Fairy Tale: The Three Little Puppies and the Big Fat Dog

Yom HaAtzmaut

Last week we celebrated Yom HaAtzmaut. At our school we went to different stations where we learned about Yom HaAtzmaut. If I had to choose a favorite station it would be art because art is pretty and art is just really creative. In music we were learning about songs from other states in Israel and we also learned some new words in Hebrew. Then we went to the library, where we learned some states in Israel. in P.E.  all we did was play knock out and soccer. At art we traced some buildings with Sharpies and they go on the windows.  Later, we ate falafel . You know what? I love all of  the  stations and I had a lot of fun.

My Favorite Parasha in Sefer Shemot is Mishpatim (משפטים)

I chose these Parasha because I like how you pay for something you broke. and how you Apologize for the thing you did wrong. also because you take responsibility and when you do the wrong thing you correct your self .I also want to thank my really nice teacher Morah Liat. other then that all the rest of the parashaot were awesome I love all of them. also I love my teachers.


Vocabulary Notebook

אני ביציאת מצרים

Unicorns Are Pretty

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puppies are the best pets

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i lov puppyies so much. whithout them i woudent be happy they are so cute


How to Do Ballet

=I wrote about ballet I brainstormed. then I wrote a draft. then I checked with my teacher and she said that I did a good job and I liked my book so much I did it by working hard and drowing a picter. I brainstormed whel.

Coding Space