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4th Graders Create Math Tutorials for Peers

They say

If you can teach know it!

We put 4th grade Math students to the "test"... well not really... No traditional test was required to show their understanding of multiplication. Based on Alan November's work of "The Digital Learning Farm", which he also outlines in his chapter of Heidi Hayes Jacobs' book "Curriculum 21", we asked our students to be Tutorial Designers.

We started our with a lesson on good tutorial design:

In groups, students set out to write scripts of their tutorials. Each group decided to use different tools to create a video visualizing the math problem and the step by step solution. We had one group creating a PowerPoint document, another one used sticky notes and the third group used various apps on the iPad to film and record.

The process of creating a simple tutorial was elaborate. From breaking the multiplication process up into individual steps, to being able to express these steps verbally and visually to creating a storyline around the math problem/solution to make it flow.

Take a look at the final product of each group.

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