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Proud to Present Butterfly iPad Book by our First Graders

If you have been following the 21st century blog, you read about our First Graders First iPad Encounters. We are so proud to share their final product with you: The iPad Butterfly Book.

Mrs. O'Neill writes:

The conversion of our classroom into a Monarch Butterfly nursery happened by chance. We discovered a caterpillar while taking a nature walk and decided to bring it into the classroom to observe. Since I have raised Monarchs before, I knew exactly what the caterpillar needed to thrive. The students were so excited about our one caterpillar friend that we kept checking the milkweed leaves for more caterpillars and a butterfly unit was born. We studied the life cycle and were privileged to see each stage (egg, caterpillars of various sizes, chrysalis, and even several butterflies emerging during class!) The children complied everything they discovered about Monarchs into this book so they could share it with you. We hope you enjoy our eBook.

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you can download the ePub file and directly drop them into your iTunes library. Once you sync your device with iTunes, you are able to read our butterfly book.

If you are reading this post on your iPad, simply click on the ePub link and choose to open in iBook.

Please leave us a comment where you are from and maybe other interesting facts about Monarch butterflies for us to learn.

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