End of 3rd Grade Hebrew Reading Sample

June 6th, 2018 by aaronrm

Fariy Tale

June 4th, 2018 by aaronrm

The Story Of The Three Little Puppies
And The Big Bad Cat

Once there were three little puppies .
The little ones name was Sam, the
medium one was named Jam,
and the large one was named Lamb.
They all lived in a house and they all
made them out of different things.
Sam made his out of sticks. Jam
made his out of bricks and Lamb
made his out of titanium. Two
blocks away there was a mean cat.
He would always blow down little
Puppies houses. So he came past Sam’s
house. On the door it said a
little puppy lives here. The bad thing
is that Sam did not know that a
bad cat lived two blocks away.
So the cat knocked on the door.
Sam opened the door and said, “If
you want to eat a puppy go to the house
next door because he has more meat”.
So the big bad cat went next door.
The cat said, “Little puppy little puppy let me in I
I won’t harm you just let me in and
I won’t eat you”. Jam says,”
come in”.
” Can we do a barbecue? asked the cat.
Jam says,” Are you trying to eat me?”.
“Yes!!!” Said the cat. Sam told me
you will be a good dinner.
“,Well Sam is still young
so he does not know to much.
You should go to my brothers house
he is next door and he has
way more meat then me said Jam”.
So the big bad cat went next
That was close said Jam that when‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
the cat left. So the cat goes next
door. The cat is so tired right now.
The cat “,Says Little dog let me in
tiredly”. So Lamb says ok.
and the cat says yes now time for a
meel. The cat goes to the bathroom.
The puppy is in front of the door
Waiting till the cat comes out.
The cat comes out and the
puppy chased the cat out of the
house and chases the cat 5 blocks
away and the cat never came back.
The puppies lived happily ever

The End!!!

Bike Lanes

May 22nd, 2018 by aaronrm

Why we should make better bike lanes

By Cole Z. And Aaron R.M.

We should make better bike lanes because people can get hit by a car and can get
serious injuries like a broken arm or a broken leg.. We need bigger bike lanes so
people don’t get hurt if they fall. If the bike lanes are bigger when a car turns, then the bikers have room to move out of the way. Bike lanes could have blockers so If a person turns the car won’t be able to go in the lane. If you fall off your bike the car won’t be able to hit you.
People are always getting hit by cars so when you buy a bike you should also buy a light so people can see you in the day and night. They cost $20 the light is expensive but it is for your safety.‍
We should also add a crosswalk to places like if someone wants to go across the street to get to a friends house on their bike. And if you sell your house you will get a lot of money because people can bike safely. We should also add bright lights to the bike lanes and they only turn on when it’s dark. We should also have a organization so we can raise money for bigger bike lanes.if we don’t have bike lanes you have a chance of getting killed.

I am going to ride on the new bike lane! See you soon.


May 22nd, 2018 by aaronrm

About Submarines

The reason I am writing about submarines is because I like to learn about machines and how they work. Submarines are different because they work underwater where it is dark and deep without air.
Well this is what I will talk about. Let’s dive in.

What is a submarine

A submarine is a cylinder-shaped vessel that can dive and stay underwater for weeks or months. Submarines are used by the military to spy or even attack enemy ships without being detected. It is also used for peaceful purposes for ocean exploration, science, and touring.

How Do Submarines Work

A submarine has many important parts. Each part is important for the functioning of the ship. The most important parts are the ballast tanks. The ballast tanks are filled with water when the submarine wants to dive. The water in the tanks make the ship heavier and it makes it sink. The tanks are filled with air when the submarine wants to surface. The air in the tanks is a lot lighter than water around it and that makes the submarine float up to the surface.
Sonar stands for Sound Navigation And Ranging. The Sonar system is for the submarine to know where to go and where it is. The submarine sends pulses of sound into the sea. The crew members keep track of how long it takes for the sound to come back. The longer it takes for the echo to come back the farther the object is form the submarine.

History of Submarines

Throughout history humans were interested in ships that would operate underwater. In early times it was to hunt. Later, they were interested in operating ships underwater for the purpose of warfare. Early submarines were tubes made out of wood or glass. In 330 BCE Alexander the great submerged in clear water in a glass barrel. A pipe was used to breath air and the barrel was held by a ship above the water.
In the 1400s, leonardo De Vinci drew plans of submarines. In the 1700s David Bushell created the Turtle. The Turtle could attach explosives onto enemy ships without being noticed. It could carry one person and move independently. In 1800 CE, Robert Fulton created Nautilus and the french government funded it. Nautilus could reach 90 feet deep, it had an engine, a periscope and even sails to travel while on surface.

How It Is To Live On A Submarine

A submarine can fit over 100 crew members. That’s a lot.
To stay underwater for a long time the crew needs food, water and air. For food the submarine crew has to pack a lot of canned food. For water submarines take seawater and purify it. Through the process of distillation seawater is heated until it is vapor. This leaves the salt behind. When the vapor cools off, it becomes clean water that the crew can use for drinking or taking showers.
Submarines have air tanks. Another way to get air is by a process called electrolysis which gets the oxygen out of water.
Submarines can now go underwater for more than six months. If you went on the shore at the beach you might not know that there’s a submarine hundreds of feet below the surface.

Fun Facts

The reason submarines are cylinder-shaped is because they would crush because of water pressure if they had a different shape.

Submarines don’t have windows because the deeper you go the water will push harder and will break the windows.


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May 10th, 2018 by aaronrm


May 10th, 2018 by aaronrm

Awesome Ocelots

April 9th, 2018 by aaronrm

I illustrated and wrote a book about ocelots. First, I looked on World Book Online and printed an article about ocelots. Then, I read the whole article. Next, I took information from my article and put it in my own words. Then, I took my information and put it in Popplet. I also went to Book Creator and made a book. At the end of the book I added my source. I did well in writing in my own words and punctuation. I could have made my writing longer and better if I had more time.

Parashat HaShavua in 3D סמל הפרשה

January 22nd, 2018 by aaronrm

Coding: About Me Collage

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Book Character Balloon Over Broadway

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Captain Underpants


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