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Skyping Skills

Third graders have been busy learning and practicing Skype etiquette. Presentation skills, articulating questions, answering, and keeping a conversation fluid are examples of  skills needed to connect to other classrooms or experts from around the world. The class had several opportunities to practice these skills in "practice sessions" with me and with another class for the International Dot Day.

We firmly believe that no Skype call is to be an isolated event. We do not skype for skyping sake, but are using a video conferencing tool, such as Skype, to expose our students to skills and literacies vital for the 21st century.  A Skype call is directly related to curriculum content, it is a learning call.

We are introducing 3rd graders to a variety of Skype Jobs during the actual call. These job responsibilities will rotate with every new Skype connection we will be making.

After the actual Skype call with Mrs. Yollis' class from California (take a look at their classroom blog entry), our students were also asked to reflect on what they had learned.

3rd Grade Reflection of Skype Call between Florida and California from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

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