Magical Cafe’

Today we opened a Cafe’ at our school for math to learn more about money. After we collected  the money  we was donated it to Tzedakah. We had $250.20 dollars. I was a kitchen  staff!  It was super loud in the kitchen so it was really hard to focus. We had to prep everything and had to hand out everything  to the waitresses   and waiters. There were a lot of people in one kitchen.  The menu was Banana Bread, Breakfast Casserole, Pancakes, and more. We ate the things that were left over from the cafe’ it was perfect. That’s how my class does math. I learned that it is hard to be a kitchen staff when there is a lot of people in one room.

Yom HaAtzmaut

Last week was Yom HaAzmaut. At my school, we went to many stations but my favorite one was when I made a  stain glass picture of Jerusalem in Art. It was really fun. We also ate amazing food. There was chocolate bars and  fallafel. There was also a game from Israel called Gumi. I learned about the Kotel. I got to write a note to put in the Kotel. In P.E. we played Knock Out and Soccer. In library we made a map of the gates in Israel.That is what I did at my school on Yom HaAtzmaut.  I hope you learned about Yom HaAtzmaut and loved my post.

Daddy, Baby

Maytal and I made a daddy and a baby out of Shapes Capes.  We hope you like our picture.  Go check out Maytal’s blog to see her writing.  We did this in the morning before school started.