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iPads in Art

Our wonderful Art teacher, Shana Gutterman, has been a wonderful supporter

  • to collaboratively work with classroom teachers (I wrote about her collaboration with the Language Arts teacher in a previous post – Transliteracy- QR Codes and Art)
  • to test out iPads
  • to not only have students create analog artwork (water-colors, ceramics, etc.), but also to create a digital image to be able to share and disseminate her work on her Art Blog with the parent community and other Art teachers from around the world.

She is becoming (or maybe already is)  fluent in “upgrading” traditionally taught Art lessons to include much needed skill practice (communicate, collaborate, connect, create) with transliteracy methods. Shana is also growing as a reflective professional and blogger. It is a pleasure to read and follow along as she is expanding her curation, reflection and social networking arena to amplify her connections and learning.

If you are interested in Arts, check out shoshyart on her

Take a look at Shana’s first attempts in incorporating iPads, as she was expanding and upgrading a traditional lesson on contour lines with fourth graders.

Students started out with drawing their hands with a pencil and moved on to using the app “Brushes” for their self-portraits.

Shana’s reflection below:

I had my second lesson teaching iPads in art. Its so easy for me to teach an old fashioned art lesson, with paints. Teaching on the iPad will require some more practice.

We used an app called Brushes. The students learned about contour lines and created a self portrait.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to demonstrate the app- do I do it before the project or demonstrate as we do the project?

The first group of fifth graders  got a demonstration before and during the project- it seemed too lengthy.

The second group of fifth graders just got the step by step demonstration and that seemed to go better.

When they are drawing on paper its easier for me to scan to see if they need assistance. The iPads are harder to tell where everyone is at.

The students liked it and we will try it again next week now that they mastered Brushes.

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