cramping. Use some of your muscles for something useful for once.
I wish I could run from this horrible nightmare.

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End of 5th Grade Math Reflection

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Ted-Ed Talk Why Kids Should Play Tennis




“2011 Vic Open Champs. Men & Women 5000m Walk.” YouTube. athsvicTV, 4 Mar. 2011. Web. 28 Apr. 2015.

“Andreas Helgstrand – WEG2006 Freestyle Final.” YouTube. dano2607, 20 Dec. 2006. Web. 28 Apr. 2015.

Duren, Stephen. “Horse.” World Book Student. World Book, 2015. Web. 22 May 2015.

Groppel, Jack L. “Health Benefits of Tennis: Why Play Tennis.” Sport Science, n.d. Web. 4 May 2015.

Hanstock, Bill. “12 Olympic Events You Didn’t Know Were Olympics Events.” London Olympics 2012, 27 July 2012. Web. 29 April 2015.

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Jewish Studies Reflection on The Past Year

This past year has been the best year in Jewish Studies yet!

I learned so much!

Reading fluency

My reading skills have improved so much.  We had so many activities that involved reading. My favorite activity was when we got to choose an biblical hero. I chose יוסף.  We wrote down a lot of questions that we want to find out, by researching and reading books etc. Then we Hyperlapsed  us drawing the biblical hero of our choice. Then we recorded our voices saying our answered questions. So now we are watching us drawing our biblical hero and us saying our answered questions. Here’s my Video


At the beginning of the year one of my goals for vocabulary was that I will write down in my textbook words that I want to learn. Well I did it, I exceeded my goal. I have build a large vocabulary this past year. In my notebook I have been writing down words that I wanted to learn. Now reviewing my words I’m surprised how many I have learned. I think this process is working really well for me, and I am going to keep doing it.




My favorite activity was זה לא אני. For this project we read a book. Then we created a storyboard for the book. After we made the story it came to life. My teacher said that my project was very creative and showed good comprehension of the story.  I can’t tell what the video is about or it would spoil the whole video. I don’t want to keep you waiting for too long, so here’s the video below.



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זות לא אני That’s Not Me

זה לא אני is a book in hebrew. In this book we learn an important skill in life, we always take responsibility for our actions. Always remember to not say sorry right away because that doesn’t really mean sorry. Think about what you did wrong, what are you saying sorry for. If you don’t take time to think about what you did wrong then the person might be thinking is she/he really sorry?


⬇Below⬇are the steps for creating this video.

  • Read the book
  • Made the story board
  • Got my friends to help
  • Rehearsed the lines
  • Shot the video ( made some mistakes along the way BLOOPERS)
  • Edited the video
  • Created this post


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Language Arts Reflection

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Plant and Animal Cells


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Parasha Terumah

In jewish studies I had a parasha presentation, mine was Trumah. This parasha is when Moshe tells בני ישראל to bring gold, silver, fabric, leather, copper, and precious items that we can use to create a home for G-d. G-d told Moshe to also build things to go inside his home everthing made out of gold. He wanted a ark, menorah, mini altar and an offering table etc. Place all of the gold items in the Mishkan/G-d home.
The difficult part of this project Moshe said was the Mishkan had to be portable so when we travel through the desert we can carry it with us. Once Moshe was finished explaining everything to the people, everyone went to where there items were and came back with everything they could find. Moshe even had to say STOP STOP we don’t need anymore stuff. The next day the Jews got to work on the Mishkan.

My activity was a puzzle/race. 4th and 5th grade were split up into teams. Each team was on one side of the room and the puzzle pieces were on the other. and to the side of them were all the names of the what they were making. One team member at a time ran to the other side of the room and ran back then the next person in line ran and so on. Once they got all the pieces they had to put together the puzzle.

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Where’s The Water

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Are You Happy Today?

I had a current event that I really felt proud of myself and I wanted to share it with you.


What a great way by saying bye to the cold and saying hi to the hot, by smiling.

                       The article I chose was…

Smile! It’s The International Day Of Happiness And First Day Of Spring!

 By Meera Dolasia


Ask this question to yourself and be honest:

Do you smile enough or do you worry too much?



LIke I have been talking about you should always smile sometimes when people are having bad days all they need is a big smile from you to make there day.


 Make Friends

Everyone always likes friends, even shy kids. If you go to an camp and someone looks scared or is new give her a friends, you. Go up to her or him and say hi I’m so and so what’s your name, just try to start a conversation going.

Have Goals

When you have a goal you put your mind to that goal. Once you achieve the goal you will feel a spark coming thru your body. You are just so proud of yourself.

Savor Everyday

Everyday counts. If it’s the middle of the day 12:00

Every second counts so make it them great. Fill it with friend don’t forget p.m say, I still have a lot longer in the day yay. Don’t say, I only have a half a day left uh. Be an optimist, think positive. 😉

the furry ones, family, love, making peoples days, passion, learning, rest time, and most of all smiling.

Avoid Comparison

Don’t be jealous. Jealousy can ring the bad out of people. You don’t want that happening.

Say Thank You

When you say thank you the person who you are saying it to makes their day. You knowing that it made their day it could make you be happy also.

Give Away

Same thing like saying thank you, it makes their day. You knowing that you did a mitzvah you feel happy.


Some people love exercising, like me. They do it everyday. I don’t do it everyday but I do it often. By exercising your muscles feel good.

There are two other ones but I can’t understand them enough to explain what they mean

Sometimes all it takes to make one happy is a little indulgence! So go (when you get home)  and grab a cup of cocoa or your favorite flavor of ice cream and snuggle up with a blanket and a good book!

Please comment on any questions you might have or to answer any of the questions. Remember STAY HAPPY! 😉

Here’s the link to the article:

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The Most Difficult Plague

In jewish studies we learned about the first three plagues: דם,צפרדע,כנים Blood, Frogs, Lice.
I think the most difficult plague is כינים. This plague means lice. Most people have had lice before I haven’t but I know it’s really itchy. The lice didn’t only get on there hair also all over there skin. The lice was all in the Egyptians eyes. We know how they feel when they can’t open their eyes. This is how, have you ever been in a really sunny place before? Ok why am I asking that in a question, everyone has been in a sunny place before. When you were in that place were you able to open your eyes? I don’t think so. So now you know why I think Lice/כינים is the most difficult plague.

Copy and past the link into a different tab to see picture of lice in hair.–07.htm#step-heading

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The Devil’s Arithmetic Book Trailer


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