Who We Are

We are the students of the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School, a Jewish Day School in Jacksonville, Florida. Our project is to learn and understand how humans in our society treat animals today. Because we are a Jewish Day School we are using the references of the Torah and the mitzvah of Tzar Ba’aley Chaim, the ethical treatment of animals. To gather our information, we have interviewed two veterinarians and representatives of different associations and local businesses concerning our research. We hope that the people that take the time to read our website will benefit from our information and then pass it along to another person.  Our hope is that our research will be a reference to help inspire people to treat animals with respect and understanding.


Our Mission

Rodeos, animal parks, and pet shops claim that the animals are treated well and in accordance with the principles of Tzar Ba’aley Chaim, the ethical treatment of animals. Are they?

Does the benefit to mankind outweigh the pain and suffering to the animals? Do we go to animal exhibits and see what we want or are we seeing what is truly there? Are the animals being treated properly? Is there real benefit, beyond our entertainment, to these displays? Do pet shops save animals from puppy mills or are they just creating more need for their existence?

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Thank you to the St. Augustine Wildlife Reserve for letting us use your pictures.

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