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  • Earth & Sky for Kids
    Science News and Podcasts for kids.
  • Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Pest World for Kids
    Come explore the world of pests. Then you can use your knowledge to outwit the pests in your world.
    Remember, that you DO NOT give out your name or e-mail address, unless you are WITH your parent.
  • The Science Museum
    Building Bonanza, Energy Flows, ID-fit, and more…
  • EekoWorld by PBS Kids
    Learn about the Environment, Air & Water, Garbage & Recycling, Games, etc.
  • Tinker Ball
    Build a track for our ball by tinkering with everyday objects.
    Exploratory play is about asking questions: “What happens when I do this?” “What if I did it this way?” Experimenting with materials and pushing their limits encourages us to consider a wide range of possibilities when problem-solving. Playing around with objects and ideas helps us see that there may be more than one solution.
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